How to learn to joke to become the soul of a company

Laughter, as you know, prolongs life. And the one who causes this always enjoys sympathy among people. Therefore, anyone who amuses the audience is most often done by the soul of the company, people are drawn to it, they are pleased with the society of this person. It happens that a sense of humor is innate, like a musical ear and other natural inclinations. But if a child with such a gift is not taught to play the piano, he will not receive awards for achievements in the field of art. But if you train a child without God's special gift, then, of course, she will not become an outstanding composer, but she will be able to play a couple of tunes. In the same way, you can develop a sense of humor.

To begin with, consider what amuses people? Firstly, unusual. Some unexpected turn of the situation, a new angle, an original pun. Try to look at what is happening from different angles of view, as if you were an alien flying to the ground. After all, what seems ordinary to us can be quite funny. However, as a joke, it’s important not to overdo it and not offend the people whom we want to make laugh. There are people who "for the sake of a red word will not spare their father." Such as one learns to joke, so from him, on the contrary, everyone shies away - not to fall on a tongue as sharp as a meat-grinder knife.

A joke, like a spoon for dinner, is needed in a certain place and by the time. It’s not worth suggesting that “everything is so bad in our country, because Lenin doesn’t lie in Feng Shui in the Mausoleum” in the cell of the Communist Party, as well as in the society of people who seriously believe in the Chinese teaching about the correct arrangement of objects. Both those and others will not appreciate your joke. Well, well, you say, here were given tips on how not to joke, but how to learn to joke in order to “give birth” to at least such an uncomplicated joke?

Humor, like music and drawing, has its own rules. Do you think that a comedian makes people laugh with new jokes every time ? Analyze: structurally, just a few tricks are hidden under them, and we will briefly review these techniques. The first trick is a pun. The Russian language is replete with terms that have different meanings. There are also phrases similar to others in sound. How to learn to joke, playing with words? Highlight such ambiguous terms (braid, key, case). And when they ask you: “How are you?”, You can answer: “It’s the prosecutor’s business, but I’m doing something.” You can beat proverbs and sayings. For example, say about the stalemate: “I found a goat on a cable, and killed a goat with electric current”.

Another common trick is a false opposition, when the second part of the sentence seems to contradict the first, but in fact only confirms it. For example: "We are not interested in anyone except the tax police, and even that one is not interesting for us, but for the contents of our pockets." Here, a technique similar to the previous amplification technique is used, only the end of the statement refutes the beginning: "Quitting smoking is easy - I have already quit fifty times." There are also techniques for hyperbole — intentional exaggeration and false understatement. How to learn to joke using such a technique? A win-win option is to familiarize the neighbors: “He got so drunk yesterday that in the morning even the neighbors had a headache”, etc. Bringing to the point of absurdity also amuses the people, and its examples can be infinitely drawn from the vocabulary of the military: "Keep quiet, I ask you!" etc.

But let's say you got acquainted with the techniques of humor, but you still can’t give birth to something witty. But you can amuse others with other people's jokes. Try to remember a lot of jokes and funny phrases, aphorisms and winged expressions. How to learn to joke with them? The main thing is that the joke you told was appropriate. The "salt" of this comedic opus should at least touch on the topic of conversation. Do not repeat the same joke several times. And if you didn’t provoke a response laugh, you should not immediately tell another similar case, in the hope that it will definitely work. And what absolutely can not be done is to blame the audience for the lack of a sense of humor.


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