Andrew Bogut: biography, career, statistics

Andrew Bogut is a basketball player for the Australian national team. On the site takes the position of the center. He was noted for a successful game in such well-known teams as Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors.

early years

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Andrew Bogut was born on November 28, 1984 in the Australian city of Melbourne. The family of the future basketball player is immigrants from Croatia.

The main priority of Andrew's parents has always been getting a good education for his son. Once at the Australian Institute of Sports, Andrew Bogut almost immediately entrenched in the main team of the local basketball team. Here, young talent began to play the role of the team’s main playmaker.

In 2000, the guy decided to move to study in the United States. Pretty soon, Andrew Bogut received an invitation from the University of Utah, where he continued his active sports activities. Unlike peers, the young basketball player’s game showed distinct elements of professionalism. At the end of the third season of speaking for the university team, Andrew Bogut was recognized as the team’s most valuable rookie, as well as the most outstanding playmaker in student association clubs.

NBA career start

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At the beginning of the 2005/2006 season, Andrew Bogut put forward his own candidacy for the annual draft procedure for young players in the clubs of the National Basketball Association. The selection was successful for a young talent. According to its results, the player was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks team.

The debut season as a professional player was extremely successful for Bogut. Almost immediately, a talented basketball player got into the main team, after which he firmly staked out a place on the court as a center team. According to the results of a year-long performance for the new club, Andrew was recognized as the best rookie in the NBA.

The beginning of the next season - 2006/2007 - was a disappointment for Bogut. Even before the start of official fights, the basketball player received an unpleasant injury, after which he was forced to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation. It was the factor of the loss of the main center that largely influenced the fact that Milwaukee Bucks were unable to reach the playoff stage in the championship.

Bogut returned to the game only in 2009. The season was the most successful in the career of a basketball player. Despite having to skip a few months due to back problems, Andrew managed to enter the venue in 69 meetings. In them, the center scored an average of 15.9 points and performed 10.2 selections.

In the midst of the 2011/2012 season, Bogut again suffered damage that caused him to retire before the end of the year. In the future, the player’s tendency to injuries forced the club to think about selling it.

Transfer to Golden State Warriors

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In 2012, Andrew Boguta's contract was purchased from Milwaukee Bucks by another NBA club, Golden State. In April of the same year, the basketball player underwent a complex operation aimed at repairing damaged ankle ligaments.

To play at full strength for a new team, Bogut was destined only in the 2013/2014 season. Returning to the site in January, the center began to collect 12 points, perform 8 rebounds and 4 block shots per meeting on average. According to the results of a one-year performance for the team, Andrew was awarded the title of best player of the defensive line in the league.

In a series of fights at the playoffs of the 2014/2015 season, Bogut’s successful play at the center position allowed the Warriors to end up in the championship finals. In decisive fights, the basketball team defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers. As a result, Bogut managed to win the first championship in his career.

At the beginning of this season, the management of the Dallas Mavericks club became interested in the services of a talented center. To date, the basketball player protects the colors of the specified team.

Career Team

Bogut started playing for the youth national team of Australia in 2003. Then, together with partners, the basketball player was able to win the world championship in his own age group and receive the status of the most valuable player in the international championship.

Andrew received an invitation to the adult team in 2004. At the Olympics in Athens, which took place in the same year, the basketball player held the position of a heavy striker.

Then Boguta was followed by a call to the Australian national team ahead of the World Cup, which was held in Japan in 2006. As a result of the championship, Andrew became the best player in his national team according to the effectiveness and number of rebounds. However, despite such a successful play by the team playmaker, Australia took only 13th position in the championship.

Player Talents

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Andrew Bogut has always been distinguished by outstanding dimensions. High growth and impressive weight helped him become one of the most successful NBA players in terms of making breakthroughs to the opponent’s ring. Bogut has long arms that allow him to successfully block shots and act effectively in the selection. All this makes it possible for Andrew not only to demonstrate a successful game in the defensive actions of his own team, but also to benefit the opponent’s ring.

Andrew Bogut: statistics

During his appearances as part of the National Basketball Association clubs, Andrew secured the following statistics:

  • Participation in fights - 644.
  • The number of points per game is an average of 10.3.
  • Rebounds - 8.9 per meeting.
  • The number of assists - 2.3 per match.
  • Block shots - an average of 1.6 per duel.
  • The accuracy of hitting the enemy’s ring is 53.5%.


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Andrew Bogut is one of the most talented players in the NBA and a real star of the Australian national team. Unfortunately, the tendency to injuries does not allow him to show his own talents to the fullest. However, even at 32 years old, the basketball player continues to successfully play as part of his new Dallas Mavericks club, hoping for another championship.


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