How to make runes at home: a description of the runes and manufacturing tips

People who are far from the topic of self-development, esotericism, or at least history, rarely ask themselves how to make runes at home. In fact, runes are a special alphabet. But it is also a magic tool. The ancestors of the Scandinavians believed that all these mysterious symbols are the basic key to the universe itself. Be that as it may, runes are used in various energy practices even now.

how to make runes at home

What is it and where did they come from?

This is now a story about a set of runes, and even made with their own hands, is a common story. But these signs have a very long history of existence. Previously, entire nations believed in their strength and special purpose. Using them, they established a direct connection with natural forces. At the same time, runes were made from natural raw materials: wood, stone, clay. Of course, few had the ability to write and read. These abilities were considered an attribute of the elite - doctors and various magicians.

Information about the origin of the runes was reduced and evaporated over time. All because fixing this knowledge was strictly forbidden. Information was considered sacred and could only be transmitted verbally.

rune fehu

However, the meaning of the word is reliably known. "Rune" (ancient German runa ) means "mystery." And here are the root words from related languages ​​(German raunen , Finnish runo ) - “whisper”, “conjure”.

It is also clear that the runes were both signs of the alphabet in ancient German settlements, and magical attributes. Moreover, they were used not only in some rituals. Still badges were carved above the entrance to the house, on carts and boats, on tools and battle. Special castes (healers and magicians) with the help of runes healed diseases, they brought success and victory.

Nowadays, they are not used so actively. Nevertheless, even ordinary people make runes. If you also want to become the owner of your own set of magic signs, then you will receive answers to all your questions.

How to look for materials for making runes?

The first step to answering the question of how to make runes at home is to find the right material for them.

According to all the rules, you need to search slowly. It is foolish to show your disregard for the stones or branches from which you want to complete a set of rune-helpers. Walk around, listen to your feelings. Do not put every visually suitable stone in your pocket. You need to hold it in your hands and understand what feeling it causes in you. You can even formulate inside yourself a mental message to the objects of your search.

As for the ideal parameters, for example, stones for runes, look for small (with a radius of 2-4 cm) and flat specimens. When you select 24 smooth stones that will give off a feeling of warmth, head home. Selected blanks must be washed. They store future runes, oddly enough, in a place with bright lighting.

Practice writing runes before work

It matters not only the material on which you will write the runes, but also how you will do it. It is important to do this without a single mistake. No wonder skill was not intended before for ordinary lovers. Only in the right position will the runes produce the desired effect. Just compare: the rune of Fehu in the upright position means acquisition, wealth, wealth. Do you understand what the opposite situation will be like? Losses, failures, poverty. So it’s not worth the risk.

how to make a rune with your own hands

This special symbolism of the Scandinavian kind can even be used for simple spelling of words, sentences, names. But in special cases, the runes are not so simple. If you portray them correctly, you will be waiting for prosperity, profit, happiness, health, problem solving.

You can hone your skills before creating your own runes on a simple piece of paper. Practice repeatedly until you reach your hand. You can also sign the names and designations of the runes to remember what these symbols mean.

How to choose a material for making runes?

How to make a rune with your own hands? First of all, you must choose the right material for this. There are no strict canons. It is important to choose the raw material that will find a response in your soul and with which it will simply work. Of course, the first place is unconditionally taken by natural materials. Like it or not, runes are natural signs. And synthetics are unlikely to be a good conductor for such energy. Natural raw materials include stone, wood, bones, clay, even skin. Metal is also suitable, but it will not be easy to create such a set on your own.

Like the material itself, it’s you who choose its characteristics and origin. Although there are still beliefs that determine the relationship of each particular runic mark and wood species, type of stone or other material. You can find them and implement the basic rules. But this, believe me, should still be adjusted in accordance with your inner beliefs.

For runes that are used in Russian-speaking countries, they mainly use wood species growing in the European part of the state. Exotic varieties are not a priority. Even in words, it sounds strange: ancient German runes from baobab for use in accordance with northern traditions.

You can also think about specific technical issues. For example, a pine tree will be divided into layers, and this is inconvenient for work. Cutting small characters will not be so easy. But the set of rowan wood quickly darkens and even blackens.

We emphasize once again: you need to choose the material, listening to your inner sensations.

How to make runes from wood?

Goes into a practical guide. As mentioned, magic runes, rune blanks are usually made from natural materials. In this list, the tree, without a doubt, remains the leader. It is wooden runes that are most often mentioned in ancient legends.

How to cut these characters out of simple branches? Runes of wood are made according to this algorithm:

  1. Walk through the chosen territory - a forest or a park. Your task is to find a tree with which you will feel unity. When this sensation comes, you will be near the desired plant.
  2. Decide which branch you need. No need to cut it off right away. Mark a specific date when you come again. For example, you can focus on the lunar calendar. If you remember, a new moon is best suited for beginnings.
  3. When you are here again, stand under the tree and say a prayer. There is no established text - words must come from the heart. Salute the gods and ask for permission to make such a sacrifice. If you worry that you can’t find the words on the spot, think over and even write them down in advance.
  4. To cut a tree branch, you must leave something in return. The beer that you pour in the roots will do. Exchange it for permission to cut the branch. Do it fast with a sharp knife. The place of the cut is usually rubbed with earth taken from under the tree. Say thank you to the plant, pour the rest of the drink into the roots and leave.

rune making tips

We return to the technical side of the issue. How to cut runes to a person who holds a nail file in his hands for the first time in his life?

