DIY stand for disassembling and assembling engines

A special stand is designed for repair, cushioning and engine diagnostics. Thanks to the rotational mechanism, which rotates 360 degrees, the work with the unit becomes more convenient. A stand for disassembling and assembling engines is mainly suitable for all types of units.


Every driver wants the vehicle to be reliable in operation and to serve for many years. But still there are situations when the main engine failure is the engine. Here you will need a stand for disassembling and assembling the engines. There are different options for it.

Stand for disassembling and assembling engines

Such a stand is designed to greatly simplify the process of inspection of the unit, as well as troubleshooting, repair and depreciation. After removing the engine from the compartment, the unit is firmly and securely fixed to a special stand.

The time of work performed is reduced when a prefabricated installation for servicing is available in the workshop or garage.


Since 30 years ago there were not so many different cars that are now found on the roads, stands for engines with rear axles and other devices did not have universality. They were not mass-produced on the equipment market. At the moment, there are many varieties of cars and trucks. And in connection with the growing demand for repair services for engines of various brands, car service centers have the need to use universal stands to meet the needs of the market.

DIY stand for disassembling and assembling engines

Definitely a similar adaptation for engines is the most rational. It will be suitable as a stand for disassembling and assembling KamAZ and YaMZ engines. P-776 is the most common in this area. Also popular are the models P-500E, P-776 E. They are designed to service motors, gearboxes, rear axles.

Also popular is the model P-1250, in which the carrying capacity reaches up to 2 tons. It is universal and is suitable as a stand for disassembling and assembling Kamaz engines. It matters how many degrees of freedom the stand has. There are models with 2 and 4 positions. Two degrees of freedom allow you to deploy equipment up and down, left and right. More universal varieties are those with four degrees of freedom. They can be rotated as many degrees as desired, fixed at different angles for comfort.

Primary requirements

The main requirements for a stand for disassembling and assembling engines are versatility and ease of use. It is also important how many levels of freedom are provided in the design, what tonnage the selected equipment must withstand.

Stand for disassembling and assembling KamAZ engines

At this time, a considerable assortment of products is presented in stores. The design can be assembled independently. This will save money and help you choose the parameters in accordance with your wishes for personal ease of use.

Home-made installation should be strong and reliable. All metal elements are assembled by welding. In this case, it is better to seek help from a specialist. He will be able to qualitatively weld all parts together. In this case, you can guarantee the safety of staff in the process of performing their activities.

Features of a homemade stand

The main feature of the stand for disassembling and assembling engines with your own hands is that it can be designed to fit your parameters. This saves a considerable amount of family budget funds.

The stand for disassembly and assembly of engines KamAZ YaMZ R776
Especially if the stand is needed for occasional use. Therefore, most owners of small auto repair shops prefer home-made stands for disassembling and assembling engines (photo will be presented later).

Structural elements

A typical stand for disassembling and assembling engines consists of a list of certain materials that are taken as a basis for assembly. The list includes several structural components. This is a plate to fasten the internal combustion engine, the base of the stand, a special tray for leaking waste mass, as well as a rotary mechanism.

The stand for disassembly and assembly of engines KamAZ 740

Also, for greater convenience and versatility, equipment should be able to move around the room. To do this, install strong wheels at the bottom of the structure.


If the installation will have to service various types of engines or just be for all occasions, then it should be made universal. It should be noted at the same time that the engines of VAZ cars differ significantly from BMW mechanisms in terms of fasteners. You may need to create a stand for disassembling and assembling the Kamaz-740 engine or other large engines.

Stand for disassembling and assembling photo engines

A pair of channels with 10 mm holes is welded to the rotary plate. The pitch is 50 mm. Places for channels are marked in the area of ​​the motor mounts. The center of gravity is precisely guided along the axis of rotation of the plate. This will make it possible to simply rotate the stand around the axis.

Using a manual hoist makes it possible to install the structure on wheels (they must be strong enough). This will simplify the movement of the defective part in the room. If necessary, it can easily be set aside in the far corner. You should also attach a pan to the bottom, thanks to which the waste dirty mass from the motor will not spill on the floor. The existing pan below will allow you to flush the engine.

Work with the stand

Before starting operation, it is imperative to conduct a visual inspection of the system. If any defects are found that can damage the equipment during maintenance, they must be repaired. If during inspection there are no such defects, you can start work.

For a good and long service life of the structure, it is necessary to monitor its condition. During each use, it is necessary to check the reliability of the fixing fasteners, regularly lubricate all moving parts and store the unit in a dry place. The likelihood of direct exposure to rain and moisture should be excluded.

Do not load the stand above the actually calculated mass, so as not to drop the engine due to breakage. During operation, the structure must be placed on a stable surface. It is also worth using a locking pin for the swivel mechanism. Work should be done carefully and carefully.

It is necessary to monitor the load so that it is located in the center. The unit must be tightly screwed on with brackets. Be sure to adhere to safety precautions so as not to damage the engine, not to be injured. With the necessary care and proper operation, the stand will last for many years.

With a stand for disassembling and assembling the engine, repair work is efficient and convenient. Self-assembled installations can significantly save the family budget for the purchase of several models. Each home master, if desired and with the appropriate tool, will be able to assemble a stand suitable for many varieties of mechanisms.


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