Soya product: the benefits and harms of legumes

Conflicting rumors hover around this culture. On the one hand, the soy product benefits the body: it helps lower cholesterol, prevents prostatitis, breast cancer, osteoporosis and helps in losing weight. But there is an opinion that all the positive properties of soy are just a good advertising move by businessmen.

Many argue that soy product is very harmful and often leads to hormonal imbalance. Moreover, all these horrors attributed to bean grain culture are staggering. It is believed that this is an active attack from competitors who own meat corporations. So where is the truth? Let's try to figure it out.

soya product
Soya products: benefit or harm

It is very easy for the average consumer to get confused in these rumors and contradictions. Still, it is necessary to decide, especially for strict vegetarians who consume this unique and valuable product rich in protein. In 1995, clinical trials were conducted, according to the results of which it became clear that regular (daily) consumption of soy proteins in combination with animals lowers levels of dangerous cholesterol and triglycerides.

This is an obvious fact: if you use a soy product for a long time, you can reduce the appearance of cardiological diseases by 3%. All soy products have a beneficial effect on blood vessels and the heart. They supply the human body with minerals, polyunsaturated and saturated fats, vitamins and fibers. Soybean culture is a great alternative to red meat from a medical point of view.

soy products benefit or harm

Negative effect on the thyroid gland

Soy contains strumogenic substances, which have an aggressive effect on the thyroid gland. Dysfunction threatens people who constantly consume foods high in these elements (white or cauliflower, radishes, millet, horseradish, rutabaga), where iodine is absent. Therefore, vegetarians need to be careful about their diet and be sure to eat iodine-containing foods or drink vitamin supplements.

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The absorption of trace elements and minerals

Soya product contains a huge amount of harmful substances that interfere with the rapid absorption of zinc, iodine and calcium. In order to somehow make up for the deficiency of these vital minerals, it is necessary to properly balance the diet: include legumes, cereals, nuts and dried fruits. You should also significantly increase the intake of vitamin C, which helps the full absorption of iron.

Based on the above information, we can conclude that the harm and benefits of soy depend on a balanced diet. You can buy soy products in Moscow, as well as in almost any supermarket in another city. There are still specialized stores for the implementation of this culture.

It must be remembered that moderate use (not more than 250 g per day) is safe for humans. You should not completely abandon this culture, because it is rich in protein and practically does not contain fats. Due to its low calorie content, it can be consumed during a diet without fear of getting better. A poor diet will negatively affect health, so bring more fresh vegetables, mushrooms, nuts to the menu to activate brain activity, do not forget about healthy cereals: buckwheat, rice, oats. Only in combination with these products soy will not have unpleasant consequences.


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