Base for gel and gel polish: Kodi Professional, rubber base, Bluesky. Modern manicure technology

Manicure is a set of procedures for the care of nails and skin of the hands. In recent years, the cosmetics industry has introduced the world to many new tools that allow you to give your nails a beautiful and flawless look. The most popular gel varnishes are today. In combination with a base and a resistant coating, they last long enough to withstand everyday mechanical stresses.

Modern manicure technology

Over the past few years, the chemical industry has invented different compositions with which it was possible to improve nail care and extend the life of the coating. In addition to the classic manicure, modern women have the opportunity to choose more complex procedures with the best effect:

  1. Minx-manicure - a sticker of a thin film is applied to the nails, which is fixed under the influence of the rays of the UV lamp while pressing it on the nail plate. For decoration, mainly films for imitation of metal are used. Today, this technology is at the peak of popularity in Europe.
  2. Acrylic coating - the nail plate is covered with acrylic and decorated with modeling. This manicure lasts a long time and looks solemn.
  3. Permanent manicure - a thin layer of gel polish or biogel is applied to natural nails. This manicure lasts up to 2-3 weeks and looks neat. For its implementation additional funds are required: base, coating and lamp for drying.

base for gel and gel polish

What is the base

The base for gel and gel polish is, in other words, the corrective base used for gel polish or gel. According to the classical technology, it is applied with a thin layer on previously cleaned and fat-free nails or by drip technology to smooth the nail plate. The base has a transparent color and allows you to hide minor imperfections in the surface of the nail.

The base for gel and gel polish is designed to give greater stability to the gel coating and strengthen the most nail plates. Databases of some manufacturers, by the way, contain therapeutic components that contribute to the improvement of their structure. The life of the manicure directly depends on the quality of the foundation.

rubber base for gel polish

Benefits of using the base

Using the database gives certain advantages:

  1. The strength of manicure. The base for gel and gel polish provides the durability of any gel coating for up to 3 weeks. Manicure withstands any mechanical and chemical influences.
  2. Thanks to the thick texture, the base is perfect for shape correction. It allows you to build up broken corners.
  3. The base easily rests on the nail plate and fills all the bumps. The nail acquires a perfect shape and a mirror shine.
  4. The nail plate not only aligns, but also becomes stronger. The texture base replaces biogel.

For information, all masters always use the base for gel polishes. Among specialists, this tool is considered mandatory in the gel coating process.

Kodi Professional Cosmetics

Among the many companies that produce nail care products, one of the first places is occupied by the American brand Cody Professional. This company produces professional cosmetics and tools for different types of manicure. Many masters in their daily work use only products of this brand because of its high quality. The advantage of Kodi Professional materials is their ease of use. The products of this brand can significantly reduce the time of all stages of manicure and simplify the work of the master.

Cosmetics “Cody Professional” can be used both for professional manicure and at home. The materials of this brand are presented in various online stores and in salons selling cosmetics for nails.


Rubber base

For gel-coated manicures, Cody Professional produces a professional base - Rubber Base Gel. This is a transparent base of a unique composition that can be used for different gel varnishes.

The rubber base for gel polish promotes uniform coating of nails with colored varnish and gives it resistance. The rubber base significantly extends the life of the manicure and prevents the coating from peeling off. Gel polish lasts up to 20 days.

The rubber base for gel polish from the brand “Cody Professional” is available in 7.14 and 30 ml bottles. A small brush for applying the product is fixed inside the lid.

For an ideal result, it is recommended to use the entire series of Kodi Professional products, which consists of a base, gel polishes and coatings.

nail plate

As a result, we list the advantages of the Kodi Rubber Base framework:

  • super durability;
  • lack of an unpleasant smell;
  • safe composition;
  • strengthening effect on the nail plate;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • after polymerization acquires a beautiful shine;
  • easy to lay down;
  • can be used even on brittle nails.

Application technology

But in order for gel polish to hold for a long time and maintain a beautiful appearance, it is important not only to use high-quality materials, but also to follow a certain technology. Drawing the foundation should consist of the following steps:

  1. Nail polish. It is necessary to remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle and dead tissue.
  2. Using a buff, remove the gloss from the nail plates. Especially carefully should be processed their edges and areas near the cuticle.
  3. Make nails the desired shape, file the edges and clean out external defects.
  4. Treat with degreaser.
  5. Cover each nail with an acid-free primer and leave for 20-30 seconds to dry. The primer enhances the adhesion of the nail plate to the base.
  6. Apply the base with a thin even layer, avoiding contact with the cuticle and skin. The edge of the nail should be sealed.
  7. Dry the applied base under an ultraviolet lamp. At the same time, the Kodi Professional base must be dried for 2 minutes at a power of 36 watts.

After that, you can apply other manicure products to your nails, decorate with stones or draw colored patterns.

base for gel polish reviews

Bluesky Products

Another popular brand of nail care products is Bluesky. The gel, base and coating of this brand are produced by a large Chinese company under a registered trademark. Bluesky products are of good quality and are sold in many countries of the world. The manufacturer guarantees the durability of manicure up to 14 days.

All Bluesky products are safe for health and meet European quality standards. In many ways, the funds of this brand are not inferior to the best American counterparts.

The most popular among buyers is the Bluesky gel polish. The base perfectly aligns nails, and also protects them from the pigment effect of colored varnishes. Manicure looks attractive and neat.

The company also produces a 2 in 1 tool - base and top in one bottle. It can be used as a base for gel polish and cover your nails at the finish stage. Baze + Top Bluesky reliably fixes a gel covering.

bluesky gel

Bluesky Base Rubber Application Features

The Bluesky rubber base should be applied in a thin layer, capturing the entire surface of the nail plate. Places with noticeable external damage can be covered with a thicker base layer. It fills all the bumps and gives the nails a perfect look. After application, the base must be dried under a 36 W LED or UV lamp.

It is important that it does not get on the skin, otherwise the gel coating will bulge. The base should be applied carefully, sealing the tips of the nails. And subject to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, gel polish applied to the Bluesky base can last up to 3 weeks.

gel polish bluish base


Now on the Russian market of cosmetics products of different world brands are presented. Women have the opportunity to try all means and choose the most suitable. Cody Professionals products are considered one of the best. High marks masters received base for gel polish. Customer reviews note its excellent quality and durability. If you protect your nails from aggressive chemicals and carefully perform physical work, gel polish can last even a month. The coating does not lag along the edges and does not crack. According to customers, the base from Kodi perfectly aligns nails and does not spoil them at all. In terms of resistance, it can be considered one of the best.

Many of those who regularly buy the Kodi Rubber Base are lay people who do manicures at home. They noted that the products of this brand are easy to use even without such experience. To get a beautiful and persistent manicure, you do not have to be a master. It is enough to follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

It happens that women experiment and use means of different brands for one manicure. According to them, the Kodi Rubber base perfectly holds gel varnishes from other manufacturers. Such a combination is not reflected in the quality of manicure.

There are very few negative reviews and they mainly relate to removal difficulties - during the removal of gel polish, the surface of the nails was injured in women.

An excellent alternative to expensive products is the base for gel and gel polish from Bluesky. The products of this brand are popular among those who prefer to do manicure on their own. Buyers are attracted by reasonable price and good quality. The Bluesky base is easy to lay down and holds for at least 2 weeks.

Very rarely, but allergies can occur from this base. The basis consists of chemicals that not every organism perceives. Therefore, there are cases that the base causes redness of the skin. There are women who do not hold gel polish at all.


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