The climate in the Maldives is monthly. Maldives archipelago

In the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean are "precious pearls" - thousands of randomly scattered tiny islands. They form dozens of coral atolls with lagoons, elevations, reefs, straits. Such an island necklace is called the Maldives archipelago. Almighty hid this exotic paradise near the equator, near Sri Lanka. If you choose a place for the resort, then in the Maldives to spend time will be the best. After all, it will be comfortable here at any time of the year.

The climate of the area is determined by its proximity to the equator. The tropical climate prevails on the islands. It is warm and humid. We invite you to learn about the climate of the Maldives for months and about the main activities during your vacation.


Winter time in the Maldives

Today, many do not believe that a few decades ago, the Maldives was one of the poorest countries. But the rapid development of tourism was able to highly raise the economy of the state. Nowadays, any compatriot wants to get into this fabulous place and spend time in the Maldives. It should be noted that the islands are not distinguished by breathtaking architecture, remarkable historical monuments or any man-made sights. They do not go here for a cultural and educational program, but for lazy relaxation in a tropical paradise. The climate of the Maldives allows you to disconnect from all the worries of the outside world. After all, the warm weather here is year round.

The climate in the Maldives in January is unbelievable. Coral islands are turning into a real tropical wonder. Water and air are heated to the most optimal temperature. It can be up to + 30 ° during the day, and up to + 25 ° at night. December is the best time for swimming in water at a temperature of + 25 ° C. The weather this month is quite predictable.

The Maldives in January is called the “Iruvai” period, when a clear blue sky, a gentle and very calm ocean and fairly warm weather set over the islands. Most vacationers come for Christmas and New Year. This time is also called the dry season, when there is very little rain. Especially the January holiday on the archipelago is suitable for family holidays. The average daily temperature this month is + 27 ° C. Coastal waters warm up to + 24 ° . For those who are interested in the climate by months in the Maldives, it is worth considering that the height of the tourist season falls precisely in the winter. Try to feel like Robinson Crusoe in January, you will not regret it.

February holidays on the islands will be 30-50% cheaper than on January holidays. There is no end to tourists this month, so many of our compatriots are interested in what kind of sea in the Maldives in February. Most Italians, Germans, French, British, Chinese, Russians have a rest in the winter and prefer to stay in the capital Male. February is a great season to relax in the Maldives. This time will seem paradise to you. What is the sea in the Maldives during this period? It warms up to + 25 ° C at an air temperature of about + 28 ° C.

Maldives in the spring

Spring in the Maldives

A dry and warm climate pamper tourists with weather conditions in March. The climate of the Maldives this month is characterized by heating of air up to + 28 ° and water up to + 25 ° . Not only water, but also sand at this time is very warm, I just want to soak on it. At this time, the bright colors of nature are pleasing to the eye: blue, soft green, turquoise, lilac. The sunsets are especially beautiful here, when the sky is painted in various shades. The only drawback of March is that it can sometimes be accompanied by sandstorms.

April is the month of climate change in the Maldives. The southwest monsoon begins to take over. There is little rain at this time, and the sea is mostly calm. In April it gets even hotter. During the day, the thermometer column can rise to + 30 ° C and higher, and sometimes the water warms up to + 28 ° C. It is better to select air-conditioned rooms for April, because at night it can be hot and stuffy.

Changes in the climate of the Maldives continue in May. It is the wettest month of the year. Therefore, the rainfall and climate of the Maldives for months to know future tourists. In May, a warm southwestern monsoon blows. Sometimes during storms you can observe big waves.

Summer in the Republic of Maldives

Rainy weather continues in early summer. In June, a lot of rainfall occurs. Strong gusts at this time are characterized by southwestern monsoons. The storm intensifies, large waves arise. Daytime air temperature reaches + 30 ° , and water temperature - up to + 27 ° . This is not the best time for a beach holiday, although many such weather conditions do not scare.

In the middle of summer, rainy and sunny days on the islands alternate. Maldives in July is characterized by short rains. Sometimes with the monsoons comes the cool, and with it the thunder. The air temperature does not fall low, because the sky is not completely covered by clouds. This makes it possible to break through the sun's rays. Maldives in July, or rather their climate, is a little unpredictable.

August is considered the ideal time for relaxing on the archipelago. The Indian Ocean at this time is very warm and clean. You will be pleased with the unusual wildlife and a fabulous underwater world. The winds are already retreating by this time, so the sea becomes calm. Travelers will be pleased with the complete calm and almost no rain. Only at the end of the month the weather may deteriorate a little: the wind will intensify, clouds will appear.

beach in the maldives

Autumn climate

The fall season for a vacation in the Maldives does not bring much inconvenience. The heat at this time decreases slightly, although the air is quite warm all day. But this does not mean at all that in September you can do without an air conditioner there. Water at this time is excellent, up to + 27 ° C. The climate in September is quite humid. This month, one half of the days is sunny, the other is rainy. This is used by those who like a more secluded vacation, because in September the influx of tourists is slightly less.

In October, the rains stop, so you can safely take your kids to the islands. The water at this time is still warm and crystal clear. Everything around is like a paradise. Daytime temperature reaches + 29 ° , water warms up to + 25 ° .

Dry and very warm weather sets in the Maldives archipelago in November. This is due to the northeast monsoon. It is becoming very sunny and calm, rains and winds do not bother. In November, the Maldives for tourists become a real paradise.

best rest

The highest influx of tourists in the Maldives

Mostly vacationers choose a dry season for a trip to the Maldives (December - March). The second influx of the islands happens on May holidays. Russians come to the archipelago is not so little. Each year, their number is approximately 70,000 people. In winter, families come here with children, newlyweds, lovers, people of middle and old age, who want peace and quiet.

