How to find a side job: interesting ideas and recommendations

Many people have barely enough salaries until the next. What if it is necessary not only to spend money on food, but also to buy things, furniture, pay for children’s studies and make many other expenses? Take loans? But this is not always convenient, in addition, the percentage of overpayment is quite high.

Constantly borrowing from friends and relatives is also not a very good option, because it saves only for a while. Your income is much lower than your expenses. Therefore, you have to borrow again and again. It turns out a vicious circle. What to do? Of course, you can reduce some expenses, introduce the strictest savings mode or try to find a second job and combine it with the main one.

how to find a side job

Way out of lack of money

Today, no one is surprised by the fact that every second working person is looking for the possibility of additional income. There are many more options for this than some people suggest. How to find a part-time job? What actions should be taken for this? What can we do to ensure that our knowledge and skills bring additional, and most importantly, stable income? Can I find a part-time job at home? First things first.

How to find a part-time job

  1. Before you look for work, you need to determine what you can do. That is, what services can you offer the employer. You can take a sheet of paper, sketch it in two halves: in one write the virtues and traits of your character, and in the second what you know and know how to do well.
  2. When you know exactly what skills you have, it’s easier for you to look for a side job.
  3. Now you need to start looking for options for future work. Moreover, the more there will be, the more likely it is that you will find a side job. You can search for options on special sites, which there are a large number of on the Internet; buy newspapers with job advertisements; through social networks; through friends.
  4. Post job search ads.

Find a part-time job in Moscow

In large cities, the opportunity to find additional income increases several times. Most popular options:

  • On the Internet there is a site "Base hack. Part-time in Moscow." For ease of use, all offers are divided into groups: work for students, in the evening, hourly work, etc. Every day, the base is replenished with hundreds of new offers from employers. All that is required of you is to register, leave a resume and wait. If this option is not to your liking, you can search for options in the "Hack Database" yourself and leave applications.
  • Offer flyers flyers. In an hour or two you can earn from 100 to 1000 rubles.
  • Buy newspapers with ads on how to find a part-time job.

find a part-time job in Moscow

Some ideas

  1. On the Internet there are a huge number of sites that offer good products at very low prices. If desired, this can be used as a source of additional income. You buy things at the same price, then make a small margin and resell. Many people prefer to first see the product, and then pay money for it, so you can easily find those who want to buy something.
  2. Sometimes parents of young children really want to go to the cinema, theater or just take a walk alone, but there is no one to leave the kids with. They will be happy to pay a certain amount for the opportunity to stay together for several hours. Such families are usually found in every home.
  3. In large cities, you can rent a room for tourists for a while.
  4. If you know the languages ​​well, you can always find a job as a translator. Your services can be useful to both schoolchildren and students.
  5. Recently, the work of the so-called mystery shopper has been very popular. You come to the store, make purchases and pay attention to the quality of service. Of course, there is no way to make big money here. But even if you recoup some of your expenses in the store, this is already good.
  6. Do you have a computer and Internet connection? Therefore, problems with the solution of the question "how to find a part-time job" should not arise. There are many options here - from writing various articles to creating your own website. The main thing is to have free time and the desire to do something.

how to find a side job for the weekend

Internet Benefits

  • No special education required.
  • Time on the road and money on transport are not wasted.
  • A free schedule that an employee sets for himself.
  • At any time, you can take a break for rest or arrange a day off.
  • The amount of income is unlimited, it all depends on your knowledge and certain luck.
  • Opportunities for creative growth.

5 professions that are most successful for finding a part-time job

  1. Medical workers. The range of paid services is very wide. From medical procedures (injections, droppers, etc.) to the provision of professional advice.
  2. Drivers with private vehicles can earn extra money in a taxi.
  3. Teachers usually do tutoring.
  4. Educators. People with pedagogical education can offer their services to young parents, who very often have no one to leave their children with for even a short time.
  5. Lawyers offer legal advice remotely.

can find a side job

Skills to help you find extra income

  • The ability to do massage, supported by a special certificate, will give you unlimited possibilities. Even if you will be at your main job during the day, it will no longer be possible to find a part-time job in the evening.
  • Do you like to cook? You can sell finished products. Perhaps at first you will offer dinners and delicious cakes with pies to your friends and acquaintances, and subsequently the circle of customers can expand significantly.
  • Do you know how to make beautiful hairstyles and know a variety of options for weaving braids? In this case, you can easily find a part-time job at home.
  • The ability to take good pictures is very popular in our time. Any holidays, family celebrations and memorable events can become the reason for the photo shoot, and the question of how to find a side job for the weekend will be resolved.
  • When engaging in any kind of needlework - embroidery, beadwork, knitting, etc. - remember that your hobby can become a source of additional income.
  • Do you like to arrange holidays for your family, come up with fun, games, quizzes? Try yourself as a host of various events and family celebrations.

Any of your skills can give you the opportunity to find a side job for a while, and possibly become a source of your main income.

find a part time job

Useful Tips

We told you only about some types of side jobs, in fact, there are much more. If you spend at least 15-20 minutes every day looking for additional income, you will definitely find it. Still not sure where to find a part-time job? Use the following tips:

  • Pay attention to parents with children walking around your home. Perhaps they will gladly agree to leave the kids under your supervision for a while for a fee.
  • In stores, pay attention to the stands with announcements: you can find the necessary information there. You can contact employees and find out about vacancies, as well as whether there is an opportunity to find a part-time job.
  • Use various search options.
  • Make a resume correctly. The main points to which you should pay attention: professional skills, personal data, education, wishes for the employer. The absence of grammatical errors and brevity of presentation will increase your chances of success.
  • Appearance must be impeccable: the hair is clean and neatly combed, clothes ironed. A tidy person evokes sympathy and a desire to continue communication, always remember this.
  • A smile helps win over almost any person. If you have an interview, smile more often.
  • Find a prayer for getting a job, learn it and often speak to yourself more often.
  • After reviewing all the options, select a few and, after weighing all the pros and cons, select the most suitable option.

where can I find a side job

Reviews of people with extra income

According to opinion polls, a huge number of people, choosing which part to find, give preference to the type of activity, one way or another connected with their main job.

A person with a medical education and working as a pediatrician offers the services of a professional massage therapist. Such a service is beneficial for young parents in that they don’t need to go somewhere with the baby on purpose, so the demand for it is quite large. Thus, a pediatrician can earn from 300 to 1000 rubles daily, in addition to the main income.

Many people do copywriting online. Writing articles on various topics is a very popular type of side job. You can earn from 100 rubles to several tens of thousands per month, spending on it only 3-4 hours a day. Of the advantages, some note the fact that you do not need to spend time to get to the place of work. In addition, everyone determines when and how much time to devote to this type of employment. Especially convenient for moms on maternity leave. Having put the baby to bed, you can do copywriting.

Students like to earn extra money at fast food enterprises - at McDonald's, pizzerias. You can earn about 1000 rubles in one evening.


I want to say that no matter what way you work, you remember one thing: water does not flow under a lying stone. You can lie on the couch and talk about how unhappy you are and how bad you are without money, but at the same time you can look for options for additional income.

what a side job to find

Even if something doesn’t work out for you, do not despair. As the great French emperor Napoleon said: "Without getting involved in a battle, battles cannot be won." In case of failure, you will gain some experience that will help you find the necessary part-time job. Remember that it depends only on you how you manage this money. You will live from paycheck to paycheck, increasing your expenses, or you will rise to a new step in financial well-being. Good luck and prosperity!


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