Company "Stakhanov": employee reviews

So, today we have to understand what kind of reviews the organization receives under the name "Stakhanov". What kind of employer is this? What services does he provide? What stands out among other firms offering employment? To answer all this is not as difficult as it seems, if you carefully look at the numerous opinions of subordinates.

Description of Activities

Stakhanov is a recruitment agency. It offers job seekers job searches, mainly on a rotational basis. This feature is emphasized by all subordinates.

stakhanov reviews

"Stakhanov" reviews for their work earns mixed overall. Some say that the work of the company in the labor market is unclaimed. At the same time, someone assures that a recruitment agency helps to find a job without much stress - just what many need. The company has many areas of activity, it does not specialize in one specific area.


"Stakhanov" receives positive reviews for the number of vacancies for employment. According to numerous opinions, the employer offers a lot of jobs.

Jobs are different - from builders to sales managers. Therefore, it is impossible to name one specific area of ​​activity in which Stakhanov operates. When selecting a place for further work, the wishes of the applicant will be taken into account. He himself has the right to choose a specific field of work.

In general, "Stakhanov" is a universal place to look for work. Turning here, with a high degree of probability you can find a job in the most suitable place.


What promises does the employer under study make before starting to work with a person? "Stakhanov" reviews earns a variety of. But this employer offers good guarantees. They, according to numerous reviews, are attractive.

stakhanov employee reviews

Mostly focus on:

  • official employment;
  • social guarantees;
  • development (professional and career);
  • high earnings;
  • friendly team;
  • gaining experience in various fields of activity;
  • payment of accommodation and training when working on duty.

Accordingly, it seems that the employer is really worried about each of his subordinates. But which of these features are not provided in practice? What should applicants pay attention to first of all?


"Stakhanov" earns positive reviews of employees for the fact that all subordinates are eventually formalized for work. And this happens after training, if any.

If it is a question of employment on a rotational basis, then immediately upon the appointment of an employee to a particular workplace, an employment contract is signed. After this, the citizen is sent to the employer to perform official duties.

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Some say that Stakhanov is not officially employed by the population. All this is a hoax. The organization is large and well-known. She draws up all in accordance with the established Russian legislation. Otherwise, the recruitment agency would have long been closed.

Working conditions

The company "Stakhanov" employee reviews earns a diverse nature. But a lot of negativity appears for the provided working conditions. They very often do not suit subordinates.

Many emphasize that travel to the workplace is paid in full. Moreover, at work, there is also everything necessary for the performance of official duties. But there can be no talk of any comfort.

If you believe the numerous reviews, sometimes after employment it turns out that some items necessary for work are missing. In addition, you have to work 12-14 hours a day without days off and breaks. This is extremely difficult to do. At the conclusion of the contract, of course, no one will say about these features.

There are also positive opinions about the Stakhanov corporation. Job reviews earn good for organizing some work places. But it all depends on the situation and the selected vacancy. Most often, applicants complain about not the best working conditions.

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"Stakhanov" employees reviews are not the best earning for development prospects after employment. As already mentioned, you will have to work mainly on shifts. This does not surprise anyone. But with employment, employees are promised career growth, as well as professional development.

In practice, it turns out differently. Stakhanov LLC earns reviews as an employer who is not suitable for building a career. They are employed here for ordinary posts. And there can be no talk of any increase.

Accordingly, there will be no prospects and career growth. The only thing you can hope for is professional development. But given the difficult work schedule and not the best working conditions, many say that all job duties are performed automatically. All these factors will have to be considered. It is such "Stakhanov" that workers' reviews deserve most often. All of these opinions are not confirmed, but claims are not uncommon. They make you think about the feasibility of employment.


What else has Stakhanov prepared? Reviews about this employer are both good and not very good. It is safe to say that the company is not a scammer. But at the same time, she does not keep all promises.

It is difficult to predict which team will have to work. It all depends on the chosen vacancy, as well as on the employer who turned to Stakhanov for help. Most often, applicants say that the organization offers working conditions in which the work collective does not play a special role. There is simply no time or energy left for communication.

However, some emphasize that workplace colleagues are accommodating, friendly. Although there is sometimes not the best team. All this will have to be taken into account. Numerous opinions indicate that near the end of the shift colleagues are tired and there can be no talk of any friendly attitude.

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"Stakhanov" is not a place to find new friends. After all, the workplace will have to work. There is simply not enough time for communication. This will have to be remembered before employment.


What other features does Stakhanov have? Job reviews are earning an ambiguous type. A lot of negativity is expressed for the salaries paid to subordinates. After all, initially high wages are offered.

But in practice it turns out a little differently. In fact, earnings on shifts are small. Many complain about the low hourly pay. And even taking into account the fact that you have to perform official duties 12 hours a day, it still does not go out to earn normal money. For example, in some positions, the salary is 85 rubles per hour. This is extremely small.

It should also be noted that subordinates often note significant delays in salaries. Sometimes after returning from the shift you have to wait for 2-3 months of well-deserved money. Yes, and they are not always paid in full.

In some cases, "Stakhanov" receives positive reviews for earnings. Occasionally, there are opinions indicating that the salary was paid on time, and rather big. Yes, working conditions leave much to be desired, but the torment is worth it.

company stakhanov employee reviews

About bosses and managers

The company "Stakhanov" reviews of various types earns for the chiefs and managers who are found in various places. What do workers pay attention to?

Some subordinates assure that after arriving at the workplace they will have to fulfill duties under the guidance of normal, friendly and understanding bosses. You can agree with them. The only thing that almost everything requires is discipline. With conscientious subordinates, managers usually come in contact.

But some say that not the bosses are on the watch. They are distinguished by dishonesty, an unfair and arrogant attitude towards ordinary cadres. Even bona fide subordinates are constantly fined and punished.


Now it’s clear what a company is called Stakhanov (Tyumen). Employee reviews about this company are negative and positive. You can find the corporation on the blacklist of employers. All this is due to the numerous claims that are expressed against Stakhanov.

Stakhanov reviews of workers

This employer is far from ideal. But he really helps to find a job and work for some time on a rotational basis. Not the best place to build a career. But to earn money you can get a job at Stakhanov. Reviews indicate that this company is not fraudulent.


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