Horseback riding, Yekaterinburg: features, addresses and reviews

One of the most beautiful and graceful animals is considered a horse. In the XIX century horseback riding was very popular among the population. With the advent of cars, this type of recreation was somewhat forgotten, but in the XXI century it again became in demand.

horseback riding yekaterinburg

In many cities of Russia there are special schools and clubs that offer horse riding to the population. Yekaterinburg - the capital of the Urals, was no exception. Where can I go horse riding? What is needed for this and what is the price? Reviews of residents and guests of Yekaterinburg on horseback riding and other useful information related to this are presented in this material.

A bit of history: curious facts

  • The first horses appeared in North America. They came from a small animal - eogippus.
  • The first riding schools appeared in Italy, France, Spain.
  • Equestrian sport is included in the program of the Olympic Games. It consists of the following disciplines: dressage, overcoming obstacles, horse racing and other types.

horseback riding yekaterinburg

The benefits of horse riding

  • Horse riding has a restorative effect.
  • Permanent horse riding develops coordination of movements.
  • Contribute to the development of proper posture and unrivaled grace.
  • Helps to eliminate problems associated with diseases of the spine.
  • A great option for outdoor recreation, combined with physical activity.
  • A person becomes more calm and balanced, it is possible to avoid stress.
  • Getting a lot of positive emotions.
  • They allow you to pump up the press very quickly and get rid of excess body fat.
  • Communication with wise and beautiful animals.
  • Rest from the hustle and bustle of the big city and everyday life.
  • Discipline and develop self-confidence.
  • A great option for a romantic date.

Horseback riding and horseback riding in Yekaterinburg

Based on numerous reviews, we recommend the following options:

  • Equestrian club "Amber". Located in the city, next to the Koltsovsky tract. Address: Konyushenny passage, 5. Distinctive features of this club: accessibility for citizens and visitors, fascinating walks under the guidance of experienced instructors, landscaped area. If you have never ridden a horse, it’s better not to find a better option than Amber. For the first time, the calmest horse will be picked up for you, a detailed briefing will be given, so that you will only have to enjoy the walk. If there is a desire to continue horseback riding, Yekaterinburg offers everyone such an opportunity. In addition, you can be taught to independently manage a horse and will help to master the initial figures of riding arena.
  • Equestrian club "Free wind". Address: Karyernaya street, 11. There are several reasons to love this club: a large number of horses of different stripes, the help of professional trainers, picturesque landscapes, the opportunity to buy a gift certificate. Here you can order the services of a photographer and get free special clothes for a walk: a helmet and accessories for shoes.

horseback riding yekaterinburg prices

Horse walks (Yekaterinburg): prices

The cost in different places of the city is slightly different. An hour-long horseback ride is from 1000 to 2000. If you decide to ride with your friends, the cost will be slightly lower: 800-900 rubles for each of the company from four or more people. Such rates will be offered to you at the Amber Club.

Horseback riding (Yekaterinburg) can be booked for one hour or 30 minutes. In the latter case, it will cost from 600 to 800 rubles. It is much more profitable to pay an hour's walk.

Popular clubs and riding schools in Yekaterinburg

Did you enjoy horseback riding? Yekaterinburg offers to enroll in a riding school. Here you will learn how not only to ride a horse, but also to overcome various barriers, as well as participate in equestrian competitions. According to Yekaterinburg residents, the following riding schools and clubs are very popular:

  • "Circle of Epon". This school is located in Elansky Lane, 30. The area of ​​the Southern Bus Station. Nearest metro stations: Chkalovskaya, Botanicheskaya, Geologicheskaya. Here you can buy a test lesson for an adult or a child, as well as order a subscription for 4, 8 or 12 lessons. There are two arenas: open and closed. Classes are held at a convenient time for you, by prior arrangement. An individual approach to each student allows you to achieve good results in horse riding in a short period of time.
  • Equestrian club "Arkaim". Address: 265, Proezhezha Street. Special programs for adults and children, allowing to master the art of horse riding as soon as possible.
  • Equestrian club "Talisman". Located in the Chkalovsky district of the city. It can be reached by metro, tram, bus and car. An experienced team of trainers will train both adults and children. There is a special pony club.

horseback riding and horseback riding in yekaterinburg

Useful Tips

If you decide to take a horse ride, then be sure to pay attention to some nuances:

  1. Are you going to ride for the first time? Be sure to tell the instructor about this so that he picks up a calm horse and exercises control over what is happening.
  2. You need to approach the horse so that it sees you.
  3. Choose comfortable shoes without heels and ribbed surfaces.
  4. Clothing should not hamper your movements, sports pants will be preferable to jeans.
  5. Ears are an indicator of horse behavior. If they are a little divorced, there is nothing to worry about, everything is in order.

where to ride horses in yekaterinburg


A horse ride on horseback brings a lot of pleasure and positive energy. Yekaterinburg is one of the cities of Russia, which provides for this a huge number of different options at affordable prices.

Feedback from grateful visitors notes that the Yantar equestrian club is an opportunity not only to ride horses, but also to receive detailed instructions on how to do this. Well-groomed animals - one of the important criteria for choosing in favor of this place - the clients of the club are not silent about this either.

Where to ride horses in Yekaterinburg? Parents with children suggest choosing the Talisman club. Lovely ponies and thoroughbred horses will help you plunge into an amazing and beautiful world, where every moment is full of charm and charm. Visitors are always welcome here.


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