DIY Soldering Station: DIY

To repair various types of equipment requires special equipment, which is not so cheap. For this reason, many electronic engineers come up with ways to make a do-it-yourself soldering station with a hairdryer. It turns out that this device can be built from improvised means. There is nothing particularly complicated in this procedure, and the following recommendations will help determine the optimal version of the device.

DIY soldering station

What it is?

A self-made soldering station with a hairdryer is a special equipment that can be heated to extremely high temperatures, which makes it possible to instantly glow metal bends. The device has a fairly simple design, which allows a novice electrician to understand the unit, not to mention professionals.

It is worth noting that soldering hair dryers are combined with other equipment, which makes it possible to direct the tool as accurately as possible. The unit under consideration is referred to as semi-professional devices. They can perform a number of different tasks, regardless of difficulty level.


DIY soldering stations with a hairdryer can vary in some respects. Among them:

  • The size of the working sting.
  • Power indicator.
  • Air cooling unit performance.
  • Operating temperature limit.

The quality of the device’s work depends on these indicators, so they need to pay special attention.

soldering station with hairdryer reviews


The considered units allow melt plastic and metals with a relatively low melting point. The softening of the materials is carried out by blowing with a hot air stream heated by a special spiral. As the main working element, various analogues having a common structure are suitable. For example, a homemade soldering station with a Lukey hairdryer consists of the following parts:

  • Body part.
  • Heating element.
  • Air blower.
  • Lever.
  • Switch.

Some variations are equipped with an indicator and a regulator of the degree of heating, as well as special nozzles that make it possible to implement specific work of varying degrees of complexity.

How to make a soldering station with a do-it-yourself hairdryer from improvised means?

As a case, you can use unusable or unnecessary devices and a steel tube. In the process, the base will heat up to the highest possible temperature. To work with it, wrap the tube with a thermally stable material.

soldering station with a hairdryer how to choose

A home hairdryer will serve as the basis for home-made equipment; a spiral acts as a heating element. A constant flow of air provides a small fan attached to the handle. The spiral is made of nichrome wire, which is twisted with a small pitch between the turns. A metal with a low thermal conductivity is suitable as a base. Winding the spiral, make sure that a few centimeters on the base remain free. This part is finished with heat-resistant fabric to hold the device in your hands. The nozzle is better to build from ceramics or porcelain, and an increase in efficiency can be achieved by thermal protection equipment.


After completing the assembly of the soldering station with a do-it-yourself hairdryer, the design will have a gun configuration. For ease of use, it can be attached to a special holder. For safety reasons, all exposed wires must be insulated. At the final stage, the circuit breaker is mounted and the network cable is connected. Then proceed to test the device. Subject to safety precautions and assembly rules, it will not be difficult to build a structure yourself.


How to choose a soldering station with a hairdryer? First of all, you need to remember that this equipment is divided into two types:

  1. Turbine models in which an electric motor is responsible for the movement of air. This creates a powerful stream.
  2. Compressor options. Such mechanisms are assembled on the basis of compressors, the air flow in them is more targeted.

According to the principle of action, both types are identical and do not differ.

DIY soldering station

Soldering Iron Replacement

Alternatively, for the case of a soldering station with a do-it-yourself hairdryer, you can use an old soldering iron. First you need to take out all of his insides. Be careful not to damage anything. In addition, you will need a 2 kW halogen lamp, from which you will get a quartz insulator.

With a cutter on the glass, the ends are trimmed, on the resulting tube on one side they put on a technological tip in which a socket for the heater is made. As the last element, a nichrome plate with a thickness of not more than 0.7 mm is used.

When making a do-it-yourself soldering station with a hairdryer, you should follow a certain sequence:

  • The quartz insulator is carefully inserted into the spiral.
  • To reduce the heating of the device, the insulator is wrapped with foil.
  • The heating element is mounted in the housing and fixed by means of a wire from the side of the handle.
  • A prepared unit is placed there, pre-wrapped with an asbestos cord (for convenience and reliability of landing in a nest).
  • The air supply hose, located in the handle, is connected to the compressor.

Reviews on Soldering Station with Hair Dryer

The device in question is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any radio amateur and electronic engineer. According to user reviews, a properly assembled home-made analog is not inferior in efficiency and capabilities to factory devices. At the same time, the cost of this design is "cheap".

how to make a soldering station with a do-it-yourself hairdryer

Owners note that many beginners make a number of standard mistakes. Firstly, a regular hair dryer, regardless of its power, is not enough for full operation, although some craftsmen made their own soldering station using only a spiral and a fan for this household appliance. Secondly, experts note that the method of increasing heating by reducing the speed of rotation of the propeller and reducing the diameter of the hole leads to the failure of the tool and the melting of the body.


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