Homemade hammock for a summer residence: photos

A comfortable and cozy recreation area in the country is the dream of any owner of a country house. Arranging a comfortable hammock will allow you to create such a place of relaxation for each family member. Making a hammock is not at all difficult. In the framework of this article, we will consider how to make a hammock with your own hands from available materials.

Hammock destination

A hammock is a place to relax. It can be arranged in the shape of a bed so that you can lie down to your full height. There are sitting hammocks, you can comfortably get in them to read a book or just distract from extraneous matters.

Hammocks can be installed not only on the street, but also at home. Children will love the swing hammock. Usually it is hung on a massive branch of a tall tree or screwed to the ceiling beam in the house. Modern hammocks made of wood made in eco style look very original.

If you make a hammock in the country with your own hands, then all the doors to the diverse world of interior design are open to you.

Tools and materials for making a hammock

If you are planning to make a hammock from wood and fabric, then you may need the following tools:

  • jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • scissors;
  • roulette;
  • rope or thick cord;
  • chain;
  • sewing machine.

For professionals who know how to handle welding, methods of making a hammock from a metal tube are available. The frame of such a product due to the material is strong and durable. To work with metal, prepare:

  • welding machine;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • wear-resistant facade paint;
  • hammer;
  • vise;
  • chisel.

For beginners, simpler ways to create a hammock using wood are suitable. This material is commercially available and easy to process.

The simplest hammock design

The simplest hammock design

When the word "hammock" is pronounced, each has its own association. A hammock in the country with your own hands (photo - presented in the article) can be done in several ways. Consider the easiest one.

We use two crossbars to which the fabric base will be attached. They must be strong and reliable. Choose the base material based on your preferences and skills. If you knit well, then pick up a strong thread and tie the base. The fastest way is to stitch it. To do this, select the appropriate fabric. It must be durable and quick-drying. It should be borne in mind that the fabric and frame of the hammock, which is located on the street, will be affected by precipitation. Therefore, wooden frame elements must be treated with a protective layer of varnish, stain or paint.

The size of the tissue element is selected taking into account the average height of an adult. Optimum dimensions: 150 x 250 cm. The fabric base is fastened with through holes in the slats.

Metal hoop hammock

Metal hoop hammock

This type of hammock will decorate the interior of the room, bring zest and variety. For the frame you will need a metal hoop with a diameter of 90 cm. There are several options for making a hammock based on the hoop: woven and fabric.

Use a thick and strong rope to weave the base. It is better to take a cotton cord, rather than a synthetic one. Select the type of weaving based on the desired pattern. We start knitting by filling the area of ​​the hoop with loops. Then we fasten the sidewalls. The bottom can be made flat or whole. Use a denser knit to form the bottom to make the surface more rigid.

A hoop-based hammock can also be made from fabric. Choose a dense fabric, add 20-30 cm from the edges. The larger the allowance, the deeper the hammock. Make 2 patterns of the right size. Sew them around the edges. Turn and make an additional line with an indent of 5 cm from the edge. In the resulting space around the edges, place the frame of the hoop. Make 4 holes in the fabric for attaching the ropes. Hang the finished hammock.

Hammock swing for a summer residence

Fabric hammock swing

Choose the right fabric. Make 2 patterns 140 x 170 cm in size. Make 10 cuts along the edges so that the distance between them is the same. Sew from the wrong side the resulting recesses, we will thread the rope into them. Sew the two blanks along the remaining edges, leaving a small portion of the stitch un sewn. This is done so that it is possible to turn the workpiece to the front side.

From the front, make a few lines along the line where the loop for the cables are located. Pass the rope through each loop so that the hammock has the shape of a chair when hanging. To do this, you need to adjust the length of the ropes: in front there will be longer elements, in the back - short ones.

To sit in a hammock was comfortable, sew two pillows that will play the role of a seat and back. To do this, you need foam rubber 5 cm wide for the back and 10 cm foam rubber for the seat. Wrap the patterns of foam rubber with several layers of synthetic winterizer, this will turn out to be a very soft and airy surface. For the back and seat, make one cover stitched in the middle. Sew zippers on the sides so that you can easily remove the contents and wash the case.

Hammock suspension mechanism

How to install a hammock in the country? The question is very serious, as with improper fastening a traumatic situation can occur. To hang the hammock on the street, you can use the usual knots of ropes that hold the base of the hammock. If your hammock is located indoors, then you need to choose a more civilized way of mounting.