  • No one expects mathematical precision from you. Draw a blank template for yourself: 3-4 cm in diameter, 50 mm thick. Try to cut out approximately 24 circles from branch 24.
  • You can determine that the set fits your size perfectly: fold your hands in a cup while holding the set in them. Nothing falls out? Hence, the proportions are chosen correctly.
  • You don’t have to own special tools of the joiner - a thin enough nail file or a jigsaw is enough.
  • The cut branch is clamped (best in a vice) and cut into bars. Do not rush anywhere. So the energy attitude will be true, and the fingers will remain whole.
  • Having cut off the excess, you must grind the pieces with an emery cloth. Polish all 24 circles.
  • On the blanks, you can cut out the necessary symbols with both a curly chisel and a simple penknife. Before you start, draw them with a pencil.
  • Marks should be cut carefully, forming indentations. Subsequently, they are filled with paint so that the rune is distinct and legible.
  • After applying the symbols, the surface of the circle is covered with a thin layer of varnish. This will protect the tree from darkening and pollution.

Making runes with your own hands from stone

Another suitable option from natural materials is runes made of stone. They look more impressive, solid. But putting symbols on them will be more difficult. To make your task easier, use sea ​​pebbles. It practically does not need to be processed.

rune set

How to make runes at home from stone? Consider the main features:

  • Stones immediately look for the right size - it is difficult to change the shape of this material.
  • At the same time, look for the response to the found stone inside: if it is not there, the material does not fit.
  • The easiest option is to purchase ready-made stones of the desired shape (cabochons); You don’t have to worry that it’s not you who selected and processed them. To "zero" and clean such raw materials, it is enough to put stones in the flowing water for a couple of minutes.
  • The second option, how to clean the pebbles that you buy from the wrong hands, is to leave them in a container on which the light of the moon will fall. The manipulation is carried out during the full moon.
  • Finding pebbles of the right shape is half the battle. Putting an inscription on them will be much more difficult. How to make a rune with your own hands from stone? It is enough to have a screwdriver and a strong hammer.
  • If you have equipment for engraving, you are in luck. With it, you can not limit yourself only to pebbles.
  • It is worthwhile to understand that, despite their strength, collected stones can be split during the application of symbols. Collect them with a margin.

Is it possible to create a set of runes from other materials?

As already mentioned, a person can create his own set not only of wood or stone. It is even allowed to use plasticine. Although it is obvious that this option can only be temporary.

Whatever raw materials you choose to prepare the runes for use, the effects of the four elements apply:

  1. Spray with drops of water.
  2. They give blow to the runes to the wind.
  3. They pour earth on the signs.
  4. Gently pour them over with fire.

The main thing is to carry out each action diligently, without rush and ridicule. The runes will feel and respect the respectful attitude.

What color do runes inscriptions do?

Many (especially beginners) are wondering if it is so important what color the signs on the runes will be. In fact, the main thing is the correct character design. However, coupled with well-chosen colors, the signs work even more efficiently.

If you have firmly decided to apply a color coating of a certain shade, choose natural dyes. Although, of course, now they often use acrylic paint: it looks beautiful, gives a wide color range. Also, such a coating lasts a long time.

rune cross

When there is nothing of the above at hand, you can simply use markers, felt-tip pens or not apply dye at all (a cut out pattern on a tree looks beautiful anyway).

So, what do the colors in the manufacture of runes mean:

  • The green runes will attract healing, healing, physical and financial wealth. Here, for example, the rune "cross" is used to eliminate some diseases. Drawing a symbol in green will enhance this effect.
  • Yellow signs are used quite rarely. Firstly, the dye itself is not particularly common. Secondly, it has a very narrow profile value: establishing contacts, solving legal problems.
  • Red symbols indicate passion, love, sexuality, passionate feelings.
  • An orange tint is a magnet for popularity and good luck.
  • We are used to thinking that black is an unlucky color. However, on runes it is used as a barrier to the harmful effects of strangers.
  • Blue color attracts balance, a sense of peace and tranquility. It is also believed that it helps to cure ailments.
  • Brown is used as often as black. It looks more natural on wooden runes. In addition, it gives protection to the wearer.
  • White shade is the usual color of freedom, freshness, youth and innocence. However, it also has a protective property.
  • Purple runes enhance intuition, and also have beneficial effects on health.

The only symbol for which you do not have to choose a color is the rune of fate. Why? Yes, because it represents a void, the absence of any sign. From here comes the second name - "empty rune."

How are runes used?

Runes are a tool that allows you to receive and direct energy. Each has its own specific "specialization." For example:

  • Fleece Fehu. It embodies financial protection, a talisman, a talisman at the conclusion of important transactions.
  • Runa Raido. Symbolizes the movement. She patronizes those who are looking for a way, who need a portion of determination.
  • Fleece Uruz. Gives the owner a sense of confidence, and also patronizes marriage, love unions.

runes blanks for runes

How can runes be used? There are two main ways:

  1. Informational. You ask a question, runes give you an answer.
  2. Energetic. It consists in the fact that you are using a specific energy flow to which this symbol is “attached”. Such use allows you to heal, attract good luck, restore energy gaps.


Now you know how to make runes at home. Finally, remember a few more tips:

  • To store your kit, it is important to adapt a bag of any natural material;
  • try to make runes completely independently - this will help to find “one wave” with them;
  • for the same reason, do not let anyone touch your runes, let alone play with them;
  • the inner sensation is very important, but it is equally important to seek and absorb knowledge about the designations and history of the origin of runes;
  • use runes consciously and remember that this is still an energy and magic tool that should not be abused.

We hope that our tips on making runes and using them will help you.


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