How to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands: execution technique, necessary materials and tools, expert advice

Every good owner wants to make his home perfect. However, many can not afford to make high-quality modern repairs. That is why inexpensive design solutions that use simple and cheap building materials are so popular. You can also save significantly by abandoning the services of professional masters and do all the work yourself. In this review, we will consider in detail how to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands.

basic information

how to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands

For many years, wall painting has been the most economical type of wall repair. Thanks to the wide selection of coloring compounds and the competent organization of the painting process, even with a fairly modest budget, excellent results can be achieved.

Painting walls as a way of decoration is very popular also because it can be done with your own hands. This does not require any special skills. It’s enough just to be able to work with the brush and act according to a certain algorithm. Then the result will be attractive and durable.

For decoration of living rooms, paint is rarely used today. But for the repair of premises for economic purposes, this option is often chosen. True, the dyes in this case are selected special: they withstand the effects of high temperatures and humidity. Such a painted surface is washed no worse than tile, but it costs an order of magnitude cheaper. In addition, if it is necessary to carry out redecorating and updating the interior, you can quickly and easily change the paint. The whole procedure will take a couple of days and will not require outside help.


Painting the walls in the apartment with your own hands is one of the cheapest solutions. However, it must be borne in mind that these works also require additional costs. It all depends primarily on the quality of the surface of the walls. They must be clean and even. Otherwise, you must first clean the surface. Such work can increase the cost of work several times. Also, to ensure better adhesion of the paint to the surface of the walls, it is necessary to use special soil mixtures. Ideally, they should be applied in several layers, and this also leads to a higher cost of the project.


painting tools

A separate item in the list of costs should also highlight the purchase of painting tools. To carry out the work you will need two brushes: one wide - for painting large spaces, another thin - for painting hard-to-reach spots and drawing small details. It also makes sense to buy a paint roller. This will significantly speed up the process. It should be selected depending on the type of surface. For smooth walls, foam products are well suited. For a rough wall, it is better to choose a fur roller. You will also need a paint cuvette. This is a special container with a raised bottom, which allows you to evenly apply the coloring composition to the surface of the tool. If during the execution of painting it is required to provide clear boundaries separating surfaces of different colors, then a masking tape or a plastic spatula will be required. In order to knead the coloring compound in a good quality, it is recommended to use a special nozzle-mixer for a drill.

Here is an example set of tools that you will need to carry out the work. To simplify the staining process, you can use spray cans or spray guns. In this case, you can do without paint and roller. In a small area and the use of paint without mixing colors, in some cases, they refuse to drill with a mixer, replacing it with improvised means like a regular stick.


painting materials

How to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands? It is extremely important to correctly calculate the amount of coloring composition. If there is a sudden lack of material, you will have to interrupt work urgently. At the same time, fragments of walls painted over with new paint may differ in color.

To calculate the required amount of paint, it is necessary to calculate the surface area of ​​the walls planned for painting. To do this, the height of each wall should be multiplied by its width. If there are several walls, their areas add up. Despite the fact that this area usually includes door and window openings, they should not be subtracted. This will ensure that you have enough coloring composition. As a rule, manufacturers indicate the approximate consumption per square meter. It is enough to multiply this indicator by the area of ​​all walls and add another 15% for insurance. So you can get the right amount of paint. It should be borne in mind that the volume so determined will be enough for only one layer. If you plan to paint in several layers, multiply the amount of material by their number.

Types of coloring compounds

Let's look at them in more detail. How to independently paint the walls in the apartment? In order for the result to be durable and high-quality, you need to choose the right color composition. Today, there are several varieties of paints for repair. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider them in more detail.

Water-based paint

Why is she popular? This composition is suitable for coloring rooms with medium humidity. They can be used to paint the living rooms of the apartment. The emulsion adheres well to most surfaces and “breathes”, which prevents the development of the fungus. The paint consists of two components - colorless mass and dyes. To get the right shade, just add the right amount of coloring matter to the composition. Such paint is inexpensive. Its main disadvantage is that it is not suitable for finishing rooms with a high level of humidity, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Also, after applying the discussed paint, all surface irregularities will be noticeable. Walls should be perfectly prepared for painting. This option is also suitable for those who are interested in how to paint the wallpaper. The walls in the apartment with such finishes look especially interesting.