Most often, screws with rings are used as a suspension mechanism. They are firmly fixed in the thickness of the wood and are able to withstand very large loads. The hammock itself is equipped with carbines, which, in turn, are attached to the rings.

And how to hang a hammock in the country, if its design is very heavy? In this case, instead of a rope or rope, you need to use a chain, and there should be several fasteners in the form of ring screws. Such a constructive solution will make it possible to redistribute the load between the fasteners.

Wicker hammock

Wicker hammock chair

For lovers of eco-style, we offer the option of a wicker hammock, which has a wood frame made of plant branches (in the article you can find it in the photo). A hammock in the country, made of natural materials, will become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family. This can be made with your own hands. Willow branches and twigs are best suited for this.

Start weaving immediately after collecting the branches, as over time they become stiff and unplastic. If the rods lie down, then cook them in a pan or large tub, then remove the bark. For the basic elements of the frame, choose thicker rods, they have a larger coefficient of strength. To connect parts, you can use glue, screws or nails - such methods will be convenient for beginners. You can weave the joints. Use a suitable color cord to mask joints.

To fill the gaps between the frame elements, use a vine with a thickness of 5 - 10 mm. Try to make a tight and durable weave. Coat the product with varnish or stain on top.

Wooden hammock

Wooden hammock bed

A modern hammock for a summer residence with a frame in the form of a rocking bed can be installed both at home and on the street. The main elements of the frame are straight transverse bars and rounded bars on which the entire structure stands. The most difficult step in the manufacture of such a hammock will be to give the beam a rounded shape.

Wood is a universal material; curved parts can be made from it. It is better to take hardwood, it bends more easily compared to coniferous materials. To make the place of the proposed bend more malleable to deformation, you can use humidification and heating. The board is fixed in position with the tire until the wood is completely dry. Only after that the board will keep the given shape. You can use the chemical method.

When the round-shaped blanks are ready, we begin the collection of the frame. We process all structural elements with several layers of varnish or stain. We pull the fabric on the side bars, then pin them to the curved bases. For fixing, you can use self-tapping screws.

Hammock bed with canopy

Hammock with a canopy on a metal frame

The manufacture of such a hammock does not have to be made of metal. It is much easier to make a wood frame. For the side elements, use a thick and strong bar 10 x 10 cm. Connect the parts of the frame according to the same principle as shown in the photo in the article. The entire wooden surface must be treated with antiseptic agents and covered with a protective layer of varnish.

For the frame of the hammock itself, use a 5 x 5 cm beam. Giving a curved shape to wooden elements is done according to the same principle as in the previous version. Pull a thick fabric over the resulting frame. Insert screws with rings and install chains for suspensions.

Sew a protective cover is necessary from a waterproof fabric. Ideal for this fabric based on polyester and nylon. The main function of the cover is its water resistance, so choose a fabric with the appropriate properties. Provide the side planes of the cover with mesh windows. It should not be stuffy and hot inside.

Comfortable hammock in the form of a bed

Metal frame hammock bed

A full-fledged round bed in the form of a hammock is a convenient and comfortable place not only for relaxation, but also for sleeping. Thanks to the high fabric borders this bed will become a safe place for kids to play or sleep.

The bed frame is represented by a thick metal pipe in the shape of a circle. If you can’t find such a part, then make the frame out of wooden boards, which should be laid in one plane, joined with bars on the bottom side and cut to form a circle. If you do not want the elements of the wooden frame to be visible, then cover them with several layers of padding polyester and cover with a cloth on top, fixing the edges with a furniture stapler.

From parts of foam rubber with a thickness of 10 - 15 cm, glue the base, which will play the role of a mattress. Sew a cover for him, provide it with a zipper. For side fabric walls, use a dense and reliable material. Measure the circumference and prepare parts from a fabric 60 - 70 cm wide. The fastening ropes should be located at a distance of 15 - 20 cm. If the base is wooden, then use screws with rings, if the base is metal - just tie the ropes around the tube.

Cover the interior of the hammock with soft pillows, sew a round blanket for it.


DIY items are always valued more than purchased items. And if it comes to arranging a recreation area, then self-fulfillment provides an excellent opportunity to arrange everything exactly as you have long dreamed of, to combine the options you like together. A homemade hammock for a summer residence will become for you a cozy place of solitude and recovery of strength.

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