Customize The bat! for Yandex: a detailed guide

According to statistics from Zecurion, 78% of theft of personal and corporate information occurs through e-mail. In order to counter cyber threats, in addition to increasing control by the client (double identification, tethering to the phone), security measures are strengthened for email clients and programs. One of these softwares that put the protection of user information at the forefront is The bat !.

The bat! - what it is

This software is from the Moldovan IT company Ritlabc. The application specializes in collecting, storing and sorting emails. It can work with an unlimited number of mailboxes and process an infinite number of letters and files. The bat! - not only the convenience and speed of working with letters, but also the safety of the user. The program is paid, designed for private and corporate clients.

setting the bat for yandex

Confidentiality is achieved by encrypting data on the hard drive of the client computer and traffic, a separate address book, backup in case of data destruction, etc.

Almost all email clients can work with the program, including Yandex. Post office. Customize The bat! for the most popular search engine in Russia will be considered in this article.

Customize The bat! for Yandex under the POP3 protocol

POP3 is a mail protocol that allows you to download all files from an email box at once. Implemented through port 110.

In practice, this means the following: to view the letter with the attachment, the program first downloads it to a special folder on the hard drive of the client machine. It is deleted on the mail service server. The advantage of the POP3 system can be considered a quick response and the ability to work with letters offline. The disadvantage is that attachment files are stored in the computer's memory, which means that they can be damaged or lost.

yandex mail setting the bat

Customize The bat! for Yandex through POP3 in steps:

  1. In the "Box" tab, select "New".

  2. We come up with a name for the box, for example, "Worker".

  3. The full username will be in the signature (for example, “Alexey Petrov”) and the address on Yandex (

  4. To access the server, select Post Office Protocol - POP3. The server for receiving mail will be, for SMTR -

  5. Check if the checkboxes are checked next to Secure connection and "My server requires authentication."

  6. Specify the user login (before the “@” sign, in our example it is “alex.petrov”) and the password for the mailbox. A tick next to “Leave letters on the server” means that attachments are not deleted after downloading to the user's hard drive.

  7. By the connection method, we indicate the local network or manual connection.

As you can see, everything is very simple. Creating a box takes a few minutes, as does setting up The bat !. contains more detailed instructions for advanced users.

Setting the correct mailbox properties

Right-click on the name of the mailbox. In the drop-down menu, select "Properties".

In the Transport menu, sending mail passes through the SMTR server:, port 465. Receiving is done through, port 995. Everywhere there is a secure connection through the TLS port.

setting up the bat yandex ru

We check the settings of the mail sending server by clicking the "Authentication" button. Authentication SMTR must be active with the value "Use receive parameters through POP3 / Imap".

Customize The bat! for Yandex by imap

The imap mail protocol is a more modern development, which appeared along with cloud technologies. It is implemented through port 143.

Imap first loads the list of files, then selectively the files themselves. In practice, the user sees the letter, its subject, attachment size, start of the letter. To work with a specific file The bat! downloads an email from the server. Attachments remain there and are additionally saved on the local disk.

Imap allows you to work with letters in offline and online modes directly on the server with saving information.

setting the bat for Yandex

Customize The bat! for Yandex via imap:

  1. Go to the "Box" menu, select "New".

  2. We write the name of the box, for example, "At work."

  3. We indicate the parameters: the full username (for example, “Peter Sidorov”) and the e-mail address (

  4. We select the mail protocol Internet Message Access Protocol v4 - Imap4. The server to receive will be, the address of SMTR is

  5. Secure connection and “My server requires authentication” must be active.

  6. We indicate the login (up to the "@" sign, we have it "petr.sidorov") and password. A checkmark opposite “Do not use the recycle bin when deleting” means that letters will only be marked as such, but saved on the server and not copied to the recycle bin (system folder).

  7. The connection method is a local network or a manual connection.

The mailbox has been created successfully.

Manage Mailbox Properties

  1. In the Transport tab, sending messages goes through the SMTR server:, port 465. Receiving through, port 993. In both cases, the connection will be “Secure through the TLS port”.

  2. In the “Mail Management” menu, put a check mark next to “Sent” in the value “Sent” and opposite “Trash” - “Deleted”. We select the item "At startup" to connect to the server.

  3. In the "Delete" submenu for "Move to the specified folder", select the value "Deleted", put a checkmark in front of the first and third points.

Customize The bat! for Yandex is completed. We synchronize the application in the server to receive folders. To do this, in the drop-down menu when clicking on the name of the box with the right mouse button, select "Update folder tree".

Setting up two or more mailboxes on The bat!

setting the bat for yandex and gmail

The bat! allows you to work with an infinite number of email addresses. There are common cases when you need The bat! for Yandex and Gmail (the most frequent tandem of personal and work accounts).

The mailbox on Yandex is configured according to the instructions in this article. For Gmail, the settings will be as follows:

  1. To receive via POP3:, port 995.

  2. To receive via Imap:, port 993.

  3. To send an SMTP server:, port 465.

  4. The connection is in all cases secure via TLS.

The bat! Program released in 1997 and has since been popular with those who care about the security and protection of personal information. Working with it is convenient, and the setup is simple and does not take much time.


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