Water dispersion paint

So what is its feature? The basis of this composition is silicone. Such paints are compatible with surfaces of any type and are undemanding to the preparation of the wall. The film formed during the drying process can easily hide small cracks and defects up to 2 mm in size. How to paint the walls in the apartment with water-based paint? Using this composition is quite simple. No special skills are required for this. The painted surface is resistant to almost any impact: it does not peel off from moisture, does not crack and does not crumble from impacts, and does not fade in the sun. These silicone-based dyes can be used in any type of premises. The only drawback that can scare away many buyers is the high cost of the paint.

Acrylic paint

Many consider this option as a budget replacement for silicone, but in reality it will not have many advantages. For example, acrylic paint is able to hide only small defects, the size of which does not exceed 1 mm. At the same time, paint consumption can increase significantly. After all, painting the surface of the walls will have to be in several layers. There is a special kind of acrylic paint - textured. Drying, it forms a surface with a certain texture.

Alkyd paint

What is its feature? Alkyd paint contains varnish or varnish. For this reason, many call them oil or enamel. It is worth noting that they have very similar characteristics. The main advantage of such paints is low cost. Acquire them, as a rule, those who are trying to save on finishing work. Alkyd dyes are highly resistant to high temperature and humidity. In addition, they do not fade in the sun. Such a surface looks good due to the presence of a matte or glossy tint. A caustic solvent may be used to dilute such formulations. It will not be easy to weather its smell from the room. If the use of such a solution is still appropriate for decorating a bathroom, then it is not suitable for living rooms and children's rooms. A wall painted with alkyd paints after a certain period of time loses its brightness, and then begins to peel altogether.


how to paint a concrete wall in an apartment

Let's dwell on this in more detail. For many years it was believed that paint is a rather boring material for surface finishing. How can I beautifully paint the walls in an apartment? Consider modern ideas that can achieve excellent results. They concern not only a combination of colors, but also various textures. Such combinations will look interesting, but with proper use they can even visually increase the dimensions of the room.

How to paint the walls in the apartment? It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question. For each room, various aesthetic approaches are used. For example, in the bedroom you can paint all the walls in one tone. Here the emphasis is better to shift to window textiles. For living rooms, it is better to choose paints with an unusual effect. There are no special requirements for surface endurance here.

An interesting option for painting is using a roller with a pattern (in the photo below).

how to paint wall wallpaper in an apartment

For decoration, you can use various textured compositions, for example with imitation of silk. In recent years, wall painting has been especially popular with the gradient method, when shades smoothly transition from one to another. It’s easy to implement such ideas of painting walls in an apartment with your own hands, the room will look modern and stylish.

When decorating the kitchen and bathroom, the priority quality for the material is the ability to withstand difficult conditions - high temperatures, high humidity and the use of caustic cleaning compounds. In the kitchen, special attention should be paid to the so-called apron. It is this wall section that experiences the maximum load.

DIY wall painting in an apartment is especially appropriate when it comes to finishing utility rooms, such as a utility room or pantry. Here, even a simple oil paint will do better than wallpaper.

Color selection

DIY wall painting ideas in an apartment

Let's dwell on this aspect in more detail. If you are interested in how to paint the walls in the apartment, then you should start by choosing the color of the coating. Many today do not pay due attention to this issue. But with the right choice of color scheme it is quite possible to visually increase the space. Modern designs recommend choosing a specific wall color depending on the side the windows face. In southern rooms, it is quite possible to use cold shades, since there is already an excess of heat and sunlight. In a room with windows to the north, it will be more appropriate to use juicy warm tones, since it creates a feeling of coolness. If you want to get a shade by mixing several colors, you should immediately cook the whole mixture. Otherwise, the slightest deviation in the proportions will lead to the division of the room into different color zones.

