Climbing camp "Uzunkol": how to get, prices for accommodation, description

As the famous poet said: "Only mountains that have not been before can be better than mountains." Long hiking and conquering the peaks is a task that not everyone can afford, and yet thousands of courageous and patient go annually to the Crimea, the Caucasus and Altai to see the pristine and severe beauty.

One of the most beautiful places in our country and Karachay-Cherkessia is the Uzunkol mountain region. The alpine camp, having a similar name, is located, it can be said, at its foot. It is dangerous and completely frivolous to go to the mountains without professional escort and basic training. Therefore, if you want to devote your vacation to an interesting hike and living in the most beautiful nature, then pay attention to this alpine camp.

Camp Location Certificate

The stage of mountain development by tourists and, in fact, the Uzunkol camp itself dates back to 1936, when routes to the peaks of Gwandra and Talychat were first mastered. From the point of view of mountaineering, the Main Caucasus Range is the most interesting.

Climbing camp Uzunkol.

The Uzunkol mountain region is located in Karachay-Cherkessia, and translated from the local dialect means β€œlong gorge”. In the east, its borders reach the regions of Elbrus, and in the west is the Dautsky Nature Reserve, and beyond it is Dombay. The highest point is Gwandra (height above sea level - 3984 m).

Shifts and permits

The arrival at the base takes place in three shifts, and the duration of each is 20 days. The beginning of the tourist season in 2016 opens on the first of July. It should be remembered that people under the age of 16 are allowed to this program. The purchase of a climbing ticket worth 35 thousand rubles, gives the right to place on the territory of the base in six-bed rooms and includes meals in the dining room, and dry food is provided in camp conditions . The minimum number of people in one shift is 6, and it is advisable to submit applications in advance.

Uzunkol climbing camp.

In addition, Uzunkol climbing camp organizes educational preparations for obtaining the Russian Climber badge, followed by the assignment of the third sports category. Instructor services are also included, but special shoes must be purchased on their own. The educational process requires preliminary technical training: you need to have hiking accessories (equipment, waterproof warm clothes, sunglasses). Do not forget that crossing the border zone is possible. To do this, a pass is specially issued (for citizens of the Russian Federation within a month, and foreigners will have to wait twice as long).

Accommodation prices

Note that Uzunkol is an alpine camp with fairly affordable prices for accommodation and meals. Accommodation is possible with three options. The most budgetary of them - tents in the camp. 270 rubles are charged per person per day, and the days of actual absence (stay in the mountains) are also paid. The price includes the use of a hot shower. Tents can be personal or rented.

Accommodation in cottages will cost a little more: the price depends on how many people the room is designed for. So, a 6-seater room requires a fee of 500 rubles per day, and a double room - 620. The most expensive accommodation option is in guest houses. Cost - 1400 rubles per day from one guest.

Climbing camp "Uzunkol": how to get there?

You can also get to the place in several ways, it all depends on what kind of transport was originally selected. The camp administration offers the following routes. Firstly, by rail to the cities of Cherkessk or Nevinnomyssk. Then to the village of Khurzuk, and from it - directly to the camp up the gorge, using a country road. Keep in mind that at the border post you will be asked to present a pass.

Secondly, you can get from Mineralnye Vody. From the airport you or the whole group can be picked up by a special transfer, which the Uzunkol climber camp has.

Climbing camp Uzunkol how to get there.
About 20 people fit in the PAZ bus, 8-10 in the Gazelle, 2-3 in the passenger car. The cost of transfer is 16 500, 11 500, 6500 rubles, respectively. Prices will be slightly lower if the departure point is Cherkessk or Nevinnomyssk.

Uzunkol (climbing camp), routes

This is a place where you can always choose a trekking route depending on your physical fitness, level of special knowledge and your own wishes. The administration is always ready to offer several options to choose from. Climbing routes to the top of the district are offered from the first to the sixth category of difficulty. For those who wish, training is carried out according to the program of initial and sports improvement, but for ordinary tourists and vacationers - those who are interested in beautiful nature and clean mountain air, the camp offers fascinating hikes.

Border pass

If you are planning a trip to the mountains and have chosen the Uzunkol alpine camp for this, then do not forget about the preliminary registration of the pass through the border zone. The administration of the sports center offers to place an application on the official website, which, of course, is very convenient. For consideration of documents (personal or collective) a certain period is set aside. For Russians it is equal to one month, for foreigners - two. You can also use samples of individual and collective applications for tourist groups.

Uzunkol climbing camp routes.

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