The death of the expedition Dyatlov - a mystery, not disclosed so far

Fifty years have passed since the death of the Dyatlov expedition. This is a tragedy, the reasons for which today make many think. A documentary was shot about this mysterious case, sorcerers and magicians from the program β€œBattle of psychics” tried to solve it, but no exact explanation has yet been given to what happened.

Expeditions of Dyatlov

In the last days of January 1959, ten young people on the so-called expedition of Dyatlov (a student from the UPI) went on a camping trip to the mountains. They had to ski more than three hundred and fifty kilometers. The purpose of the Dyatlov expedition was to conquer Mount Otyrten with a height of 1182 meters. It was supposed that on February fourteen the group would return to the village of Vizhay, from where it would send a telegram to relatives.

However, none of them returned back. Time passed, but the guys did not send any news to the household. Search work has begun.

And only on February twenty-sixth, rescuers on the slope of Mount Holatchakhl discovered an empty cut tent, from which downward, towards the forest, traces of bare feet led.

The mystery of the expedition Dyatlov
One and a half kilometers from the camp, the bodies of five frozen members of the Dyatlov expedition were found, and the remaining corpses were found only in early May under the snow that had begun to thaw.

Almost all tourists were hyped up and half dressed. Some had fatal injuries: broken heads and broken ribs, some died from the cold. And one of the girls from the Dyatlov expedition - Luda Dubinina - did not have a tongue and eyes.

No one could explain neither the reasons for such injuries, nor the most important thing: why did the tourists run half-naked from the tent into the frost and find their death there?

Neither in the tent itself, nor near the investigators who arrived at the scene could find anything that could at least somehow shed light on the tragedy that happened. Nowhere was there a trace of struggle, or blood stains. All valuables and money were in the tent. There was also a half-eaten dinner of the guys. The big secret of the Dyatlov expedition is to tear the tent inside. It turned out that during a dinner inside something unexpected happened so terrible that made the guys cut the tent and run out.

The death of the expedition Dyatlov
The campaign, as it is written in the diaries of the guys, began fun and easy. They laughed a lot, sang songs, despite the police remarks: they had paper, which turned out to be stronger than armor. It was written in it that this campaign was timed to the opening of the twenty-first Congress of the CPSU.

Young people from the Dyatlov expedition were desperate and experienced athletes, more than once climbing the mountains, even more difficult to conquer. And they were supposed to be driven out of the tent by a really terrible and incomprehensible force, before which they experienced such horror that they did not even have time to get dressed.

For the Soviet media, the death of the Dyatlov expedition was a taboo subject, but the information passed from mouth to mouth, overgrown with the most incredible and eerie assumptions. Some believed that the guys had witnessed tests of secret weapons, and the military was to blame for their death. Some said that they were killed by special forces or runaway prisoners. Still others were sure that the matter was poachers from the regional party committee and ordinary hunters. There were those who suspected the death of the Dyatlov group of American spies and UFOs, constantly appearing over the Urals.

Nevertheless, half a century has passed, but this secret has not yet been revealed.


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