How to make a mailbox from a plastic bottle with your own hands: ideas, step-by-step instructions

You can make a product for letters from a tree, a plastic box, metal, a metal-plastic pipe and a plastic bottle. It takes 2-3 hours to assemble the structure. To realize such a fantasy, you need a minimum of tools and skills. A beautifully made mailbox from a plastic bottle with your own hands will undoubtedly attract the attention of passers-by, guests and the postman.

Design Ideas

The options for constructing a box for letters are not limited. Designs are made large, small, oblong, holding several bottles together. If the owner of a private house has broken the receiver for receiving letters, then you can make a simple design in 30 minutes. But the look of the product will be boring and plain.

Beauty is added by coloring and unique assembly, equipping the bottle with a visor, an aesthetic tripod to hold the box. A bright colorful coating is applied to the surface. A do-it-yourself mailbox from a plastic bottle is painted with animals, birds, ornaments, various symbols. The installation of this design will take much more time.

You can make a complex model of the device. In addition to coloring and painting on the craft, trees, flowers, and characters are created from plastic. To work, you will need minimal art skills to make the subject beautiful. Additional elements are also stained. If it is a rose or chamomile, then the color is selected corresponding to the flower.

Decorative rose for homemade

Plastic benefits

Plastic boxes, bottles, buckets are stored for up to 100 years. This is practically one of the most long-term decaying materials. Other advantages:

  • it is easily wiped from dust;
  • the material is not broken;
  • accessibility for everyone;
  • does not get wet;
  • not afraid of frost;
  • does not pose a risk of injury (in the case of cutting and assembling the product);
  • any paint is applied to the surface.

What the material is afraid of is strong compression pressure. The bottle may wrinkle. Prolonged heat exposure can melt plastic.

Materials and Tools

A beginner can cope with the task and make a complex plastic mailbox. The cost of ideas is minimal. Every homeowner has tools for making. Inventory and material list:

  • plastic containers (the quantity depends on the model of construction), if a homemade product with plastic additional elements for decoration is being constructed, then plastic bottles of 5 liters and 4 pcs will be needed. 1.5 and 2 liters;
  • a set of acrylic paints that are not afraid of moisture, they are sold both in tubes and in cans, the color variety is huge, so choosing the right shades is easy, you also need a brush;
  • instead of acrylic, you can choose a paint sprayed in cans;
  • scissors, pencil or marker, quick-drying glue, stencil, if symbols will be created;
  • to install a mailbox from a plastic bottle with your own hands, you will need a wooden or steel rod, if the private courtyard is fenced or the owner does not want to put the letterbox outside the yard, then the structure can be made by attaching it near the gate, and cut a gap 2- wide in the fence 3 cm and a length of 15 cm.

Finance will have to be spent on the purchase of paints, glue and bottles. The rest is for sure the owner of the mansion.

Plastic bottle

Simple construction

Convenient designs for letters are made of 5-liter eggplants, and most importantly, quickly. There is no need to do creative work and paint the surface. The street mailbox is collected according to the plan:

  1. A circular hole with a diameter of 10 cm is cut out from the plastic material in the bottom with scissors.
  2. A round piece with a cross section of 12-13 cm is cut from another 5 liter square-shaped bottle in the sidewall. A hole is made at the edge. The tank itself is no longer needed.
  3. On the back of the first blank above the cut-out window, retreating from the boundary of the circle, a hole is punched with a nail.
  4. A bolt is inserted into a small hole, a round element is thrown, a nut is put in and a screw is tightened, but not much, since this mechanism must rotate.
  5. Prepare a wooden rack, on which a container is installed. At the end of the support, a piece of plywood 7 × 7 cm is attached. Two screws are screwed into the end. A plastic product is placed in the center of the platform.
  6. The bottle to the site can be fixed with quick-drying glue or use a screwdriver with a special long nozzle and screw 4 screws into plywood. Protruding self-tapping screws from under the bottom of the platform are removed with pliers.

At the end, the support is dug into the ground with a depth of 30-40 cm. The postman will open the round door with a shift to the side and place letters inside, then close it back.

Easy option

Product coloring

If the owner wants to add beauty to the product, then you need to arm yourself with paints. No professional artistic skills are needed in this business. Mailboxes for a private house are painted in stages:

  1. The case is painted green with a spray can. Light and dark shades will be required. For easy application, a dark and light green color is sprayed onto the background at a distance. In this way, smooth transitions of shades are achieved.
  2. Several acrylic colors are selected and grass is drawn with a brush, the outline of which is outlined in dark green. So the elements are highlighted, and they will look even more beautiful. On the body are camomiles, peonies, gerberas or climbing plants.
  3. To draw a flower, draw the borders of the petals and the core. Chamomile is painted yellow and white. They depict veins in darker shades and specify the shadow areas.

To apply an ornament or hieroglyphs to a mailbox from a plastic bottle, a paper stencil is made with their own hands, in which figures are cut with scissors. The canvas is applied and fixed with tape on the body. Then open areas are painted over with spray cans on the principle of graffiti.

Design coloring

Additional decoration

Particular beauty can be created through plastic shapes - roses, chamomiles and other flowers. In this case, you will need to invest time in the construction of facilities, but the result is worth it. How to make a mailbox from a plastic bottle more beautiful by equipping with a rose:

  1. A strip is cut from the bottle - this is the stem. The item is twisted into a tube and glued.
  2. Spikes are cut with scissors. You can make ordinary triangles or cone-shaped elements, which are also fastened with glue.
  3. Petals are collected from plastic pieces. They must be curved. An original photo of a rose will help to make an approximate figure. All manufactured parts are glued together.
Pin flower

At the end, every detail is painted. The stem is green, and the petals are burgundy. To achieve realism, shades and black and white areas are applied.


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