How to change the Internet provider, why change it and how to choose it?

It is already impossible to imagine a modern society without the Internet, in almost all offices, apartments, organizations it is actively used. Already, even in buses, parks, trains, trains, everyone is sitting on the Web.

Internet Service Providers

Providers compete in bonuses, discounts, speed, cost in order to attract a customer. On each corner hangs an advertisement of a particular Internet connection operator, well-known actors advertise a certain TM on television.

how to change your internet provider

It is very difficult for an ordinary user to figure out and make their choice of an Internet provider. A huge number of proposals forces the company to improve the conditions for customers, which, of course, cannot but please the average man in the street. For some, the Internet is already connected, but hearing more attractive conditions, a person reasonably begins to think: "How to change the Internet provider? How to do this the most profitable and simple? How to change the provider without changing the wires? "

Priorities in choosing a provider

To understand the question of how to change your Internet provider, you should find out what types of connections are and which one is right for you. So:

  1. Internet connection through a telephone line. For example, ADSL and dial-up.
  2. Fiber or copper network. Leased line. One of the priority types of connection. Stability, high feed rate are noted. But not everywhere she is present. It is necessary to check with the operators.
  3. Wi-Fi - home network - the most popular connection among users. Optical fiber is also used.
  4. Wireless communication through mobile devices, modems, tablets and other devices that support this feature. The global minus is usually low speed and overpayment.
  5. Satellite connection. Everything is good, except for the complexity of the installation and the high cost of equipment.

choice of internet provider

The choice of an Internet service provider is simple at first glance. When making this choice, pay attention to technical support. In case of any malfunctions, you should be provided with a clear and quick answer that will solve your problem, or quickly arrange the departure of a technician.

The tariff plan is very important. It is advisable to study the information, to isolate from a variety of proposals what suits you. Read each item carefully. It depends on his choice whether you get the expected result or not. And then the question "how to change the Internet provider" will recede into the background.

User feedback on feed stability and speed is also important. Often, advertising slogans in practice turn out to be a lie. Here the reviews will come in handy for you: they are left by living people who have already encountered one or another tariff.

New tariff or provider. How to switch at the lowest cost

How to change your ISP without changing the wire? Is there a possibility of this? The Internet cable is usually in your possession, and the Internet service provider simply connects to it. But this needs to be solved "ashore", to explain to the tech guys what you want faster and you already have a wire. In theory, itโ€™s even more convenient for them: itโ€™s faster and less work.

About tariffs, if you stay with your provider, as a rule, you can read on the company's website or in your personal account. It lists all the pros and cons, speed, monthly fee and other bonuses inherent in different tariff plans.

how to change your ISP without changing the wire
An interesting fact: just recently, the Internet was rather a luxury and cost quite a lot. People visited clubs, paid hourly for using the service. But they didnโ€™t connect at home - expensive! And now Internet service providers have moderated their appetites for dozens of times, the proposed choice has become too extensive.

Tricks of Internet Service Providers

Frequent trick of Internet service companies - unlimited! A happy client connects, and there may be several options for the development of events.

  • Internet is provided in unlimited format only for the first 1-3 months.
  • The Internet is conditionally unlimited: for example, only 5GB is given, and then a fee is charged for each MB.

how to change provider without changing wires

And this information is written on the website or contract in tiny letters at the very end. Following from all of the above, the question of โ€œhow to change your Internet providerโ€ should be approached with a cool head, not clouded by advertising. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract, thoroughly study all possible offers, determine in advance the purpose of the Internet in your home or office, find out all the technical capabilities at your address.


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