How to remove gel polish with the apparatus? Gel Polish Remover

Gel polish on the nails looks beautiful and lasts for a long time. But when correcting or removing the coating, you need to be able to remove it. This is performed by an apparatus or an acetone-containing liquid. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, but the hardware method when properly performed removes the coating with minimal risk of harm to the nails. How to remove gel polish with the apparatus, described in the article.


How to remove gel polish with a manicure machine? The removal procedure is based on “cutting off” the coating with a special manicure cutter. During rotation, the nozzle quickly and painlessly removes the varnish layer by layer, but you need skills to perform the removal technique. And in the absence of experience, there is a risk of damage to the nails themselves.

how to remove gel polish with the apparatus

Is it possible to remove gel polish with the apparatus? This procedure is performed by specialists and at home. But first you need to pick up the nozzle. Milling cutters for removing gel polish differ in material: they are made of a metal alloy or ceramic.


These nozzles are created from alloys of hard metals, they are convenient to use and affordable. The cutters have notches of various shapes and sizes, so they are used to create a basic manicure and nail polish remover.

These cutters cut the coating, creating chips, so they are usually used to eliminate extended nails or to correct manicure. How to remove gel polish with the apparatus? To do this, you need a milling cutter with large notches, since small cells are clogged with varnish chips. The advantage of metal nozzles is that during operation no dust is formed from gels and varnishes.


This is a new device in nail design, which immediately became in demand among manicure masters. Unlike a metal milling cutter, a ceramic nozzle acts gently and helps to create a delicate manicure. Such products are durable and last much longer than metal ones.

Ceramics are heat-resistant, so the nozzles practically do not heat up during operation. The advantage of milling cutters is that they do not clog during the procedure, since they remove the gel polish not with shavings, but turn them into dust. This property is also considered a drawback, because the dust will soar in the air and settle on the surfaces. This problem is solved by purchasing an apparatus in which there is a built-in vacuum cleaner, or a special desktop vacuum cleaner.

Other nozzles

Cutters differ in shape. The most common include:

  • simple cone;
  • pointy cone;
  • cylindrical.
Is it possible to remove gel polish with the apparatus

Harder devices are used for artificial nails, and for natural ones, cutters of less rigidity are needed. Rigidity can be determined by the color of the rim on the basis of the nozzle: solid are marked in black or green. How to remove gel polish by the device yourself or in the salon, is described below.


How to completely remove gel polish with the apparatus? This procedure is not complicated, the main thing is to follow all stages. Not everyone agrees to perform this procedure, because there is a risk of damage to natural nails. But experienced specialists do not cut the coating to the end, but to a layer of base varnish that protects natural nails from damage.

how to remove gel polish with a manicure machine

How to remove gel polish with the apparatus? The procedure is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to fix the nozzle in the apparatus, and also to establish the rotation speed (10 - 15 thousand revolutions per minute for a ceramic nozzle and not less than 20 thousand for a metal one).
  2. Sawing should be performed in smooth long movements, it should start from the middle of the nail. For safety, it’s worthwhile to act not with the end of the cutter, but with its middle, holding the device not vertically, but at a slight inclination.
  3. The free edge must be treated with a long sawing motion.
  4. After removing the color layer to the base, you need to change the nozzle to a polishing cutter or to a buff, and then align the nail plate.

Here's how to quickly remove gel polish with an apparatus. The technique is simple, but it will require some practice. Thanks to the correct cutting, it is possible to remove the manicure without damaging the nails, since the work excludes contact with the nail. Due to the preservation of the base coat layer, the plate is also strengthened.

How to remove gel polish with the device itself? The above technique will allow you to do this procedure yourself. Removal with a typewriter is a progressive method compared to using a liquid with acetone.

Pros and cons

There are many myths about removing gel polish. It is considered safe and not as traumatic as the use of a standard file with a powerful abrasive coating. Thanks to careful sawing, it is possible to carry out the procedure quickly and accurately.

Consider the main pros and cons.

  1. It is possible to eliminate the topcoat and gel polish layers in a dry way without the use of chemical fluids containing acetone. It negatively affects the nail plate, softening and drying it. In addition, the tool causes a burning sensation during the procedure.
  2. Hardware cutting is performed in 5 - 10 minutes, if the work is carried out by the master. And a beginner can also master this technology, most importantly, get acquainted with the principles of work and safety.
  3. Elimination of pigment gel polish will help preserve the surface of the nail - the cutter will not come in contact with a natural plate. Sawing is carried out only to a transparent base. Then a soft polishing nozzle and a buff are used.
  4. When removing the gel layer, a slight burning sensation may occur, which occurs due to overheating of the nozzle. To exclude this factor, it is enough to tell the master about it or choose a specialist with extensive experience. Heating is observed in metal nozzles due to their low speed. The higher the rotation speed of the device, the lower the risk of nozzle heating. Ceramic cutters do not heat up.
  5. The disadvantage of hardware sawing is that the coating turns into fine chips or dust. It is advisable to use a disposable mask.
  6. A minus for the master is the need to buy an expensive device and sets with spare cutters. Several identical sets of nozzles are needed in order to work with multiple clients. It is important to remember handling accessories and hygiene. Milling cutters are capable of malfunctioning and from time to time require replacement during operation.
how to remove gel polish with the device itself

The procedure for removing gel polish using mills is considered a relatively safe method. It does not injure nails and skin. That is why this method remains one of the most popular.

After removal

When the gel polish is removed, the nails need rest and proper care to restore. The following procedures are needed:

  1. If the nails are too dry, then put oil on the nails and cuticle. It is sold in pharmacies or specialty stores.
  2. If this tool is not, then the usual will do. Although the effect will not be immediately noticeable, but after several procedures it will be possible to achieve success.
  3. Nails need a rest. The more, the better, as this allows them to breathe.
how to completely remove gel polish with the apparatus

You can use a special transparent varnish, which is sold in a pharmacy. It is intended for the care and restoration of the nail plate.

Simplified procedure

Before the manicure, the nails must be dried so that they have less oil. If this step is skipped, or you decide to apply it specifically before the procedure, then removing the gel polish will be much easier. But the coating will not last long. This procedure will eliminate the gel without a special liquid. You can still easily remove the coating with an exfoliating base layer. This is ideal for those who need a manicure for a week. A few days later, the varnish breaks off.

gel polish remover

What is forbidden to do?

To maintain the quality of manicure, observe several rules:

  1. Some tear off gel polish with a plate. This leads to lamination, cracks and breakage of the nail.
  2. It is forbidden to cut off the coating with a nail file. This can damage the cuticle and the skin near it. So remove the residue that could not be cleaned with other means.
  3. It is necessary to close and protect the skin near the nail, as home procedures can significantly dry it.
  4. Is it necessary to remove the sticky layer from the base? This procedure is necessary, otherwise the varnish will quickly disappear. After the manicure, you need to check whether the nail is completely dry. And if not, you need the help of a wizard.
how to quickly remove gel polish with the apparatus

Thus, the correct removal of gel polish using the apparatus provides not only a neat appearance, but also the health of the nails. The procedure can be performed at home and in the salon. In any case, it is extremely important to observe safety precautions.


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