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Many people ask themselves: how to spend your vacation in an unusual, interesting and profitable way? Quite a fascinating event may be a trip on a ship on various routes.

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The ship "Mikhail Kutuzov". Description

“Mikhail Kutuzov” is a three-deck type ship. Overall dimensions: width is 14.4 m, length - 96 meters. It was built in Germany in 1957, in the city of Wismar (at the Mathias Thesen Werft factory). The ship has a speed of 23 km / h. The vessel can accommodate 239 passengers, it is served by a crew of 60 people.

Since the beginning of 2006, the ship has been cruising along the Kama River, departing from the city of Perm. According to the classification, the riverboat belongs to the economy class (2 **). The captain is Baklykov Konstantin Cheslavovich. The ship is in good working condition.


The ship "Mikhail Kutuzov" is equipped with everything necessary for a complete comfortable rest. It has wide enough, spacious decks for walking. The interiors are decorated with natural wood. On board there is a lounge (lounge - 30 m2) for 15-20 seats, a music lounge, a playroom for children (area - 30 m2), a bar.

There is a solarium on the boat deck, so everyone can sunbathe. For lovers of the steam room there is a spacious sauna. On the upper deck there is a restaurant with an area of ​​72 m2 for 70 seats, for a more comfortable stay it is equipped with air conditioning. The lower deck includes a food salon with 56 seats, with a total area of ​​about 64 m 2 . There is also a cinema hall (78 m 2 ) with air conditioning for up to 100 people.

Riverboat equipped with a special room for domestic use with ironing board and iron, an area of ​​7 m 2 . There are also shared showers and sanitary rooms. There is a medical station on board.

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Food on board

Depending on the type of cruise trip, you can choose any kind of food. Usually, three meals a day are included in the tour price. There are two retro-style restaurants serving European, Russian or Caucasian cuisine. Any dish can be prepared to order, and there is an additional reservation system for your favorite dishes.

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Cabin classification

Choosing long boat trips as a vacation is worth pay attention not only to the type of vessel, but also to the degree of comfort of the cabins.

"Mikhail Kutuzov" offers different cabins.

On the boat deck are:

  • Two cabins of the Delta class (2-3-seater), with an area of ​​20 m 2 . They have a toilet, a bathroom. They are also equipped with air conditioning.
  • Three cabins of the Gamma class (2-seater) are also equipped with their own shower and air conditioning.
  • Eight cabins of the 1st class (single). They have a washbasin with hot and cold water.

On the middle deck:

  • Four cabins of the Alpha class (2-3-seater), with a toilet, a shower and window air conditioning.
  • Five cabins "Gamma" (2-seater), equipped with toilet, shower and split system.
  • Three cabins "Omega" (2-seater).

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Gamma-class cabins (one), 2A-class cabins (14 units) and 2B (8 cabins) are located on the main deck.

The lower deck includes cabins 3A-class (28 cabins) with a washbasin.

Leisure and entertainment

A rich entertainment program is expected on board the vessel . For children, the direction of the cruise tour usually organizes individual events. The ship "Mikhail Kutuzov" can offer guests a variety of sports equipment for outdoor activities.

motor ship Mikhail Kutuzov entertainment

There is a lounge on the middle deck, which hosts a variety of shows in the evenings.

It offers guests a variety of excursion programs. Their schedule depends on the chosen cruise tour.

The ship "Mikhail Kutuzov": reviews

A large number of tourists respond positively about traveling on this ship.

Many went on a cruise during their vacation and did not regret it, received a lot of positive emotions. Food was at its best, although there were some nuances associated with the features of long river crossings. But in general, the friendly atmosphere, competent guides and a comfortable cabin gave the vacation a special touch and left a pleasant impression.


Other travelers prefer this particular type of vacation and this is not the first time they have been cruising on the ship Mikhail Kutuzov. They celebrate excellent organizational work on board the ship. I especially liked the show program. Thanks to the competent work of the director of the cruise and his assistants, the entire entertainment part brought untold pleasure. All excursion programs were rich and interesting.

Boat tours are an integral part of the holidays of some couples vacationing with children. River travel becomes a pleasant discovery for them. The cabin of the "Delta" class pleases with a pleasant interior. The children's room in it is very welcome. Thanks to the good organization of the cruise, excellent food during the trip, the impressions of the vacation are only positive.

Not only young couples make river cruises, even elderly people choose such a vacation. After the trip, there are positive reviews from pensioners about the cruise, which was presented by the ship "Mikhail Kutuzov". For those who want to visit the Solovetsky Islands, thanks to the Kazan – Valaam – Kazan cruise tour, this dream can come true. On the chosen cruise for two days you can admire the indescribable beauty of the islands. Tourists noted the delicious food on board and the good work of the staff. They were pleased with all the activities and the opportunity to sunbathe in the solarium, on the boat deck.

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Choosing the most interesting program for your vacation, pay attention to the ship "Mikhail Kutuzov". A river cruise can begin from Perm, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Kazan and other cities and can be quite interesting, especially when the organization of recreation is in the hands of professionals. Competent guides will reveal unknown facts about the sights, the ship's DJs will brighten up evening entertainment, talented chefs will prepare the most delicious dishes. Rest will be not only entertaining, eventful, but also full of impressions from the contemplation of the picturesque coast.


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