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The garage for most motorists is a place that contains not only a vehicle, but also a huge number of little things that do not have a "shelter" in a house or apartment. Accordingly, in order to expand its useful space, you need to use it wisely. For example, home-made garages are a good opportunity to combine the functions of a workshop and a barn in this essentially small room.

Cabinet: functional, comfortable, ergonomic

homemade for the garage

The garage can be equipped with various equipment. For example, to store a tool, gardening equipment, various sports attributes, it is best to build a small cabinet. Thanks to him, you can store a number of things correctly and systematically, and therefore it will be easy and simple to find the right tool or equipment. However, to install a cabinet, you need to have enough space in the garage. Otherwise, in this and such a small room it will not be easy to get through.

Shelves: compact, practical

Any garage is divided into two parts - the one in which the car directly stands, and the one in which its repair is carried out. Tool shelves in the garage it is best to install it in the area where your car will be located. It is important that they are located above her roof. The width of the shelves must be calculated so that they can be placed on a regular box with tools, such as a grinder, saw, puncher or screwdriver.

DIY homemade garage

The load on the shelf will have to be considerable, therefore, it must be made strong and reliable. For example, the reinforcement should be at least 12 mm thick, while it should be placed at a distance of up to 50 cm from each other. To create such a homemade product for a garage, you need to cut off pieces of reinforcement taking into account its entry into the wall by about 15 cm. Now we drill a hole with a suitable diameter and depth. Hammer the pins into the wall, align them in length.

On the edges of the pins, small corners should be welded, which will limit the garage shelves. A solid metal strip or thin reinforcement is soldered along the wall. We look so that the design turns out to be smooth and accurate, after which we paint it.

How to make a flooring?

The equipment of the garage inside is a responsible process, since it is necessary to take into account the ratio of the parameters of the room and the furniture that will be located in it. So, after the paint dries, you can start arranging the flooring on the shelves. As it we will use boards that will be superimposed on the reinforcement. In this process, it is important to remember how to properly fill the space between the shelf and the ceiling. In addition, you should calculate how heavy things will be stored on it.

Hinged shelf: how to make?

do-it-yourself shelves in the garage

To use the space more efficiently, you can use hanging shelves as a home-made for the garage. They are located directly below the ceiling. They are mounted on special brackets of completely different design features. It is important to choose such shelves that will evenly distribute the pressure of the load on the wall surface. Here are the stages on the basis of which we will build a hinged structure for storing equipment:

1. We measure a horizontal line on the wall. It is on it that the brackets will be attached.

2. To fix the shelves in the garage with our own hands, we need screws. They are more reliable.

3. After installing the fasteners on them, you can mount the shelves - wooden or plywood, which are fastened with self-tapping screws.

4. In order for the hinged shelves to be reliable, you can supplement them with corners. This will also prevent them from bending under load.

Shelving: decent option

Do-it-yourself garage equipment is not as difficult to make as it seems, especially for those who like to make and carry out repair work on their own. And even a rack, which at first glance differs in dimensions, can be built by yourself. However, in view of the size again, it is worthwhile to make the shelving with the design. To do this, you need to examine your possessions in a businesslike way and think about its contents, and then decide on the size of future cabinets.

garage equipment

Ideally, racks need to force one wall of the garage, while marking the height, depending on what size the cargo will be stored in it. For example, it is advisable to make the lower shelf high, since heavy canisters, winter tires or other large things are placed here.

Creating such homemade products for the garage with your own hands, you need to calculate the number of shelves and their depth. We determine the size, and then transfer them to paper. As a rule, the rack for this small room is made into the entire wall and most often from floor to ceiling. As for the width of the shelves, it is calculated depending on how heavy the load will be. Most often, they have a width of one meter with a depth of up to 60 cm. In such structures, you can store large objects, as well as hand tools or fasteners.

We choose durable materials

Creating homemade products for the garage with your own hands, I want them to be as strong as possible, reliable and durable. To achieve this, quality materials such as metal should be used. To create vertical racks, you need to stock up on metal corners with a shelf of about 30-50 mm or a profile with a rectangular section. To attach the flooring, we first need to create a frame. It is attached to the uprights by welding or using self-tapping screws. To make the shelves in the garage directly with your own hands, you can use a wooden board up to 25 mm thick, however both particleboard and ordinary plywood are quite suitable. Ideally, boards can be painted or treated with compounds to protect them from exposure to fungus or moisture.

How to create a metal shelving?

So, we made a drawing and calculated the amount of building material. Now we cut a metal profile according to the established sizes. We mark where vertical racks will be mounted. First, you should weld the pieces of the corner, which will be the frame of the shelves, to the vertical posts. It is important that their location is clearly horizontal. We weld the frame, which subsequently will need to be primed and painted. This will protect the structure from corrosion.

DIY garage equipment

The last step in creating such a crafts for the garage is the arrangement of shelves. First you need to cut them, and then do the arrangement - along the frame or across it. Wooden blanks should first be treated with special tools. After that, the shelves can be attached to the frame with self-tapping screws, while they must fit tightly to each other.

Wooden shelving

Home-made garage equipment can be created entirely from wood. True, it is still used less frequently, although this is a more economical option. To make vertical racks, you need to take a beam of sufficient thickness - not less than 100 mm. As shelves we use boards, plywood or chipboard. The peculiarity of the wooden shelving is that, despite its sufficient strength, its carrying capacity is not so high. Accordingly, it can only be used for storage of not very overall things. Wooden shelves are attached to the frame using metal mounting angles and bolts.

Prefabricated shelving - a practical alternative

However, the equipment for the garage is not necessary to create it yourself. For example, there is a more profitable and simple solution to the problem of arranging this room - the use of ready-made structures that can only be assembled. Firstly, it will take less time. Secondly, it will not be necessary to prepare drawings and buy materials - everything will be delivered to the facility in a complete set. Thirdly, you can assemble such a rack alone and quickly enough. Fourth, modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of ready-made designs of any configuration, and therefore there will simply not be any problems.

homemade garage equipment

To create a prefabricated shelf, galvanized metal is used, which is coated with a paintwork or polymer on top. For the manufacture of shelves, galvanized sheet metal is also used. They can be installed at any height, and precisely because of their resistance to corrosion and high humidity, these designs are very popular among buyers. The design features of some models of shelving are such that they can be combined with wooden shelves, as well as accessories made of chipboard or plywood.

How to prepare?

Having bought a prefabricated rack, you will encounter only one work - its installation. It is performed simply. In this case, only pliers and a screwdriver will be required, and the necessary fasteners are already included. It is important to assemble horizontally, after which the assembled structure is easy to lift. First, vertical racks are assembled, to which later the shelves are attached at a certain distance. It is important to consider that for large and heavy loads leave space on the lower shelf, and it should be of sufficient height.

tool shelves in the garage

Thus, creating home-made garages is quite easy and simple, even on their own. In this case, you will not need special knowledge or skills, or some rare tools. Being able to just correctly calculate the sizes and make drawings, you can create a design that will be convenient and easy to operate, as well as durable. And if you don’t feel like messing around with the creation and installation of the shelving and the shelf, there is a worthy alternative - a ready-made design that can only be assembled.

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