How to find out the password from the Yandex mail if absolutely everyone has forgotten

Sometimes it happens that attempts to enter the e-mail box are unsuccessful and the realization that the password is forgotten comes. But what to do, how to find out the password from Yandex mail? Indeed, the electronic mail usually receives the necessary distribution of information and various accounts from other sites are tied to it. The methods on how to find out the Yandex mail password given in the article will help in 9 cases out of 10.

How to find out the password for Yandex mail if you forget?

There are two reliable methods that are universal for all services. In addition, a third alternative option will be described below, which is suitable in that situation if the login information is not automatically saved in the browser. About how to find out the password for Yandex mail, read below.

Option 1: view saved passwords in the Yandex browser

Now most of the well-known websites offer the user to save the username and password immediately after registration and at the time of each subsequent login. This is useful and necessary in order not to re-enter the data each time and in case they are forgotten, there was always the possibility of access to accounts. In the additional settings in the public domain, you can view passwords from mail and other previously specified information.

Sequential Password Search:

  1. First you need to launch the Yandex browser and go to Settings. To do this, click on the three vertical points in the upper right corner, find the "Settings" item below and click on it.
    Opening Settings
  2. Scroll down the page and click on "Advanced Options".
  3. Open the "Password Settings" item in the "Passwords and Forms" category.
    Additional settings

A window opens containing a list of all previously saved passwords for sites that were previously successfully saved before. All information is displayed in three columns. This is a name with an active link to a web page, login login (Username) and password. Passwords are hidden behind asterisks.

To find your email, use the search. This field is located in the upper right corner. Start typing Yandex into it, and the search will find your username and password from the mail. It remains only to click on the eye-shaped icon next to the encrypted password so that the system displays it in the form of symbols, not asterisks.

So you can log in to Yandex mail. This strategy only works when you previously saved your login information. But remember that besides you, anyone who has access to your PC can do this.

Option 2: view item code

If the information is saved in the browser, autofill is triggered. And thus, when entering the password is displayed in the form of asterisks or dots. By changing the item code, you can display the password in the form of characters:

  1. In any browser where you have saved your password and login, log out of your email account.
  2. After exiting, a tab will open with an account login form. Select the line by holding the left mouse button and swiping over it, then press the right mouse button and select the "View code" option (sometimes this item is called "Explore an item").
  3. Then the console opens, containing the page code, where a piece of the element necessary for viewing will be highlighted in blue. Opposite the word name (element code name), the password will be written, and the value will be written in the password in the form of characters, not dots, provided that the auto-complete function is enabled.
  4. If the password does not appear, in the value of type replace the word password with text.

So, now you know your password, it remains only to copy it and paste or remember, write down. Both of the above methods are identical for all browsers, and the procedure is always the same.

Recovery as a way to find out Yandex password

Alas, not all users use the function of automatically saving passwords or filling in the login fields of accounts while working. Also, in a situation where you need to log in from someone else's PC, there is no way to use such browser functions. In this situation, you can try to recover the password.

Log in Email

First of all, you should try to log in to Yandex mail on the main page of your browser and enter your username and possible password.

Then click the remember password item. In the window that appears, enter the characters from the image, captcha. After that, you will be offered several ways to restore access to your account.

Access recovery

Of the possible options, send an SMS code to a mobile phone or a spare email address, and it is also possible to answer the security question mentioned earlier. Choose the available method, and then follow the instructions. Now, when you find yourself in a situation where you forgot your Yandex mail password, you know what to do.


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