Russian life in Canada: reviews, pros and cons, especially immigration

Every year, about a hundred thousand of our compatriots immigrate from Russia. This is facilitated by the economic crisis, and therefore the standard of living of the population is falling. Some of our compatriots are changing their place of residence due to the lack of opportunities and prospects to receive decent remuneration for their work and realize their potential.

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The solution of immigration issues, regardless of the country chosen for the move, is quite complicated. That is why among the available options it is worth choosing one that will make it possible to carry out the plan as simply as possible. One example of this is Canada. The standard of living of the country's population and social security are an example for many states of the world. Employers pay decent salaries. The locals are nice and friendly people. Immigration programs developed by the government of this country are considered one of the most affordable in the world.

Pros of Canada

Before finally resolving the immigration issue, it is advisable to visit the country selected for the move. This will provide more complete information about it, which will make it possible to better navigate in the future. You can visit a state located in the north of America by opening a tourist or business visa. These documents will provide an opportunity to pre-evaluate the features of life in Canada. What are the advantages of choosing this country? Among them, the following are noted:

  1. Upon receipt of permanent residence (permanent residence permit), a person acquires the same rights as an ordinary citizen. The exception is some legal nuances and the inability to participate in elections. The life of Russians in Canada who received permanent residence is free medicine and education, as well as receiving unemployment benefits. And all these rights immigrants have on an equal basis with the indigenous population of the country. In addition, after 3 years of being in permanent residence status, it becomes possible to apply for citizenship and obtain a Canadian passport.
  2. This country has a fairly high standard of living. Judging by the reviews of Russian life in Canada, there are high salaries and quite affordable prices. Both of these factors together provide quite decent purchasing power. Working in this country and getting an average salary here, you can live very well.
  3. Mentality. Judging by the reviews of Russian life in Canada, the people here are friendly and welcoming. Moreover, this is manifested in relation not only to our compatriots, but also to all immigrants. Indigenous people are always ready to help. And if you accidentally push someone, he will also begin to apologize to you.
  4. Benefits of Citizen Status. Having received a Canadian passport, you can plan a trip to most countries of the world without visas. Many people consider this a significant plus.
  5. Security. Among the features of life in Canada there is a low crime rate. And this applies not only to the criminal sphere. Living in Canada through the eyes of Russians is a lack of ethnic hostility, which is an amazing fact in connection with the multinational composition of the local population.
  6. Ecology. In this regard, the country is also in order. On its territory, tight control over the environmental situation is exercised. So those who want to choose a country for themselves in which they could breathe fresh air should opt for this northern state that pleases the eye with the harsh beauty of its nature.

Cons Canada

As you can see, this state is a rather promising area for immigration. However, no country in the world can have only positive aspects. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with the minuses of living in Canada for Russians. Among them are:

  1. Remoteness from the Russian Federation. This fact is considered a minus, of course, not all migrants, but only those who plan to regularly visit their home country. But due to the large distance between Russia and Canada, you will have to pay a tidy amount for tickets for a flight, and the road itself will take a very long time.
  2. Climatic conditions. Canada is hardly suitable for the person who loves warmth. In this country, the climate is mostly cold. Heat is only in a small area, which is located directly near the border with the United States. In the north of Canada there are huge territories with a cold climate, which are developed approximately like our Siberia.
  3. The difficulty of moving. Moving to Canada is not an easy and expensive business.
  4. Mentality. Despite the fact that this item is found in the positive characteristics of Russian life in Canada, reviews by some migrants indicate that the friendly and welcoming local population still has many differences from our compatriots. The migrant will have to get used to a new society for some time, in which neighbors can contact the police, for example, deciding that your cat looks very sad due to the fact that she has few toys. At the same time, representatives of human rights bodies will necessarily respond to the signal, come, check and, quite possibly, write a fine. And even after that, the neighbors will not stop cute smiling at you, sincerely believing that they have done a good deed.
  5. Big taxes. Despite the high standard of living, this item is a minus Canada.
  6. Expensive medical care. There are free clinics in the country. Nevertheless, many residents prefer to use the services of a family doctor, the fees for which are quite high.
  7. Difficulty in finding a high paying job. Life in Canada for Russians sometimes develops in such a way that some highly qualified specialists are forced to work as waiters or movers. This is explained by the distrust of local entrepreneurs to diplomas issued in another country. But if you apply for permanent residence in Canada through education, you will not have to be afraid of this.
  8. Difficulty getting a driver’s license. This is another minus of living in Canada for the Russians. It is simply necessary to have a car in this country, since public transport is not very well developed here. Nevertheless, judging by the reviews of Russian life in Canada, it is very difficult for our compatriots to obtain rights. In addition, compulsory insurance costs a lot of money. If an accident occurs through the fault of the driver, and even with the injured, the amount of insurance will increase significantly.

What is life like in Canada? Despite the disadvantages, this country is considered one of the best in the world. That is why Canada continues to attract a large number of migrants. How to become one of them?

Score points in Express Entry

Since 2015, Canada has launched one of the most advanced immigration systems. Its main goal is to quickly and efficiently recruit highly qualified specialists from abroad.

