What does the “2 cups” card mean? Tarot: Interpretations

The tarot system hides much more than just fortune telling. This is a combination of science, art and magic, which allows you to find a connection between the events taking place in your life and the archetypal images reflected in the cards. The combinations of the Senior and Younger Arcana in the layouts will help to look at what is happening from different angles and identify new prospects. In addition, the study of this magical system awakens intuition, develops imagination and helps to reveal creativity.

Description and symbols of the card

In the classic Tarot decks, the card depicts a guy and a girl with bowls in their hands. Above them is a caduceus with a lion's head - a symbol of Hymen (the ancient Greek god of love and marriage).

Caduceus is a symbol of reconciliation depicted on the herald’s rod, which was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for diplomatic purposes during the negotiations. Two snakes surround the rod, which symbolizes the wisdom of both partners, harmony, mutual understanding and harmonious relations.

2 cups tarot value

The man and woman depicted on the map personify the unity of opposites, the interaction of the energy of the two principles, which are the basis of creation. Some decks in the background depict nature, which symbolizes good prospects and happiness in the future.

Direct position

Love, friendship, harmony, mutual understanding, kindness, fruitful cooperation, harmonious relationships - these are just an incomplete list of interpretations, which includes the Tarot card “2 Cups”. The value of this minor lasso is always positive, regardless of the question asked. In almost any situation, the two Cups portend a favorable outcome.

In most cases, this minor lasso involves relationships with people. But besides the main meaning, the appearance of this card can also be a portent of new opportunities, a creative breakthrough and unlimited prospects in the near future.

2 cups of tarot meaning in a relationship

Inverted position

If the inverted “2 Cups” card in Tarot is combined with favorable lasso, then this alignment should not be interpreted. as an omen of any negative events. This is a warning about potential difficulties and obstacles associated with relationships with others.

The combination of two Cups with unfavorable cards, such as “Devil” (15), “Tower” (16), as well as the three of Swords, has a negative meaning. This alignment can characterize insincerity, jealousy, lack of understanding, quarrels, disputes, breakup.


There are several cards that, in any case, carry a positive meaning in matters of business partnership. Among them are “Lovers”, an ace of Wands, as well as “2 Cups” (Tarot), the meaning and interpretation of which have practically no adverse shades.

If the questioner (the so-called person to whom they are guessing) is currently in search of work, the appearance of a deuce of Cups promises him quick success and achievement of his goals. Perhaps a close friend or an influential person located to him will help him.

When asked about the upcoming negotiations, the card in the upright position foreshadows profitable deals and fruitful cooperation in the future. Both parties will be satisfied, even if before that there were disputes or conflicts between opponents.

Also, the lasso can portend a creative breakthrough, new ideas and the successful implementation of goals. The upcoming project will certainly lead to success.

An inverted card warns of possible difficulties caused by the insincerity of one of the parties or misunderstanding between people.

The card in this position in questions about the career of a particular person indicates that it is difficult for him to find a common language with his colleagues, and therefore work difficulties arise. The same applies to a person who is in search of work. Perhaps psychological problems prevent him from finding a common language with others.

tarot card 2 cups meaning

Love and relationships

When it comes to love, the appearance of the Cups in the layout is a very good sign. These minor arcana symbolize vivid emotional experiences and good prospects for the future.

As for the card “2 Cups” (Tarot), its significance in relations is also very favorable. This card is one of the best in matters of love. As a rule, it characterizes the initial stage of the relationship, when everything is just emerging. Lovers are open and loyal to each other. The hearts of both are overflowing with tenderness, they tremulously cherish this bright feeling. If there are no adverse lasso in the situation, these relations will develop in the future.

As for the inverted position of “2 Cups” (Tarot), the significance in the relationship cannot be called purely negative. However, this indicates any difficulties and obstacles to happiness. The couple is going through a difficult period. But the reason is not in their feelings or actions. Problems are caused by some external circumstances, often beyond their control. The prospects will be clearer if you pay attention to neighboring cards.

