Find out which coins are currently valued

Even in a school course in economics today they say that rare goods are of the greatest value. In addition to the gifts of nature in the form of various minerals, precious stones and metals, as well as real estate, antiques today have a high price . These are pictures, and books, and coins. The latter will be described in more detail below.

which coins are currently valued

Which coins are currently valued?

Most often, avid numismatists want to replenish their collection with copies from small or trial runs. Moreover, the sooner the year of release, the better. Sometimes we are talking about real records: sometimes people are ready to pay millions for a single coin. So, in April 2010, the Ekaterina Antique Salon held an auction at which a trial silver ruble of 1806 issue was auctioned off. It's hard to believe, but the collector gave him 120 thousand dollars! Here are the coins that are valued the most now: very rare and old.

It is interesting that in our country numismatists give preference to domestic copies. Foreign money is not in great demand: at least no one will give fabulous money for it.

which Russian coins are currently valued
If you are wondering about which coins are currently valued very highly, then the unequivocal answer here is from the time of imperial Russia. However, it must be remembered here: it is important that the preservation is good. If you have coins from, for example, treasures or private collections, you are very lucky. However, if you find money in the ground, you can get a good amount for it only if it is minted from gold or silver - in other words, from metals that are not susceptible to corrosion.

If you still have Soviet money, then the logical question is: β€œWhat coins of the USSR are now valued?” Not all of them are of great value. The most preferred numismatists give those of the copies that are not just in good condition, but have not been used at all. This is determined by specialists with the help of special devices. They are even given a special designation - UNC.

Some Soviet-era coins can be found today in the land. So, for example, copies with a face value of 2 kopecks of 1925 are being increasingly found. Their circulation was small, but today they are not of great value, since it is quite easy to stumble upon them. But the coins sold to numismatists of 1958 and 1947 can significantly improve your financial situation. Then there were many copies issued by the trial edition or not at all in circulation.

which coins of the ussr are currently valued

Finally, it is important to talk about what Russian coins are now valued. This is mainly, of course, those of them for the stamping of which a mistake was made (defective, in other words). It is difficult to find them, so pay attention to the following instances of the 2001 release:

  • 50 kopecks. Numismatists are ready to give about 100 thousand rubles for them.
  • 1 ruble and 2 rubles - 25 thousand rubles each.

Coins of 2003 release are also valuable if this:

  • 2 rubles - 15 000 rubles .;
  • 1 ruble - 13,000 rubles .;
  • 5 rubles - 8 000 rubles.

Thus, looking at the money in your hands or lying on the ground, it is often worth remembering which coins are currently valued.


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