How to glue rhinestones on gel polish: step-by-step instructions, recommendations of professionals and reviews

Surely every girl who watches her nails tried to make gel polish in the salon of the nail service.

Many girls are against this procedure, they think that during preparation for coating the nail is injured, especially if you do it again and again.

One of the advantages of gel polish is that it can be applied to rhinestones that will decorate the girl's nails for a long time.

Gel Polish: at home or in the salon?

It is almost impossible to independently carry out such a procedure. Even if it is possible to glue the rhinestones gently on one hand, difficulties will arise: a layer of gel or varnish has not yet dried out, but we must deal with the other hand.

how to glue rhinestones on gel polish

It is best to make an appointment with a manicurist, where professionals will do everything as required. Moreover, it is unlikely that the girl will have a special lamp at home, with which the layers of the gel are dried. And without this lamp it is impossible to make a manicure. All masters know this as well as gluing rhinestones on nails. Gel polish is no exception. But there is a nuance. Only manicurists from salons know how to glue rhinestones on gel polish.

What is the complexity of such a manicure?

The difficulty with gel polish is that you have to remove the top layer of the nail and apply several layers of the gel, waiting until it dries. Manicure takes more than an hour.

But the girls are still willing to endure such torment in order to make their nails beautiful and attract attention. In addition to applying various drawings, manicurists often apply rhinestones. How to glue rhinestones on gel polish? Very simple, but this is preceded by a long preparation.

how to glue rhinestones on gel polish

In addition to rhinestones, a pattern can be applied to the nail . A girl can choose a separate pattern for each nail, but it is not recommended to overdo it with this. Well, if the drawing is filled only two, maximum three nails, otherwise the manicure will be too overloaded.

How to glue rhinestones on gel polish?

First you need to choose rhinestones of a certain color or shade. If a girl is going to wear jewelry made of gold or gilt jewelry, rhinestones should be in harmony with them, have a yellowish tint. If silver dominates the image, the rhinestones should be colorless.

It should be remembered that rhinestones are not so easy to remove, so their choice must be approached with some care.

how to glue rhinestones on gel polish

It is good if there is no glitter in the manicure. Without additional decorations on the nail, it looks beautiful, but if you add large rhinestones, the manicure will look vulgar.

Moreover, if there are rhinestones on the nails that are already jewelry, do not put rings or bracelets on your hands. Excess jewelry will also look vulgar. On delicate female hands there should not be a lot of jewelry, this makes the image overloaded. The color of the varnish and the pattern, as well as the rhinestones, are chosen by the girl herself, but they only know the best way to glue the rhinestones on gel polish in the salon.


Usually rhinestones are fixed after performing the main part of the manicure, applying all the necessary layers. If the girl does not manicure for the first time, then the nail that will be decorated with rhinestones does not need to be painted over.

It should also be remembered that if you cover all nails with rhinestones, it will also look vulgar. Most often, two, maximum three nails are covered with rhinestones in a symmetrical pattern, and the rest do not touch. Itโ€™s both more beautiful and more practical.

how to securely attach rhinestones to gel polish

It is necessary to proceed to application carefully, and to take rhinestones with something thin, but at the same time reliable, for example, tongs that will not release the rhinestone if the hand trembles.

It is better to spread them from the side of the cuticle, smoothly moving to the end of the nail. The layer on which rhinestones are laid out should be thick enough so that the decorations do not blur. How to glue rhinestones on gel polish, any girl who at least once went to such a manicure will understand.

After distributing the jewelry between them, a top coat is carefully applied. It often happens that between small rhinestones there are gaps that are not in harmony with the rest of the nail. And such gaps need to be filled with the top. Do this with a thin brush with accuracy so as not to get on the rhinestones, otherwise it will ruin their shine.

Are there any reliable mounting methods?

How to glue rhinestones on gel polish? In sets with rhinestones, which you can buy on your own in the store or select the ones offered in the salon, there is glue, they โ€œsit downโ€ on it. The shelf life of such a manicure does not depend on the methods of attachment, but on how to care for your nails. It is necessary to ensure that nothing happens with rhinestones, then the manicure will look as if it was done only yesterday.

how to fix rhinestones on gel polish

There is only one way, how best to fix rhinestones on gel polish - carefully and accurately.

For a more reliable manicure, you need to monitor only whether the remaining layers have dried out sufficiently, whether the drying time is maintained under the lamp.

Does gel polish have serious disadvantages?

How long will rhinestones last? The manicure will last two to three weeks. But be careful. Performing homework, the girl must wear gloves that protect against the effects of detergents, and you can not use hot water.

Hot water steams the nail, and rhinestones can fall ahead of time.

If you carefully handle the manicure, then it will last a long time.

When it is time to remove the rhinestones, you should go to the salon for correction. Gel polish coating is bad only because it needs to be constantly restored, which takes time and requires money.

Rhinestones in a nail salon will be removed with a special pusher, and if you canโ€™t separate them from the nail, they will be cut off with a nail file.

Gel polish has only one drawback: if you regularly do this manicure regularly, removing the top layer of the nail, over time the nail plate will become thin and brittle, the nail will begin to flake. But for girls with strong nails, this problem is not terrible, especially if gel polish is rarely done.

Where to go with such a manicure?

Most often, girls turn to the nail salon with a request to cover their nails with gel polish and rhinestones in connection with some festive event: a wedding, graduation or an important business meeting, which you need to look your best at.

how to glue rhinestones on nails gel polish

Rhinestone-coated neat nails are great for this. Having done a manicure once, you can not worry about it for two weeks, observing only safety measures. Moreover, before removing the rhinestones, you can visit several events so that everyone will notice the beauty of the nails of the girl.

And after that, you can go for a correction and again enjoy a fresh beautiful manicure.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of girls who at least once in their lives made gel-polish remain stably positive. Maybe this is due to the fact that such a manicure is beautiful and looks great with any clothes, maybe the fact is that girls like jewelry even on nails.

Drawings can be varied and amaze with their beauty. Any subject, you can see images of zodiac signs, animals, even names or inscriptions made with a very thin brush, multi-colored images and other beautiful additions to manicure.

After one time in the salon, the girls begin to independently try to decorate their manicure with rhinestones. Now they know how to securely attach rhinestones to gel polish.

Such jewelry is appreciated among girls, but also is quite expensive if hand-made. If ordinary nail stickers are used, then it immediately becomes noticeable.

Whether a client will like a manicure depends on the salon in which she does it. Therefore, the choice of a manicure master must be approached with care.


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