How to promote a Twitter account - the advantages and disadvantages of different methods

If you want to make money using your Twitter account, or make your site popular thanks to this social network, then you need to know how to promote Twitter in order to gain the maximum number of "followers" (subscribers) to your page. Subscribers are network users who constantly read your “tweets” (statements). The following will be a few ways in which Twitter is usually promoted:

1) Paid way:

How to promote twitter

This method uses popular online exchanges to receive subscribers, which for a fee can connect up to 10,000 subscribers. This method is the fastest and safest. The most famous exchanges working with such a service as promotion on Twitter: TWITE and PROSPERO. These sites have been created for a long time, they have proven their reliability. This method of promoting a Twitter account is the fastest, but requires significant cash costs.

2) Free way:

People who were thinking about how to promote Twitter created the easiest way to popularize their account - “mass follow”. The essence of this method is that you sign up for a large number of pages in a short period of time, and their owners, in turn, become readers of your account. This method has its drawbacks: you cannot be sure that the subscription will be mutual. In addition, even those people who are currently reading updates to your page may unsubscribe from this after some time.

twitter promotion

To understand which accounts you need to “follow,” you can use hashtags. Many users indicate in them words such as "following", "mutual subscription", etc. - it is clear that they are ready for mutual subscription. In addition, on the Internet you can find a list of bot accounts created specifically for promotion on Twitter. These accounts always subscribe to those who follow them.

However, all these methods require a certain amount of time, and in order to automate the process of recruiting followers, special programs have been created that allow you to both promote a Twitter page and fill it with tweets. Today, the undisputed leader among these programs is Twidium.

The Twidium program allows you to subscribe to user accounts from a specific list, and makes "enfollowing" (refusal to read) those who have not added you. Also, this program is able to simultaneously promote several accounts and fill them with useful content that may be of interest to potential readers.

twitter promotion
Before you promote your account on Twitter, you need to familiarize yourself with the problems that will interfere with the quick recruitment of subscribers:

1) If you subscribe to more than 2000 accounts, but at the same time you will have less than 2000 followers, then the administration can take you for a spammer and prohibit further recruitment of users. In order to overcome this barrier, you need to use either paid exchanges or the Twidium program.

2) On the day you can "follow" no more than 200 people. If you add several thousand subscribers per day, then your account may be blocked by the administration.

How to promote Twitter, overcoming these obstacles?

1) A Twidium user immediately after purchasing a paid version of the program is given a list of 2000 accounts that are always mutually signed. Thus, page promotion will not be inhibited due to a barrier of 2,000 followers.

2) You need to limit the daily set of "followers" and fill out your Twitter with interesting information.


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