What are they - Maldives? On the map, these are small dots. Imagine yourself in the water of sky-blue lagoons with snow-white satin sands on a chic hammock among spreading coconut palms. This is what rest on the archipelago looks like from the pages of glossy magazines. You can’t say exactly when the beach season in the Maldives begins and when it ends, because you can come here at any time of the year. The only thing that can slightly spoil the rest is rains and monsoons that provoke waves. The least amount of precipitation falls from December to April, so we advise you to go here during this period. At this time, the picture from the travel agencies advertising booklets must be realized.

sunset in the maldives

Lower season

What are the delights of relaxing in the Maldives archipelago during the rainy season? Tropical rainfall lasts from May to October. But this does not mean that they do not stop at all. Many tourists prefer to come here in the low season to enjoy the strong waves. And showers have a short-term nature. The rain will end, and you will have plenty of time for a pleasant experience. The low season is also very profitable, it is for him that many last-minute tours are offered. If you really want to relax in the Maldives, then to realize the desire is quite real.

entertainment on the islands

Ideal place for surfing, diving and fishing.

Many surfers choose the Maldives for their hobby. This sport is practiced not only by professionals, but also by beginners. Each beach is equipped with its own specialized school, but most of all surfing in the capital Male. February is the season for skiing, when slightly light winds blow. For training you need exactly calm weather conditions. In May, the waves are gaining more decent strength. The summer season is suitable only for experienced surfers. The second wave of this sport is in September-October.

And what are the Maldives without a wonderful scuba diving? Diving centers are open on every island. This is a lucrative occupation for the state. After all, thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts come here to admire the beautiful coral reefs, a diverse marine fauna. Here you can see whale sharks, many underwater grottoes, the mysteries of caves, the remains of sunken ships. It is best to dive here from January to April, when the weather is warm. For beginners scuba diving enthusiasts are experienced instructors who will be able to warn of strong currents.

Today, diving safaris are considered quite popular. This is a fascinating dive in one of the tourist submarines. Such a submarine can sink to a depth of 150 m. The boat is very comfortable, air conditioning works, but children under 3 years old are not allowed to take. Build similar boats in Germany.

If the rest on the beach seems too boring, then you can go sea fishing. She will be a great shake. In the Indian Ocean, many trophy specimens of fish swim. You should immediately warn that fishing from the shore or under water is prohibited here. For fishing rent a yacht. Best of all, fish is caught from September to May in a favorable period for this.

fishing on the islands

Excursion and entertainment program, cruises

All sights of the Maldives are connected with the Indian Ocean. On the map, the Maldives is presented in the form of a garland or a necklace. Here you can admire the coral reefs, fly a dozen kilometers by seaplane. A picnic on one of the islands will become unforgettable. Where, if not here, you can feed sharks and stingrays. Curious tourists are advised to fly to the capital of the Republic of Maldives - Male. Here you can see old mosques, government buildings, markets and shops. It will be quite interesting to visit the Sultan's Palace, the National Museum.

If you wish, you can go on a cruise from one island to another. For this, comfortable vessels with all amenities are provided. In such a journey you will see the most picturesque places of the archipelago. During stops you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is also proposed to get acquainted with the peculiarities of life of local residents. You can book an excursion to the reefs and swim with the dolphins. Such an excursion costs about 30-50 dollars. Yachts do not go to sea only in summer, when it is very stormy.

excursions in the Maldives

Wellness activities

Resting in the Maldives, you can do nothing 24 hours a day, devoting time to your body and soul. It reigns overwhelming silence, calm. Helpful spa professionals are at your service. Such facilities are equipped in every hotel. Their services are in high demand, although they are more expensive than in Vietnam or Tunisia. All treatments at the island's spas aim to relax, relieve stress and rejuvenate. Bliss after visiting such procedures is simply unearthly. To achieve a more stable mental balance, you can sign up for a course in the Ayurverd Ayurveda system. It is not necessary to go for such procedures in the high season, you can do this in the summer.

place for lovers

Weddings and festivals in the archipelago

And for lovers, the Maldives will generally become the most romantic place on earth. Many couples tend to get married on the islands. This is a very beautiful sight. You can organize a wedding ceremony on the turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean with schools of colorful fish. Newlyweds can temporarily go to a desert island. A couple in love will be surprised by a seaplane flight. Tour operators offer special wedding tours. You can book wedding events in the Maldives in advance, and then everything will be held at 5+.

Islam is practiced by the locals of the archipelago, which is why Muslim holidays are celebrated here. In addition to them, there are also national traditions. Religious events here depend on the lunar calendar. For national holidays, dates are set. Shops do not work on public holidays; locals and travelers everywhere. At every corner you can sample local specialties.

Local residents pay special attention to their holidays. Entire families are involved in their organization. The main components of the festive dishes are coconuts and fish. At banquets, musicians are invited. Poets read slowly special verses - raviar.

New Year's Eve in the Maldives calendar falls on April. And in January it is celebrated here only by tourists. Stormy three-four-day walks ends on the islands month of fasting Ramadan (early January). In June, the Day of the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad is celebrated. Festivals and fireworks can be seen here on Independence Day (end of July) and Republic Day (November 11). Each tourist will find something for themselves among such an abundance!


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