How to install plastic windows with your own hands?

One of the symbols of the β€œnew era” in our country has become plastic windows. There are many explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, they are beautiful. Secondly, they are very durable, hygienic and easy to maintain. Thirdly, they can be mounted independently.

DIY plastic windows installation
Yes, you heard right. You can install plastic windows with your own hands without overpaying them to installers. And to make it much better and more accurate. In this article, we describe the process of such an installation.

Immediately make a reservation that we will not describe the process of taking measurements. In any case, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists.

Preparation for installation

We do not recommend starting the installation of plastic windows with your own hands without appropriate preparation for it. But to do something until the moment when finished blocks are delivered to you, it is simply pointless.

It is necessary to completely clear the place in front of the window. Furniture can be left, but it (like the floor) is better to close with a thick plastic wrap. Next, begin the preparation of the window openings themselves for the installation of blocks.

What to do with the window block?

installation of plastic windows Price
Most often, it is necessary to remove double-glazed windows and hinged casements. Pressing glazing beads are removed (they must be marked), after which the frame tilts slightly and the double-glazed window itself comes out of the grooves. After that, we continue to install plastic windows with our own hands.

On the inside of the window profile, drill holes for fasteners. At least three should be made on the sides, and at least two anchor fastenings on the sides. Do not forget that for drilling you need to use drill bits for metal, since there is an aluminum profile under the plastic coating.

Start to set

The dirtiest and hardest work is dismantling old windows. If there is no task to use them somewhere else, then there is no need to stand on ceremony with them. Using a mount, an ax and brute force, we clear the openings from the rotten heritage of past years. After that, you need to remove all the brick chips, dust and other debris.

Immediately recommend installing plastic or wooden substrates on which you will place window blocks. Do not forget that the installation of plastic windows with your own hands provides for the abandonment of these supports, since anchors alone simply can not withstand the severity of the entire structure.


plastic windows mounting technology
They are screwed to metal mounts, bending in the form of "ears". First we fix the lower level, only then spinning the upper ends.

At each stage, be sure to check the installation using the level! Otherwise, the installation of plastic windows, the price of which is only the cost of consumables, will have to be repeated again. By the way, the cost of installing a team of workers starts at 4 thousand per window!

To seal the gaps between the opening and the window itself, polyurethane foam is used. After it hardens, excess material is cut off and all decorative profiles, as well as dismantled window elements, are installed . A window sill is placed, and after that slopes are mounted, which will protect the layer of polyurethane foam from the aggressive action of the external environment.

Note that the plastic windows, the installation technology of which was briefly described by us, will be the more durable, the more strictly you observe all the rules for their assembly.


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