Motorcycle travel (mototourism). Choosing a motorcycle to travel

Every person in the world has a goal in life. Someone wants to have a happy family, someone to climb to the top of the career ladder, and someone wants to look at our planet from all its corners.

Motorcycle Travel
That is, traveling the world, visiting many countries, looking at the beauty of our nature, making new friends. Many people have such a dream. In order for it to happen, you need to strive for it by all means.

Ways to Travel

Nowadays, the types of tourism are so diverse that everyone chooses what he wants. Someone likes and wants to board a plane, and after a few hours to land on another continent and immediately go to the hotel, relax and begin excursions in the area.

Types of tourism

Some people like to walk around the world on foot, that is, turn to transport assistance as little as possible, arguing that so much more can be seen. There are people who like the budget option and are trying to hitchhike to the right place, and there it’s already somewhere to shelter, so that it is cheaper. Some people like to wind hundreds of kilometers on a bicycle to see earthly beauties. Someone is attracted by travel by train. A common type of travel is bus tours, when in a few days or weeks you have time to see many countries and cities, moving around the bus all the time. All these types of tourism exist all over the planet, because each person has different tastes and desires. And deciding to start the journey, anyone can choose the option that suits him. But the most extreme, most interesting and fascinating type of tourism is a motorcycle trip, when a group of people gather, and together they begin an unforgettable trip around the world.

Sports tourism

Sports tourism is an interesting and exciting sport. This is a team sport, which is based on mutual assistance and mutual assistance of each other. Sports tourism can be called the most bewitching type of tourism. Since you find yourself in very difficult situations, but you need to get out of them in such a way as to win.

sport tourism

Thanks to such tourism, you can learn the nature culture of any country, because you come across it one on one. Sports tourism does not force you to spend a lot of money looking at the world. This is a budget sport if the athlete himself wants it. For all of the above reasons, you can find something in common with mototourism.


Traveling on motorbikes can start any person with a motorcycle, the right to drive and desire. Having well thought out all the moments, you can hit the road. Mototourism gives a feeling of freedom when you race on a motorcycle, knowing that another city, another country is waiting for you, a person can relax and enjoy the ride. Well suited to people who have a decent income and can not get distracted from work. Motorcycle travel will help you do this.

Motorcycle travel in Russia

It is necessary to leave work for several weeks, being sure that the available money is enough to stretch to the next salary, and go on a trip around the country or the world.

Preparation for mototourism

In order to go on a trip on motorbikes, you need to make a trip plan in advance, think through all the routes well, for this you need to decide where and for how long you want to go. It is necessary to decide how many cities and countries you need to travel and see, determine the total amount of time allotted for the trip. After that, break all the time into objects in which there is a desire to stay for a longer time. Calculate speed and distance to know how long it takes to travel. After that, add another ten percent of the total trip time to emergency stops, as anything can happen along the way.

Ural motorcycle trip

So, after calculating the time and drawing up the plan, you need to think about and see that the motorcycle is ready for the trip and to take everything you need with you.

The main things that you will need during mototourism

In order to have a good and safe vacation, you need to travel with you things that will contribute to this. Be sure to take a tent with you if you are traveling for more than one day. Of course, sleeping at night can be cold, so you need to take a sleeping bag. They can take cover at night or climb into it and close with their heads.

The best motorcycle for travel
Also, the tent will stand on the ground, and dampness is possible from below, for this you need to take a mat that will not allow moisture to pass into the tent. It is also useful to bring an air bag for a comfortable sleep. During the day, it can serve as a seat, and at night as a headrest. It is convenient in that it does not take up much space, but adds convenience, like a regular pillow. All of the above is necessary for a good and safe sleep during rest. You also need to take care of how you can still warm up and eat. To do this, you need to take matches or lighters so that you can easily make fire. You also need a gas burner, because it can not always be possible to warm up or cook food on a fire. It is necessary to take a set of some dishes that will not be fragile and will easily be washed off. You can also take a set of disposable tableware so as not to fool your head with washing. It is necessary to grab containers where, if necessary, it will be possible to add up the rest of the food so that it can be eaten a little later. For safety and convenience, you must not forget to bring a flashlight with you so that it can be clearly seen in the dark.
Travel around the world on a motorcycle
The main components of a tourist backpack are dryers for clothes and shoes and a heating pad, so that in wet and damp weather you can wear warm and dry clothes. Taking all this with you, easily go around the world on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle for travel

For each person, the parameters for selecting a motorcycle for travel are completely different, this is normal. After all, someone wants the bike to be fast, for someone the main thing is that it is strong and stable, and convenient for some. Therefore, the best motorcycle for travel, everyone has his own. The most important thing is that he be a verified owner, so that at the wrong time the equipment does not disappoint a person.

Riding a motorcycle "Ural"

On long trips on motorcycles, you must be sure of their serviceability and reliability. What can you say about the Ural motorcycle? This is a Soviet model that has the ability to connect with a stroller, which is very convenient. Traveling on a motorcycle "Ural" is suitable for couples, as it will be convenient to sit together and take a sufficient number of things. Soviet motorcycles probably have a strong mount, all systems are reliable and adjusted, and an additional stroller only puts a huge plus on this motorcycle.

Motorcycle Travel Equipment

For a long trip on a motorcycle, you need to check all the equipment and take with you everything you need for the correct and safe operation of the vehicle while traveling. It is also necessary to take a cover for the motorcycle so that it does not get wet and does not rot in the rain and during wet weather. You need to bring a cigarette lighter with you so that you can charge the phone, and in general, that there is electricity for use. For a long and long trip, you need to take the backrest for the driver, so that at least sometimes he could give his back a rest. Motorcycle equipment should include leg extensions so that they do not leak while driving. It is also necessary to equip the motorcycle with clamps and plaits for luggage, so that there is where to put it and fix it. Most importantly, you always need to carry equipment for self-repair, as minor breakdowns can accompany a person on the road, even on a working motorcycle.

Traveling in Russia

Of course, most of the people on earth want to see the whole world. But few people understand that in their country you can find a lot of beautiful and interesting places. To make a motorcycle trip around Russia will be no less exciting than to make it around the world. Russia is the largest country in the world by territory and, of course, it has something to see. It’s very good to get on a motorcycle and go where you can meet a bear, see endless forests, high mountains, magnificent lakes. The advantages of traveling around Russia on a motorcycle are that you can see all the beauties of this country. After all, she is famous throughout the world for her sunsets, her animal and plant world. You can also go to Lake Baikal, where there is magnificent nature, where you can swim and relax, forgetting about all your problems.

Traveling on motorbikes will not leave anyone unhappy. Everyone who tries to go on a motorcycle trip for at least a few days will never be able to leave this business and throughout his life, if possible, will repeat this again and again. If a couple goes on such a trip, then this is a romantic trip. Such a pastime will appeal to a young couple, and they will try to spend every vacation together somewhere on the shore of a lake or sea, having gone there on their motorcycle.


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