How to meditate at home?

Meditation. This word is one of the most mysterious and controversial in our world. Many Western scholars called this action nothing more than self-hypnosis and violence against the mind, while Eastern monks who have been practicing meditation for thousands of years have described it as the only and most reliable way to complete self-knowledge and perfect their mind and spirit. What is meditation? How to join this ancient art, having connected himself with the cosmos and having found complete calm and the ability to think soberly in any situation? How to meditate? How to meditate at home? Pose of a meditating person? Now, we will find out. First of all, it is worth noting that meditation is really a unique phenomenon, requiring you only a convenient place, and the desire to follow the path of knowing yourself and the world around you.

What exactly is meditation based on? And it is based on one of the oldest human principles, which, one way or another, affects every person on the planet. And this principle is constant reflection on everything that happens around us, as well as outside our field of vision. Thoughts are concentration and concentration, but first of all, it is a dialogue. It doesnโ€™t matter if this dialogue is a conversation with another person, or communication between your inner yin and yang, two conflicting, but always equal sides, in each of which there is a particle of the other. It is not surprising that such an action takes a lot of spiritual and mental energy from people, so meditation is designed to minimize the cost of this energy, so that your thoughts become several thousand times more productive and meaningful.

How to meditate on a beginner? To begin with, you need to learn to drown out these conversations that take place in your mind, since an unorganized mind that is not capable of the right concentration is not able to properly conduct and recognize them, which leads to destructive consequences. To master meditation, you first have to become familiar with concentration. To develop this skill, you need to learn how to focus on one object, turning off all your feelings and emotions, feelings and thoughts. How to meditate with maximum results? The best objects for the development of concentration are stars, candle flame, slow run of water. Only when you learn to turn off all your 4 senses, touch, smell, taste and hearing, and partially use your vision, will you be ready for real meditation. Remember that before you begin meditation, you must prepare the proper conditions at home. Create a separate corner that will always be clean and full of light, in which you will be comfortable both psychologically and physically.

Meditation classes should be carried out alone, since, first of all, this is a discussion with oneself, and outsiders can destroy the fragile balance of calm. Accustom yourself to meditate at the same time and period of the day, as the cosmos does not like sudden and abrupt changes in the current stream of affairs. Now let's move on to the position in which you need to be for meditation. As you know, the most correct is the lotus position, since as you reach it your physical body will become identical with the spiritual form. If you find it difficult to sit in the lotus position, any other convenient position will do, which will not cause you any inconvenience from being in a stationary state for a long time. After you have decided on the pose, you need to choose which meditation you need to practice, because in contrast to the goals with which a person turns to this art, there are various methods of meditation. The most common in our time is breathing meditation, which, in essence, is a concentration on the rhythm of your breathing, which will allow you to calm down and filter out unnecessary thoughts and find solutions for important things. I hope our article answered you the main question, how to meditate? Good luck.


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