If an inverted card fell to a lonely person, then the interpretation will be different. Arkan talks about the reasons for loneliness, which are primarily associated with the low self-esteem of the questioner. In order to find happiness, a person needs to understand himself and achieve an internal harmonious state. Perhaps he cannot let go of the past and forget past grievances and disappointments. Until internal problems are resolved, a person cannot meet his love.

Person's character

If we are talking about a specific person, then one of the positive cards is “2 Cups”. The meaning of the Tarot may imply two aspects: the characteristic of the personality as a whole and the psycho-emotional state at the present time.

In questions about the current state of mind and mood, this lasso symbolizes the state of falling in love, bright feelings, bright emotions. In this case, this is not a permanent character trait, but the feelings that a person experiences. The atmosphere of happiness, high spirits and joy - these are the emotions that the "2 Cups" personifies. The value of the Tarot can be understood more accurately by looking at neighboring cards in the layout.

2 cups of lasso

Another meaning that this younger lasso hides in itself is a well-developed intuition and the gift of empathy, that is, the ability to empathize and feel the current state of mind and the psycho-emotional state of another person. These abilities are closely intertwined with the ability to love. Therefore, a constant stay in a state of happiness can help develop insight and spiritual instinct.

If we were talking about the nature of a particular person, the interpretation of this card is also very unambiguous. Such a person has many positive qualities, such as good nature, responsiveness, attentiveness to others, the ability to forgive.

The inverted position of the card characterizes far from the best period of life. If this is a temporary condition, then in this case the lasso speaks of disappointment and mental pain associated with parting. If this condition does not go away for a long time, negative qualities may appear in a person: egoism, envy, cynicism.

Health and psycho-emotional state

In the health profiles, cups carry a very favorable meaning. As for the "2 Cups" card, the significance of the Tarot portends a speedy recovery. If the question was about the psychological state, then this minor lasso is one of the most positive. In this case, it symbolizes the acquisition of inner spiritual harmony, tranquility and peace. If at the time of divination the questioner is depressed or melancholy, then the appearance of a deuce of Cups predicts an improvement in well-being and good mood in the near future.

An inverted position may indicate any infectious diseases and acute stages of the disease. If we are talking about the psycho-emotional state of a person, you should pay attention to what kind of lasso the Tarot card "2 cups" is combined with. The value in combination with the three of Swords indicates a depressive state, the cause of which could be parting with a loved one. In some cases, this can lead to problems with the cardiovascular system or any other psychosomatic diseases.

Spiritual Development and Self-Improvement

In matters of self-development and spiritual growth, “2 Cups” is the lasso, which represents the acquisition of integrity and inner harmony. To trace the whole path of personal development, you need to look at the symbolism of the previous and subsequent lasso. Ace of Cups says that a person needs to learn to be aware of his feelings, trust them, and also cope with emotions. Harmonious relationships with other people are possible only when a person managed to deal with his experiences. Two Cups means the continuation of the spiritual formation of the individual. At this stage, a person learns to show and accept love, share his own mood and listen to a partner. Then he will have to take a lesson under the influence of the troika of cups. This card implies interaction with the outside world, the ability to share positive emotions, experiences and life experiences not only with your partner, but also with society. Understanding the principles of these three lessons will help achieve prosperity and well-being.

The inverted position of the lasso in this case indicates difficulties on the path of self-development. They are connected primarily with the fact that a person cannot let go of the past. Disappointments and regrets impede spiritual development and prevent one from opening up to the new. The only way out is to draw conclusions, benefit from our own mistakes and move on.

Specific situation

Junior lasso "2 Cups" in the scenario for the situation always involves relationships with other people. Regardless of what kind of life sphere the question concerned: work, finance, creative development or education, the appearance of this card implies that the questioner will need the help of another person to solve the problem.

card of 2 cups in tarot

As for the inverted position of the “2 Cups,” the meaning of the Tarot conceals unfavorable moments. The predicament is caused by negative emotions such as jealousy, envy, vanity and arrogance.

