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How can I attract friends to my VKontakte page? Already interesting photos have been abandoned, and beautiful statuses are covering the wall, and friends still do not want to be active. There is a solution, you need to create the most unusual or fun poll for friends!

poll for friends
What it is?

What is a poll, probably everyone knows. They were created in order to know the mood in a particular team or group of people. But this is hardly the case with VKontakte questionnaires. They were created, most likely, in order to amuse others, as well as attract the attention of visitors to their page.


A survey for VKontakte friends will consist of just one question, more is not required here. For starters, you can try to decide who is in the friends. An interesting question will be: "Who are you?" - to which answers may follow: “man”, “woman”, “cyborg”, “alien”, “own version”. By the way, the most interesting will be the last point, where a person will be able to reveal his "I" and surprise with the answer.


By creating a survey for friends, you can also try to find out how they like to “freeze”. So, the interesting question will be: "Your favorite excuse?" - where the answers will follow: “Of course, I will do everything tomorrow”, “What?” I don’t hear ”,“ I’m already leaving (leaving) ”,“ I am busy ”, etc.

cool polls for friends
Work days

You can also find out what friends like to do at school (institute, at work). To the question “what do you do at school (institute, at work)”, the following answers may follow: “I study,” “I spin,” “I sleep with my eyes open,” “I send teachers away.”


A poll for friends can also be fun, which will reveal what infuriates most people in transport. The answers may be the following: “grandmother with cars”, “conductors”, “eternal crush”, “payment for travel”, as well as “your option”, which, probably, will be the most interesting.

About fairy tales

Cool polls for friends can consist of questions about fairy tales. So, the question “who is Kolobok” will seem funny, to which it will be possible to answer: “naughty food”, “severed head”, “hawk”, “soccer ball”, “freak (disabled person)”, etc.


You can also ask your friends to rate themselves by asking the following question: "How much are you worth?" Presumptive answers: “too expensive”, “I am not for sale”, “I can provide my price list”, “take it that way”.

About meetings

You can also ask friends what they can say when meeting with the aliens. So, the answers are: “salute, green!”, “Glitches like that!”, “Grow”, “well, nothing,” “I stop drinking tomorrow.”

polls for VKontakte for friends

Polls for VKontakte for friends may consist of the following question: “Which animal is considered the smartest?”. Answers: “cat”, “dog”, “elephant”, “man”, “woman”, “me”.

About proverbs

You can ask your friends the following question: “What do you think God gives to someone who rises early?” Answers can be the following: “money”, “work”, “long day”, “lack of sleep”, “long road to work (study)”.


An interesting survey will be for friends, in which you can learn a lot about yourself. So, you can ask them to answer the following question: “What do I associate with you?” There can be several answers: “with a boy (girl)”, “with a reasonable person”, but the most interesting point here is “your option”, which will be very interesting to read.

A wish

You can ask your friends about what they would like at the moment. Presumptive answers: “eat”, “sleep”, “home”, “money”, “at sea”, and “your option”.


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