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Such a system was built on the assessment of the candidate on the basis of the information that is available in his profile. Scoring is based on:

  • skills and work experience;
  • education;
  • knowledge of French or English;
  • the education and language abilities of the spouse of the person who is applying;
  • available job offers.

Study immigration

This method of moving is the most expensive, but at the same time popular among those people who decide to move to Canada. This program is pretty simple. A foreign citizen will need to get an education in one of the state universities of the country, having paid for studying from his own pocket.

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And this is from 16 to 40 thousand dollars in one year. Having a diploma in hand, it will be possible to apply for a work visa. Thanks to gaining experience in the specialty, you can become the owner of permanent residence, and after him citizenship.

Work Visa

A specialist whose profession is in demand in this country can move to Canada. But this alone will not be enough. You will need to present documents confirming work experience, a diploma in the specialty, and then pass the exam at the required level in English. You will also need a certificate of good conduct, a medical examination, data on the availability of property, a proposal to take a job from a Canadian employer.

Work as a nurse or nanny

This is one of the most popular programs developed by the Canadian government. To immigrate to the country on this basis, you will need to find an employer, which cannot be changed for 2 or 3 years. A big plus for a nurse or a nanny will be the presence of a driver’s license.

Investment in the country

By and large, the residence of Canada can simply be bought. To do this, you will need to pay 200 thousand dollars (for the province of Quebec, this amount is 800 thousand dollars).

Marry a Canadian (Canadian)

This direction of moving to Canada is one of the most popular. However, this process is quite lengthy. In this case, the host should become a sponsor for 2 years. But this is far from all. Such a marriage will probably be checked for reality, asking spouses many questions.

Business immigration

The essence of this program is to create jobs for residents of the country. It is suitable for a person who has an idea with a business plan. And if the Canadian government is interested in such a project, then the path for immigration can be considered open. But this requires the fulfillment of three basic requirements:

  • the presence of personal and business property worth 300 thousand dollars;
  • hiring at least one Canadian;
  • doing business in the selected field for at least 3 years.

Remain a refugee in the country

Theoretically, there is a chance that if you come to Canada without a visa, you can stay in the country. To do this, you will need to request refugee status at the border. In this case, the immigration officer will require you to fill out the necessary forms of documents and conduct an interrogation. In the event that it is possible to convince the officer that you were forced to leave your country for very serious reasons, it can be considered that immigration to Canada was successful.

Atlantic pilot program

This is one of the easiest immigration projects worldwide. Such a program presents candidates with fairly simple requirements for education and language, as well as for work experience.

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Its main goal is the settlement of the Atlantic part of Canada, which will solve the problem of labor shortages in the four provinces of the country.

Five year pilot program

On January 25, 2019, the Canadian Government launched the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot project. Its goal is to attract highly qualified foreign specialists to the northern and rural communities of the country. Cities with a population of 50,000 or less are participating in this program. This includes settlements located from metropolises with 100 thousand inhabitants or more at a distance of not less than 75 km.

Labor market

Judging by the reviews about the life of Russian emigrants in Canada, there are quite a lot of vacancies. However, the employer takes only those people who are fluent in English or at least able to speak it more or less normally. In the absence of such a skill, finding a job in the country is simply impossible.

To achieve a good life in Canada for Russians and work for which a decent salary will be accrued is possible only with good knowledge of English. Only in this case, the specialist is able to get a place in his profession. This is especially true in cases where it is associated with vehicles and equipment.

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According to Russian reviews of life in Canada, in 2018, a vacancy could always be found for immigrants in this country. And this is confirmed by low unemployment. As of December 2018, it was only 5.6%.

To ensure a normal standard of living and work in Canada, the Russians are offered the following:

  1. Auto mechanic. To apply for such a position, a document on specialized education and at least 3 years of experience are required.
  2. Trucker. For a device in this specialty, driving licenses for the relevant cars that are valid in Canadian territory, as well as work experience of at least 6-8 months, will be required.
  3. Employees of hotels and hotels. Work experience is required here.
  4. Cashiers - experience and diploma in education.
  5. Assistant cooks and kitchen workers.
  6. Babysitting.
  7. Medical staff. To apply for this job, you will need to have an international diploma, as well as at least a few years of experience.
  8. Kindergarten teachers. Candidates for these vacancies must have special education, which is relevant in Canada, as well as work experience.
  9. Specialists in the field of aircraft construction. These are engineers with higher education, design experience of 5 years, as well as knowledge (in addition to spoken) of technical English.

Taxes and Remuneration

What is life in Canada for the Russians and the salaries they receive in their jobs? On average, these amounts amount to about 4 thousand dollars. But this figure is before paying the necessary tax fees. The latter, incidentally, cannot be called small, and they have an annual growth trend. Despite this, if you compare Canada with other developed countries, its tax policy can be called sparing. From their earnings, the population of this country deducts approximately 53% to the state treasury. As a result, they receive approximately $ 2,000 per month on hand.

