Jeremy Chardy - France's unfulfilled hope in men's tennis

The success of young tennis players in the junior round nourishes the hopes of sports enthusiasts that having switched to the adult round, the athlete will also be able to climb to the top of the ATP rating. It was these hopes that fans of French tennis had about Jeremy Chardy. But the tennis player will soon be thirty years old, and hopes remain unfulfilled.

Jeremy Chardy

Junior experience Jeremy Chardy

At the age of seventeen, a tennis player begins his performances in the junior round, and literally a year later the first great successes come to the athlete. This year, he plays in the semi-finals of the singles tournament at Wimbledon. A year later, real success comes, three finals of grand slam tournaments, and he wins in one of them. And this is just Wimbledon, the grass tournament. This year, Jeremy Chardy takes third place in the junior ranking for the year. It was then that he seemed to be the rising star of French tennis. But until now, these hopes have not been realized.

Jeremy Chardy Tennis

Since 2008, Jeremy Chardy, whose rating does not fall below the first hundred, has firmly taken its place on the tour. Only once in 2011 at the end of the year did he leave the top 100. But recently, his results are in the area of ​​the top thirty world tennis players.

Chardy's Style of Play

Despite all his successes in junior tennis, Jeremy Chardy, whose tennis is quite peculiar, did not achieve great results in the Asia-Pacific round. An athlete during his entire career has been able to win only one title in adult men's tennis. If we talk about the physical data of this athlete, they are ambiguous, since he has a fairly large growth, even by the standards of modern tennis, 188 centimeters. But it’s light enough, only 75 kilograms. These physical data do not allow him to have a sufficiently powerful pitch and good strength endurance, which is so necessary in today's world men's tennis.

Jeremy Chardy rating

With all this, Jeremy Chardy is a right-handed tennis player who does not have a powerful first serve. Therefore, it is necessary to win matches not by force pressure on the opponent, but by a more intelligent game on the back line. Such tactics, especially in matches up to three victories, did not bring much success to tournaments of Jeremy's big helmet. The biggest success in such tournaments was getting into the fourth round of the tournament, and only once managed to win such a match and get into the quarter-finals. But stability, both on the court and in the ranking, is the main advantage of this athlete.

Jeremy Chardy's career as a double player

Unlike many other tennis players, successes in doubles competitions are at about the same level as in a single rating. In paired competitions, the athlete also did not achieve dizzying successes, however, he was constantly in the first hundred athletes playing in doubles. Chardy has a little more titles in these competitions, as many as three. Gill Simon usually acts as a partner in such competitions . The simplicity of such a couple allows her to perform successfully in the Davis Cup. French fans expect new achievements of the French tennis player next year in both the Asia-Pacific Tour and the Davis Cup.


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