Map of the day

One of the easiest ways to find out what the coming day portends is to draw out a card, mentally asking a question about what is coming. The two bowls in this case are an omen of a pleasant meeting, meeting or communication with a close friend. If a person was in a quarrel with someone, the appearance of this card is a harbinger of an early reconciliation and the resumption of good relations.

If the questioner is alone at the current stage of life, this younger lasso predicts a meeting and the possibility of developing relations in the near future. However, the maps show only the likely course of events. And sometimes they are best perceived as advice. Two bowls says that on this day you should not refuse to communicate with friends, invitations to a party or chat with new people.

The inverted position of the card can predict some difficulties in relationships with people. If you are planning a love date or meeting with a close friend that day, it can be difficult. But you should not be upset in advance. Perhaps you just reschedule the meeting for another day. Most likely, the obstacles are caused only by external circumstances and will not affect the relationship itself.

Junior lasso "2 Cups". Value and combinations with other cards

In order to get a complete picture of what is happening, any card must be considered not only separately, but also in relation to other lasso in the layout.

2 cups tarot meaning and interpretation

"Two of bowls" + Major Arcana:

  • 0 - Jester (Fool, Fool) - flirt, frivolous attitude;
  • 1 - Mage - one partner manipulates the feelings of another;
  • 2 - "High Priestess" - it's time to confess to each other true feelings;
  • 3 - "Empress" - a baby may soon appear;
  • 4 - "Emperor" - marriage is likely in the near future;
  • 5 - “Hierophant” - partners fully trust each other;
  • 6 - "Lovers" - love, sincerity and complete understanding;
  • 7 - "Chariot" - at this stage of the relationship, the partners may experience misunderstanding due to different attitudes;
  • 8 - "Strength" - one partner has to adapt to another;
  • 9 - "Hermit" - loneliness;
  • 10 - "Wheel of Fortune" - a fortunate combination of circumstances, thanks to which you will meet a person close in spirit;
  • 11 - "Justice" - marriage, legal registration of relations;
  • 12 - "Hanged Man" - lack of mutual understanding, partners do not see a shared future;
  • 13 - "Death" - significant difficulties or separation;
  • 14 - "Moderation" - between people there are no vivid emotions, passions, but there is harmony, tranquility and peace;
  • 15 - “Devil” - in such relations there is no honesty,
  • 16 - "Tower" - parting;
  • 17 - “Star” - two people are close in spirit and are engaged in one thing, thanks to which complete mutual understanding reigns;
  • 18 - "Moon" - dishonesty;
  • 19 - "Sun" - vivid emotions, love and good prospects;
  • 20 - "Court" - the resumption of relations after a period of difficulty;
  • 21 - "Peace" - gaining happiness.

Deuces of other stripes

Deuces in the Tarot represent duality, the need to make a choice, the harmony of opposites, cooperation or competition, depending on the situation. The appearance in the layout of a deuce of any suit indicates that the questioner faced a dilemma. Perhaps, in order to successfully resolve the situation, it will be necessary to make a choice in favor of cooperation.

However, in combination with unfavorable lasso, deuces can portend future conflicts, inconsistency and contradictions. To balance the conflict will require a lot of effort. As for the "2 Cups" (Tarot), its value is mostly negative only in those cases when the card is turned upside down.

2 cups in the layout

Any lasso needs to be considered not only as an answer to everyday questions. Each card carries a hidden meaning and is able to give advice. This can be a recommendation regarding a specific situation, or an indication of what a person is better to pay attention to at this stage of life. As for the "2 Cups", the meaning of the Tarot in this case is very unambiguous and easy to read. In a global sense, the card advises you to learn to trust people more, and also to be more open, sincere and responsive. But in order to establish relationships with others, first you need to know yourself and achieve inner harmony, as sometimes the cause of problems in the outside world lies primarily in the internal conflicts of the person himself.

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