Stone window sill: DIY installation

The implementation of some design decisions in the interior design of the house requires the installation of stone window sills. In this situation, the owner of the house is faced with a rather difficult problem: which window sill is better to choose from natural or artificial stone. In order not to make a mistake when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each material, since the installation of stone window sills is a very laborious task, and it will be very problematic to dismantle them without damaging the decoration of the room.

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Artificial Stone Window Sills

Artificial stone is a relatively inexpensive material, which in its properties is very similar to natural stone. Window sills made of this material are quite widespread due to their excellent durability, high strength and affordability, but before installing them in your home, you should get a more detailed picture of all the properties of artificial stone.

Composition and production

A stone window sill made of artificial stone is made by casting and consists of three components:

  • mineral filler;
  • pigment acting as a dye;
  • acrylic resin, which is the connecting link for the filler.

After the product has completely hardened, it is ground to give it a perfectly smooth shape and as close as possible to natural stone.

installation of stone window sills

Benefits of Acrylic Window Sills

Artificial stone products have an affordable cost and a rather impressive amount of advantages, among which the most important are:

  • high strength and durability;
  • resistance to sunlight and negative environmental factors;
  • light weight;
  • excellent thermal conductivity - the acrylic stone window sill heats up very quickly and retains heat for a very long time, therefore it acts as a passive source of heating in the room;
  • due to the properties of the material in the case of mechanical damage to an artificial stone product, any defect is very easy to eliminate;
  • unpretentiousness in leaving and operation.

Also an important advantage of artificial stone window sills is that the manufacturing technology and the use of pigments make it possible to create products of absolutely any shape and color. The only drawback that the stone window sill made of acrylic has is that it does not tolerate too high temperatures, so it is not recommended to install it near heating equipment.

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Window sills made of natural stone: general information

Natural stone is a material with excellent strength and durability. However, for high performance you have to pay a rather high price, so before you buy a stone window sill, which you can’t install with your own hands, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, and also take into account their advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed later.

Window sills made of natural stone: pros and cons

Stone window sills can give any room a more noble and elegant look. In addition, the stone is not affected by any negative factors, so it is an eternal material that will last more than one generation. Nevertheless, they also have certain disadvantages, namely, a very large weight, as well as high sensitivity to mechanical damage.

All stone window sills, the photos of which look simply excellent, are made of marble or travertine. Both materials are very fragile and can even crack if dropped from a small height. In addition, natural stone absorbs dirt very easily, so it is very difficult to care for it.

installation of a stone window sill

A few words about sizes

If you decide to install a natural stone window sill in your house, then you should immediately think about how large it should be, since subsequent installation depends on it. When ordering the finished product, 4 cm should be added to the dimensions of the window opening - two on each side, which are necessary so that you can cut the window sill into the wall.

The optimal solution for most modern houses and apartments will be a stone window sill made of solid stone slabs of great length, which in some cases can reach 3.5 meters. It is not recommended to purchase a window sill connected in two parts, since in this case it loses all its attractive appearance and will spoil the aesthetics of the interior. As for the thickness, it can be from two to four centimeters. At the same time, do not forget that with an increase in the thickness of the product, its cost also increases in direct proportion.

do-it-yourself stone window sill

Installing a natural stone window sill: general tips and tricks

Installation of a stone window sill is a rather troublesome, laborious, and also requires some knowledge and experience experience. In order not to spoil the appearance of the product, its installation is best started only after the interior decoration is completed. In addition, if you want to place heating radiators under the windowsill, then their installation is best done before hanging the windowsill.

If all the minor nuances are resolved, then you can proceed directly to the installation process of a natural stone window sill. This is done in a certain sequence:

  1. On the sides of the window are two indentations of approximately 4 centimeters. At the same time, it is recommended to provide a small gap so that subsequently it is possible to level the windowsill without any unnecessary problems.
  2. If after installation any defects are found, then they will need to be cleaned.
  3. If your house has very curved walls and there is no way to level them, then in order for the stone window sill to look even in the interior, you must use a pre-prepared template.
  4. If it is necessary to cut it for the installation of the window sill, then it is best to do it at the factory, since it will be impossible to carry out cutting at home without a special saw.
  5. Before installing a stone window sill, it is necessary to clean the landing site from dust and foreign objects, as well as degrease. If during the installation process you find that the plate is crooked, then it must be leveled with cement mortar.
  6. All joints must be thoroughly foamed to prevent drafts.
  7. To fix the stone window sills, they use special building glue, designed for marble, which is evenly applied with a thin layer, both on the window sill itself and on the window opening.

It is worth noting that if you do not have any construction experience, then when installing window sills made of natural stone, it is recommended to seek the help of professionals so as not to damage anything.

stone window sill in the interior


Window sills made of natural and artificial stone allow you to implement any design projects and create a truly original interior that gives the room high cost and nobility. However, no matter how expensive the stone product, its installation should be paid very much attention, since not only aesthetics, but also the stability, reliability and durability of the window sill depend on it.


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