Siemens, hearing aids: features and instructions

Siemens is one of the leading developers of healthcare technology solutions. Siemens hearing aids are in special demand. Devices of this brand make it possible not only to recognize the sounds of the world around us, but also to completely compensate for partially lost hearing, feeling like a full-fledged person. Let's look at the characteristics of Siemens hearing aids, instructions for their use, and highlight the popular series.

A brief excursion into history

siemens hearing aids
Siemens is a true leader in the hearing prosthetics industry compared to other manufacturers thanks to more than 125 years of experience in this field. The founder of the world famous concern is Werner von Siemens. Over the years, he himself suffered from a gradual hearing impairment.

In 1878, as a well-known inventor and competent engineer, Werner was able to develop an ingenious device. The latter allowed to increase the volume of speech that came from the handset. Thus, a device called phonophore was born, which became the prototype of modern hearing aids. Later, thanks to the invention of the device, a field of medicine such as hearing prosthetics arose. Today, Siemens digital hearing aids are available to every fourth inhabitant of the planet who suffers from such shortcomings.


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What are the benefits of the Siemens hearing aid? User reviews talk about the devices presented by the brand, as the most reliable means for restoring lost hearing. The company is investing heavily in technology development. The latest developments of the manufacturer are resistant to moisture, dust and pollution. Now the owners of such devices can work outdoors, run, walk in nature, engage in water sports.

Modern devices of the Siemens brand, hearing aids from the manufacturer remain motionless in the ear canal during active movements. This is achieved through the implementation of technologies aimed at repaying high functional returns during intense fluctuations. Thus, users are guaranteed a comfortable perception of sounds and a clear understanding of speech in almost any situation.

Next, we consider the main types of hearing aids produced by Siemens.

Behind the ear

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Devices from the Siemens company, behind-the-ear hearing aids, have a special marking . In this category, more than nine separate series of devices are presented, starting with the smallest, almost imperceptible behind the ear, and ending with fairly overall models. Many of them have several microphones. This allows the user to better perceive speech against the background of extraneous sounds and the general situation.

In-Ear Devices

Siemens brand in-ear devices have a special ITE designation. They are not as widespread as behind-the-ear models. A distinctive feature of devices in this category is the manufacture of cases in accordance with the individual form of the ear canal of the user.

Designed for in-ear devices not only for minor hearing impairment. The manufacturer also offers consumers devices that make it possible to clearly distinguish sounds with severe deafness.

Devices of this type from the upper price category have the smallest sizes. This allows you to hide them deep in the ear canal. The relatively cheap in- ear hearing aids from Siemens are large in size and completely fill the auricle while in full view of others.

Handheld devices

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Siemens pocket hearing aids are represented by the Amiga and Pockettio series of devices. The speaker of such devices is placed on clothes. It can also be hung on the neck, fixed on a special lace or fixed on the belt of trousers. Sound signals enter the ear thanks to the work of in-ear headphones.

Today, pocket-sized hearing aids from Siemens are the cheapest. Only a few programs are available to users, the activation of which allows you to configure the device to work effectively when a limited number of acoustic situations occur.

Siemens Hearing Aid: Instruction Manual

How to use the devices of the presented brand? First you need to remove the special protective sticker from the Siemens battery for hearing aids. Then such a source of energy should be kept outdoors for 10-15 minutes.

Next, make sure that the switch on the hearing aid is in the โ€œoffโ€ position. Then you need to open the battery compartment and insert the previously prepared element here. After that, you can close the lid and put on your hearing aid.

After inserting the device into your ear, you need to turn the switch to the on position. Then use the wheel to set the appropriate sound level. At the same time, it is not recommended to move its wheel to the extreme position, which can lead to hearing injuries.

On the first day, wearing the device for 1-2 hours is enough, and in a calm and quiet environment. Starting to use the new device, it is recommended to listen to a variety of sounds. Do not immediately participate in communication with others. Most likely, the first time this fails. After all, first youโ€™ll have to learn to recognize the speech of familiar people. If after the aforementioned time, a headache begins to feel or fatigue surges, the hearing aid should be removed.

It is recommended to increase the operating time of the device by about an hour daily. You need to remove it every time you experience discomfort. In no case should you appear on the street with the hearing aid turned on for the first few weeks, because unexpected loud noises can do even more harm to your health.

How to choose a hearing aid?

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What should I pay attention to when choosing Siemens brand devices, hearing aids from the manufacturer? To begin with, it is recommended to undergo a survey, the results of which will allow you to choose the right model. For these purposes, it is worth contacting a specialist. A hearing examination will take several hours, after which it will be possible to resort to a trial fitting of individual devices.

Often, the choice of users is the in-ear and in-ear devices. In this case, you will have to wait 2-3 hours, which will be spent on the manufacture of the device case, according to a pre-made ear cast. Before giving money for a hearing aid, it is recommended to make sure that its shape does not cause discomfort.

Devices of the lowest price category do not have protection against exposure to water and sweat. With careless operation, they often break. Therefore, choosing cheap Siemens brand devices and hearing aids at the lowest prices, you should ask if there are clinics in the city that service the selected model. There are companies that repair and configure devices for this purpose for a fee at home.

Popular models

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Consider several models of Siemens hearing aids that are in high demand in the market:

  1. Siemens Pure - is a miniature device. It has the highest power compared to other developments of the manufacturer. It is for these qualities that the model is extremely popular among users who need comfort and suffer from serious hearing impairment.
  2. Siemens Nitro - a hearing aid designed specifically for people who absolutely can not hear sounds without auxiliary devices. It is fully placed in the ear canal. Therefore, it is not visible during operation. The model provides the highest quality sound transmission. In case of extraneous noise, special programs of the device eliminate them independently.
  3. Siemens Motion - the model is intended for users who suffer from a variety of hearing problems, both from deafness of moderate and severe severity. In the market the device is presented in several forms. Such models have an elegant design. They have full automation of functions, which does not force users to adjust parameters during operation of the device. Moreover, devices from this series are able to determine the direction from which sound waves come.


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As you can see, Siemens hearing aids are highly effective, functional devices. Today, such devices can afford the most diverse categories of people who suffer from hearing loss. The manufacturer offers consumers both fairly cheap devices costing from 5-6 thousand rubles, as well as multifunctional, miniature VIP-class devices that are constantly being developed and improved.


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