Why does the "Rostelecom" console not respond to the remote?

Interactive television has long ceased to have the know-how and is found in many homes. One of the leading providers is Rostelecom. Thousands of users choose it for the quality of the services provided. However, often over time, management difficulties begin to arise. According to user reviews, a fairly common problem is when the Rostelecom TV set-top box does not respond to the remote control, it stops switching channels or even performs the specified combinations. Since any malfunction always causes inconvenience and gets on your nerves, it is worthwhile to start on your own to deal with this issue and try to eliminate the error without professional intervention.

the prefix does not respond to the Rostelecom remote

Functional Console

Before proceeding with the solution of a problem, first of all, it is worthwhile to understand the device of the remote control and understand what functions it performs. Recently, all the remotes presented by Rostelecom have a lot in common, so the models are basically the same:

  1. The power button of the device - Power, as a rule, is always located in the middle at the top of the remote control.
  2. The "TV" button has a similar function, the only thing is that it is designed to turn on the TV.
  3. To make the transition from audio to video port or vice versa, you need to press the Switch button, which is most often located on the right.
  4. To cancel the performed combination, you need to click the Cancel button, then the program returns one step back.
  5. To get to the menu, you need to press the Menu button. After that, an interface will appear on the TV screen through which you can make any settings.

Perhaps these are the main functions that are most often used. There are also other buttons that are responsible for the navigation bar, sound settings. But these are standard functions that it makes no sense to consider, everyone is familiar with them when using an ordinary TV remote control.

the prefix Rostelecom does not respond to the TV remote

The most common causes of malfunction

In the event that the Rostelecom prefix hangs and does not respond to the remote control, the first thing to do is determine which technical device has stopped responding to commands: remote control or channel receiver? Diagnostics will allow you to correctly and quickly solve the problem.

If as a result of it it was possible to establish the fact that the reason lies not in the prefix itself, then most likely the source of the problem is the following circumstance:

  1. There is no data transfer between the console and the set-top box.
  2. The TV stopped reading information from the remote control.

To check the operation of the remote control, turn on the camera on the smartphone, bring it to the remote control and try to press various buttons. If everything is in order, the first sign will be a red glow.

TV set-top box Rostelecom does not respond to the remote

If there is no signal between the console and the console

In a simple way, the console stops sending signals to the console, so control ceases to be carried out. As a rule, this leads to improper operation of the remote control. Surprisingly, many users confuse the order of work and when they execute a command, they send the remote control not to the console, as it should be, but to the TV. Thus, the device is simply not able to pick up the signal. Therefore, the prefix "Rostelecom" does not respond to the remote.

The second common reason is the failure of the remote control settings. In this case, the user can also fix the problem independently, without the help of a wizard. You just need to remove the batteries and then put them back in place. Thus reboot the device.

The third, simplest reason why the Rostelecom prefix does not respond to the remote control is when the batteries run out. As a rule, all such devices operate on a pair of acrylic batteries or AA, AAA batteries. It is enough to change or charge them. More often than not, after these simple steps, the problem disappears.

why the prefix Rostelecom does not respond to the remote

If you can solve the problem on your own when the Rostelecom prefix does not respond to the remote control, it is not possible, you should call the company’s technical service on the hot number. The specialist will tell you standard instructions on how to configure the device again for future use.

If the TV stops responding to the remote control signal

After the first launch , the Rostelecom prefix does not respond to the remote control, this is normal. As a rule, it is not initially configured, so there is no synchronization. During the first installation, the wizard makes the appropriate settings. In the process, it may go astray. To solve the problem, you will need to re-run it.

Manual device sync

As a rule, it involves the introduction of a special code, through which there is further interaction between the remote control and the TV. It is worth noting that the easiest way to find the right combination is to simply hammer in the search for the TV model and set-top box. If the instruction from the channel receiver is stored, then you can see the whole code table in it. Therefore, it is likely that you will have to try several combinations until the problem is solved.

Rostelecom TV box does not respond to the remote control

First you need to put the device into programming mode. At the same time, you need to hold down the combination of the TV + OK buttons. We follow the indicator. Once it lights up twice, you can continue to enter the first code, and then confirm the correctness of the input. We carry out a verification check. If there is no answer, you must continue to select the code combination of characters.

We select the code automatically

If you could not find a combination that matches your TV model, and there is no manual for the equipment, you can try to start the automatic mode. In this case, the remote control independently searches for the required combination.

For synchronization, it is necessary to switch the console back to programming mode and enter combination 991, then confirm the operation and click on the Next button. During signal setup, both devices must be turned on. If the remote control completes the task and finds the right combination, it will turn off the power and reboot.

Only remote controls of modern set-top boxes have the ability to automatically configure. Owners of old devices will not be able to start auto-synchronization.

rooted prefix Rostelecom does not respond to the remote

Conflict between devices

Another reason when the prefix "Rostelecom" does not respond to the remote. As a rule, a conflict between devices occurs when they have the same codes. Visually, this is manifested by the absence of a signal or the absence of the implementation of a given command using the remote control.

To avoid such conflicts or to resolve the problem, you will need to set a new code for the console to function. Change the programming mode again and enter the following combination: Power + OK. This can be one of the numbers 3224, 3223, 3221 and 3220. To confirm, just click OK.

Advice to users

Unfortunately, situations happen from time to time when the Rostelecom set-top box does not respond to the remote when the TV is on, and none of the above methods help. In desperation, the user calls a specialist to solve the problem. The wizard’s call is often paid, even if it took him only a few minutes to solve the problem. Therefore, you should not rush into his challenge. The fact is that some devices simply can not immediately rebuild to new settings and require first to reset the old settings in order to quickly program the device with a new one.

TV set-top box Rostelecom does not respond to the remote control when the TV is on

Therefore, before making new settings, when the Rostelecom prefix does not respond to the TV remote control, you should first reset the old ones. In programming mode, dial 977 and confirm the operation. After that, you can proceed to update the synchronization. It is important to note that after returning to the factory settings, the situation when the Rostelecom set-top box does not respond to the remote control is quite normal.

Only if no method has helped to solve the problem, should you contact the service center or invite a wizard to solve the problem.

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