The life of Russian emigrants in Canada will largely depend on the effectiveness of their job search. Of course, that applicant who has a doctorate in physics can immediately count on a professor at a university in the country. But, for example, the economist is not so lucky. At the start, he will receive offers about taking seller's vacancies in a supermarket, about working at a construction site, in the field of cargo transportation or in the police. These are professions that do not require special theoretical knowledge.

As a rule, emigrants from Russia begin their lives in Canada with factories, bakeries, pizza deliveries, and other similar jobs. But as for the position that was before moving to this country, only very lucky people can get it. Judging by the reviews of Russian migrants, such among foreigners also occur.

Each country taking care of its inhabitants introduces such a concept as the minimum wage. There is she in Canada. Moreover, in this country it is customary that people get their salary for one hour of work.

The minimum possible payment in the country is 10 Canadian dollars, or 7.5 US dollars. However, the size of the bet varies by region. So, the more people live in a particular region, the more employers pay there. Because of this, Russian emigrants in Canada seek to equip their lives in large settlements. For example, the largest salaries are offered in regions such as Alberta and Ontario. It pays $ 15 a country per hour. Our compatriots do not seek Saskatchewan. In this region, wages are $ 10.7 cents.

Labor Week in Canada is 40 hours. During this time, the average Canadian is able to receive a minimum of $ 400.

Which city to choose?

Our compatriots wish to acquire the status of a citizen of Canada for many reasons. One of them is the abundance in this country of modern, clean and beautiful cities in which it is very pleasant to work and live. Which one to stop at? The best cities to live in Canada are those where there is the necessary work, relatives live and there are opportunities for leisure activities. There are plenty of choices in this vast country.

A high quality of life in Canada is present in Ottawa. This city is located in the eastern territories of Ontario and stands on the banks of the river of the same name. Together with the nearby village of Gatineau and the surrounding villages, Ottawa is a densely populated area with 1.2 million inhabitants.

Ottawa city

The capital of Canada is a clean, green, quiet, calm and comfortable place. Its residents love to play sports and adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

The city accepts a large number of migrants. In it, dozens of peoples peacefully coexist with each other. Most of them come from Asia (mainly from China).

Ottawa is notable for its low crime rate, sophisticated culture and well-developed healthcare. This city has high wages. Indeed, if in Canada the average annual income of its resident is $ 81,300, then in the capital of the country - $ 89,400.

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Companies located in Ottawa offer a profitable job. In addition, in the capital of Canada, you can get into universities, schools, hospitals and travel agencies. This city is known as Northern Silicon Valley. More than a dozen high-tech companies are developing on its territory.

Good living conditions in Canada are offered in Gatineau. This city is located in the western part of the province of Quebec, in which French is considered the official language. About 265 thousand people live in Gatineau. According to statistics, this city is also preferred by immigrants. You can meet here people from South Asia, China, Africa and the Middle East.

city ​​of Gatineau

Based on the fact that Gatineau is located near Ottawa, many live in this city, while working in the capital of the country. This option has several advantages in the form of cheap kindergartens, benefits for parents, affordable housing, as well as immersion in French culture. Attracts migrants and the tax laws of this province. Indeed, according to him, incomes received by citizens of the country from the outside are not subject to any fees.

A wonderful place to immigrate to Canada will be the city of Waterpu. First of all, it is distinguished by a rather high standard of living of people, which is expressed in affordable housing, low unemployment, as well as in a diverse culture influenced by various peoples from the most distant corners of the planet.

25% of the population are immigrants, most of whom are immigrants from Germany. There are many educational institutions, such as universities, colleges and institutes.

Many immigrants choose Brossar for themselves. This city, located in the province of Quebec, provides all the conditions for career growth. It is notable for its affordable housing, low unemployment and a diverse culture. Immigrants among the local population make up 36%.

Brossard is a commercial center, which is located near Montreal, entering its area. The city has a large number of parks where places for active leisure are organized, for example, roller-skating, skateboards and bicycles.

Attracts migrants and the city of Delta. It is located south of Richmond and slightly north of Washington state. 23% of the population are immigrants from South Asia and China.

This city is chosen by those people who prefer to live in solitude with nature. In the territory of this settlement there are many parks, pedestrian and bicycle paths. This allows the residents of the city to see the wonderful world of flora and fauna around them. Immigrants also prefer the Delta because of the mild climate of this region. Winters are relatively warm and do not last long.

The city offers a high quality of life, there are unlimited opportunities not only for development, but also for relaxation. Attracts people here and salary, which is 30% higher than in other regions of Canada.

Another good place to move is Saanich. It is located on Vancouver Island. Its population is about 110 thousand people. On the territory of this city there are various communities uniting entrepreneurs, builders and artists. Educational institutions are located here.

Saanich has a well-developed transport network. There are 700 bus stops in the city. And thanks to the bicycle paths provided by the authorities, residents are given the opportunity to use a two-wheeled vehicle.

While in Saanich, you can admire the incredible urban and rural landscapes, in which there is a long coastline of sandy beaches. Parks that are popular with tourists are located not far from it. The most famous of these are Mount Tolmy and Mount Douglas.


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