Calorie buckwheat porridge and is it so important.

Buckwheat porridge is an indispensable product in any family. It is served on the side dishes, and separately, as an independent dish to the table. Since childhood, we eat this simple dish.

Buckwheat is saturated with various beneficial substances. So, there are 3-5 times more trace elements in buckwheat than in other cereals, and the content of phosphorus, cobalt, iodine, boron, nickel, iron, copper, calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium is high. It has vitamins B1, B2, PP. Buckwheat protein is equated with products of animal origin, since it contains a large amount of amino acids, which practically equates this cereal to meat.

The calorie content of buckwheat porridge depends on how it was cooked. Cooking methods may vary, depending on tastes. The initial calorie content of buckwheat porridge, i.e. if it was cooked on water, it is about 305 kilocalories, the glycemic index is high - 40. This suggests that dishes from this cereal contain fast-digesting, simple or β€œfast” carbohydrates, when consumed, the blood sugar level in a person rises sharply, saturation occurs soon, but the feeling of hunger is also coming back soon. In addition, what is eaten settles in the body in the form of fat. Buckwheat porridge is high in calories. Not far from it went oatmeal, then rice, very few calories in barley. But, despite the calorie content of buckwheat porridge, nutritionists recommend including it in the diet.

Now manufacturers offer buckwheat in packages of 400 g, where 4 sachets of 100 g each. The calorie content of buckwheat porridge in such a package is higher than that of ordinary cereals, and amounts to 336 kilocalories. This is a very convenient packaging, in 1 package - 2 servings.

If you cook cereal in milk, then the calorie content of buckwheat porridge will increase. Many people like buckwheat porridge with milk. It is usually cooked in water, and milk is then added to the plate. This method of serving dishes to the table is known to anyone since childhood.

The easiest way to cook buckwheat is to pour boiling water in a bowl and leave overnight. After pouring buckwheat into a bowl, pour water 1-1.5 cm above the level of the cereal, cover and leave on the table. In the morning porridge will be ready. With this method of cooking buckwheat porridge, the least useful properties of cereals are lost, which is more useful than cooking it. In the morning you can boil milk and pour into the porridge, without preheating it, you will get warm buckwheat porridge with milk. When cooking buckwheat in water, you need to pour twice as much water into the saucepan as buckwheat. Grains fall asleep either immediately, or when the water boils. Porridge is boiled for 15-20 minutes. Water boils and the dish is ready. Here you can add a little milk, or you can serve buckwheat as a side dish. It is usually seasoned with butter. Traditionally, Russian dressing for buckwheat porridge is considered to be butter in combination with onions, dried mushrooms (porcini) and chopped eggs.

Buckwheat porridge diet is quite common because of its simplicity and usefulness. In the core there are vegetable proteins and B vitamins that help cope with stress and insomnia. Doctors recommend buckwheat as a diet, including because of its routine. Rutin favorably affects the circulatory system, helps with varicose veins, strengthens blood vessels, helps with arthritis and rheumatitis, and improves the immune system. The peculiarity of the buckwheat porridge diet is that the main course in the diet is, in fact, buckwheat. And you need to cook it, pouring boiling water overnight without salt and spices. Do not soak the grits before cooking. In addition to porridge, according to the diet, salad, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. are offered. For breakfast, in addition to buckwheat porridge, you can use low-fat cottage cheese (100 - 150 g) or low-fat fruit yogurt (100 g). For lunch, buckwheat can be supplemented with a salad of fresh vegetables (green) and a slice of lean meat (100 g, preferably veal). For afternoon tea, fruit (apple) and nonfat yogurt are offered . For dinner, porridge is supplemented with vegetables. With the help of a diet on buckwheat porridge, the body is cleaned, nourished with the necessary microelements without harmful additions.

And buckwheat produces healing honey, which helps with gastrointestinal diseases, atherosclerosis and anemia.


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