Fortune-telling at Ivan Kupala at home

According to the claims of knowledgeable people, magic is always around us, wherever we are. However, we may not know or not notice about it, breaking away from nature and wound up in bustle. Despite all this, there are days whose purpose is to increase the energy level, as a result of which the quality of life increases. Fortune-telling by Ivan Kupala can replace many months of unity with nature due to the fact that this is an unusual day. But first things first.

What day is it?

Before that, people did not think about such issues. Constant contact with nature, the elements and other elements gave all the necessary answers. Previously, everyone knew such a holiday of the Eastern Slavs as Ivan Kupala. Fortune-telling and signs, as well as rituals were almost the most anticipated and most reverent. And today there are those who have not even heard about it. This holiday falls on July 7, when nature is at the peak of its heyday. In other words, this is a time that sin is not used. You may think that witchcraft has nothing to do with nature, but in this case you will be wrong.

fortune telling on Ivan
The predictions made in this process are directly dependent on the strength that will become your assistant. Fortune-telling on Ivan Kupala is very effective for the reason that magic comes from nature itself, and a person does not need to break through walls. The main thing is to connect to it correctly. Moreover, the harmony of this day allows you to get those tips and directions that will be most true. Fortune-telling at Ivan Kupala is not just a fortune- telling . This is an instruction for further advancement, which will allow you to achieve happiness much faster.

How to guess, so as not to break the harmony with the energy of the day?

The imagination of many people probably connects magic and cards, runes, coffee grounds and other tools. Fortune telling on Ivan Kupalo can be carried out by any of these methods and many others. Tools are not so important, since this is a personal matter for every fortuneteller. Much more important is how a person can feel a connection with nature. For this reason, it is advised to start the day with a walk.

fortune-telling on Ivan bathed on the narrowed
You can also just go out of town. It is best to immerse yourself in this moment, to observe animals and plants during a walk on the holiday of Ivan Kupala. Fortune telling and signs can say even less than nature itself. It is worth noting that on this magical day, everything has its own meaning and carries the information that will help in the future. If you do not care professionally, it is better to leave the runes, coffee and cards aside. Listen to the wind, look at the clouds, talk to herbs and listen to the birds. Water can also provide an answer to an exciting secret question. Establish an internal connection with nature, which our ancestors called Mother. After all, who else constantly protects each of us, protects and nurtures? In vain the earth is considered a simple piece of rock. In fact, she is alive and spiritualized.

Love Fortune Telling by Ivan Kupala

In some villages, one easy and interesting method was used for fortune telling . In order to find out about the prospects in the relationship, we took two blades of grass that broke in the evening near the reservoir. On these blades of grass guessed the names of those people about whose relationship they would like to know. Arriving home, attach the blade of grass to the wall or ceiling side by side, placing them so that they hang freely. Next, you need to wait for the moment when the ripped blade of grass fades. By the location of the dried stems, the result is recognized. If intertwined - the love of people will be long and mutual. And if turned around - then people will go their separate ways. They hang exactly, like they did โ€” marriage will be fragile. If the grass is bent in one direction - the trouble is waiting for the one whose stem stretched to the other. Passion will bring misfortune, but feelings will not be mutual.

Kupala fortune-telling for love does not just predict, but shows the connection of human destinies. And on this day, people unveiled the veil of secrecy that covers fate. Therefore, they were waiting for this day. Of course, itโ€™s up to you to use this method for fortune telling or choose another one that will be closer to the soul.

Fortune-telling on Ivan Kupala on the narrowed

At all times, any girl of any age dreams of her prince. With the help of fortune-telling, you can not only find out who is destined for fate, but also attract him to yourself. However, it is worth noting that such a mess is different. If a girl has a boyfriend in mind, then they are guessing in one way, but if only thoughts and dreams, then itโ€™s different. First, tell about fortune-telling for those who noticed a well done. The fortune-telling data for Ivan Kupala for the narrowed one are simple and uncomplicated. For example, this one. Pick two flowers. Previously, girls took daisies. Tear off the stems and put flowers in the pond. Watch how they swim. If they swim nearby and do not disperse, then the enigmatic young man is really narrowed. And if you broke up, then you should forget about him.

fortune telling on ivan bathed at night

For those who have not yet noticed anyone for themselves, there is also a simple way to attract a betrothed. After combing in the morning, collect the hair from the comb, twist it into a ball and leave it under the pillow until sunset. In the evening, carry them outside. Arriving at the crossroads, throw a ball of hair, while saying: โ€œCurl paths on the flowering ground. Bring me a married man, so that he is mighty, kind, handsome, looking like a priest! Amen!" Having done this, you can go home. Pay attention to what you hear along the way or whom you meet along the way. If a dog comes across, then narrowed next to it already. The cat has appeared - fate is still unknown. Well, if the bird suddenly sang, then prepare a dowry, because the wedding is not far off.