When choosing the color of paints, it should also be borne in mind that some types of compositions burn out in sunlight. It may happen that the original plan will be violated some time after the repair.

Technology of work

DIY wall painting in the apartment

This aspect should be given special significance. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands. The technology does not contain any difficult difficult tasks. However, painting the walls is a multi-stage process, so everything should be done strictly according to the instructions, otherwise the final result will not turn out as you expect.

How to paint a concrete wall in an apartment? The first step is to prepare the surface. If old paint or wallpaper remains on the walls, they must be removed. The method of removing the previous finish depends on its type. For example, some types of paint and special wallpapers are subject to repeated coloring. To remove the coating in this case will be optional. It is enough to make sure that the base is firmly held on the wall.

Many are interested in how to paint the walls in an apartment after wallpaper. The first step is to clean the surface of the walls from all extraneous contaminants, since they do not contribute to adhesion. After removing the old coating, you may encounter a problem such as bumps. They should be eliminated. Paint will not be able to mask such defects. For leveling, it is recommended to use a cement-sand mortar or putty.

alignment of walls for painting

In severe cases, drywall sheets have to be used. This method significantly increases the cost of repairs and reduces the room.

How to paint the walls in the apartment? The next step after leveling the walls is to apply a primer. This will allow the paint to better adhere to the surface. The primer should be selected depending on the type of paint you have chosen. It will be possible to proceed directly to the painting only when the primer is completely dry.

Not many people know how to paint the walls of the apartment without stains. The staining technique involves applying horizontal and vertical strokes. Only in this case will it be possible to achieve uniformity of tone.

how to paint the walls

In this case, it is unacceptable to leave smudges of paint. After drying, they will remain clearly visible, and this will not give the room aesthetics. To avoid smudges, dilute the colorant carefully. Try not to add too much solvent or water.

To paint a brick wall in an apartment, you must follow a certain sequence of actions. Today, few people paint all the walls with one paint. The surface should be previously divided into sections and demarcate them among themselves using masking tape. When staining, only a few horizontal strips should be applied, and then shade them with a roller pressed from the paint. Shading is completed by movements from top to bottom. So excess paint will be better to drain.

How is curly painting the walls in the apartment? It is quite simple to complete such a finish yourself, just use masking tape. It will be possible to peel off the tape only after the paint has completely dried. Otherwise, you will break the clarity of the contours. You can use a special roller made of fabric.

textured wall painting

If there are pipes in the apartment, you should start painting with them. These are the most inaccessible places that can seriously interfere with the further painting of the walls.


How to paint the walls in the apartment with your own hands? There are a few simple tips to help simplify this process as much as possible.

Many inexperienced repairmen try to ventilate the room to neutralize the unpleasant smell of oil paint. However, this should not be done in any case. Curing paint is contraindicated in a draft. This can lead to deformation of the coating.

Any coloring compounds are sensitive to the atmosphere inside. When hardening, the air temperature in the room should be in the range of 5 to 20 degrees above zero. The humidity indicator is as close as possible to 60%. If these conditions are not observed, the probability of spoiling the repair is very high. Professional finishers even recommend using a humidifier to maintain optimal conditions.

To improve the strength of the painted surface, you can apply a layer of varnish on top. In the case of decorative texture paints, such an action will be simply necessary.

To clean the walls of various types of pollution, you can use simple folk remedies. For example, a 10% solution of copper sulfate helps get rid of rust stains, a 5% soda solution removes greasy stains well. From mold and mildew it is better to use special antiseptic compounds. After processing, the applied substance is washed off the wall with clean water along with dirt.

If you could not paint the walls in the room at one time and have a long break in the work, all tools should be washed and dried. , .


how to beautifully paint the walls in the apartment

Now you know how to paint the walls in the apartment. This process is not particularly difficult. The main thing is to prepare the surface well and choose the right color composition. If you strictly follow the instructions, you can achieve an amazing result.


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