What can you guess at home?

Fortune-telling on Ivan Kupala can give answers not only to love questions. After all, you must admit that not only love is interesting to those who decided to charm. Fortune-telling at Ivan Kupala at home allows a person to find out what age is measured to him. In order to conduct this fortune-telling, take a candle and light it. Watch how it burns, because this is why you can interpret the result.

fortune telling on ivan bathed at home
If the candle burns out completely and does not go out, then health will not fail, and relatives will be surprised at your longevity. If black smudges appear on a candle, then you will be sick in old age. Caution must be exercised if the candle does not burn out and goes out. This suggests that the age of the one who enchants will be short-lived. But do not fall into pessimism, because this is only a forecast, not a prescription. Any fortune-telling about Ivan Kupala at home shows an approximate result that can be changed by thoughts and deeds.

We attract wealth to the house

There is one interesting and old ritual that allows you to attract money and predict material well-being. According to legend, the dew on Ivan Kupala is healing. The ritual was to roll on the grass in the same shirt until dawn. Having completely got wet in the dew, do not wipe yourself, but dry in the wind. The shirt in which you did this does not need to be washed - it will keep your health. But this is not the whole rite. There is an addition that few know. Collect herbs while riding. It is advisable to collect a bouquet of dawn herbs.

Ivan bathed fortune-telling and signs
Bring the collected herbs home, arrange and dry. If the grass rots or molds, then wait for money problems, the year will be bad. But if the grass has dried and not been damaged, then it is worth crushing it into powder. Pour this powder into the wallet, it will attract money, like a magnet. If a person is not lucky with the ritual, then do not despair. Pay attention to the signs, of which there are a large number. Perhaps signs will give more pleasant news, because Kupala fortune-telling and rituals cannot bear one negative. There will certainly be good signs prophesying positive events. The main thing is to identify the good that every person has.

Kupala signs

Thanks to the people, signs were transmitted from generation to generation that related to different areas of our lives. Moreover, these signs were correct. We will talk about those related to well-being and material well-being. On this day, you must remember who you saw first when you went outside. If a man met along the way, something stable and pleasant will come into life. In addition, rain in the morning is considered a good sign. According to signs, he portends not only a good harvest, but also well-being to someone who gets wet under this rain. So if you suddenly heard thunder or saw water pouring from heaven, feel free to go outside and bathe in drops. This will provide a stream of money without powder from dawn grasses.

Fortune-telling cards

It is better to leave card fortune-telling on this day in the end, because they can be enchanted at any time. Do not give up the opportunity to experience the magic of nature itself and be in the room. But with a great desire, you can tell fortunes on the cards.

fortune telling on Ivan
In order to get your forecast, take one card from the deck. She can show her whole life. The light card indicates that you are a minion of fate. The dark one says that not everything is so good, there is unworked karma. Suits in this case are interpreted as follows:

  • Worms - big love.
  • Peaks - grief, tears and experiences.
  • Tambourines - material well-being.
  • Clubs are career luck.

If you donโ€™t like the result that the card showed, donโ€™t be upset. The correct result is usually determined by three cards. Whichever suit is greater, that life also rules.


Covering all divination methods is very difficult. However, there is one that was welcomed and enjoyed popularity in all villages. This is fortunetelling at Ivan Kupala for the night. It is quite simple. You need to go to bed and ask an exciting question. To see the correct answer, you need to lie down on a pillow, which is full of fresh herbs that you collected that day in the field or in the forest.

fortune telling on ivan bathed
This fortune-telling at Ivan Kupala for the night will help you in a dream see what is destined for you. It may seem that what awaits in the next few months, or maybe the whole life ahead will open. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this magical time. Good luck and prosperity!


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