Why does gel polish crack on nails? Possible causes, application errors and recommendations

Modern manicure is very different from what was done a couple of decades ago. Moreover, the difference lies not only in the types and shades of coatings, but also in the technique of their application. Especially in demand among modern women is the so-called gel polish. The secret of his popularity lies in his amazing stamina. If you believe the manufacturers, it can last about four weeks. However, these statements are not always true and it often happens that after a couple of days from a fresh manicure only memories remain. After reading today's publication, you will find out why gel polish on nails is cracking .

Wrong sock

This is one of the most common causes of peeling of a recently applied coating. Due to carelessness and incorrect actions of the owner of such a manicure, chips appear on it. Despite the fact that gel polish is positioned as a very resistant coating, several simple recommendations should be observed during its wearing.

why gel polish is cracking

It is undesirable to expose it to prolonged exposure to high temperatures in combination with humidity. So that you do not have a question why the gel polish is cracking, you don’t need to abuse visits to the sauna or tanning bed during its wear. The atmosphere prevailing there can adversely affect the state of the nail plate.

The negative reaction of gel polish is also noted when exposed to low temperatures. Therefore, in severe frosts, it is better to hide your hands in mittens or gloves. In addition to cracking, subzero temperatures can lead to peeling and tarnishing of the coating.

Serious loads and household chemicals

If you do not visit the sauna and do not expose your nails to low temperatures, but you still have a very logical and logical question about why gel polish is cracking at the tips, it will be useful for you to find out about another reason for the occurrence of such a problem. Often an unreasonably high mechanical load leads to this. As a rule, owners of fairly soft and flexible nails face a similar problem. In this case, even insignificant loads can provoke plate bending and cracking of gel polish.

why gel nail polish is cracking

Also, instability of the coating can be associated with constant interaction with household chemicals. To protect the skin of your hands and preserve a recently made manicure, be sure to wear special gloves before starting homework involving the use of detergents or cleaners.

Application technology

If none of the above reasons suits your situation, and the question of why the gel polish is cracking still remains open, then it is likely that the rules for performing manicure were violated. In order not to encounter a similar problem from now on, one should not neglect the preliminary preparation of the plate.

Before applying gel polish, it is advisable not to use nourishing and moisturizing hand creams. It is also important to carefully dry and degrease the nails. If a manicure is done at home and there is no professional dehydrator at hand, it can be replaced with medical alcohol or nail polish remover made on the basis of acetone.

why cracked gel polish at the tips

The next reason is considered insufficient processing of the nail plate. Initially, it is filed with a buff. And only after that they process the edge. Otherwise, notches will remain on the plate. So that later you do not have to wonder why the gel polish coating is cracking, you should not neglect the sealing of each applied layer.

Unsatisfactory results can be obtained in the case of poor-quality drying. The smallest particles of garbage that have fallen on the varnish also lead to cracks. Therefore, manicure should be performed on a carefully cleaned table. A too thin or too thick layer of varnish will not last long on the nails.

Substandard materials

The use of low-grade products may also raise the question of why gel polish is cracking at the tips of nails. Do not save on buying a base and top. Try to always use expensive and high quality products. Experts recommend giving preference to brands issued by trusted manufacturers. It depends on how much the manicure you make will last.

why crack on gel polish top

So that later you do not have to wonder why the top is cracked on gel polish, you need to avoid the so-called 2 in 1 products. They stick to the nails much worse and are more difficult to remove. Therefore, always try to purchase a separate base and top.


Oddly enough, but on the longevity of manicure affects the internal state of the body. And we are talking not only about the bottom of the coating, but also about the entire period of its wear. For those who want to understand why gel polish is cracking, it will certainly be interesting that some physiological processes in the human body can perceive the applied coating as something foreign and requiring intensive rejection. As a result, the manicure will not last as long as planned.

why cracking gel polish

As a rule, cracking and exfoliation of gel polish occurs with hormonal disruptions, inflammations and infectious diseases. Also, a cause of rapid spoilage of a recently made manicure may be a course of antibiotics.


Hormonal stress associated with a happy expectation of adding to the family may be the reason why the future mother has a question about why gel polish on the nails crack. Of course, during pregnancy you should not completely give up manicure. You just need to understand that the result may not be the one you were counting on.

why gel polish is cracking on the tips of nails

In addition, many pregnant women have experienced slower or, conversely, accelerated nail growth. Some future mothers had thickening and strengthening of the plate, while others became weaker and thinner.

Why do nails crack under gel polish?

This coating is a complex chemical compound, which contains hydralized collagen. It is "embedded" in the upper layers of the nail plate using ultraviolet radiation, which is very aggressive on skin cells.

Since the nail plate, which has been under the gel polish layer for a long time, is completely devoid of moisture and oxygen, it gradually begins to thin and delaminate. It becomes more brittle and overdried.

In addition, an aggressive solution is used in the process of removing gel polish. It is applied to the nails and covered with foil or a special impermeable material. This also negatively affects the state of the plate.

Recommendations for the restoration of nails

So that your hands always have a beautiful and healthy look, you need to follow a few simple tips. The most important step is proper nutrition. So that you do not have a question about why gel polish is cracking and how to restore nails after such a manicure, make sure that healthy foods regularly appear in your diet. First of all, you need to eat foods rich in calcium. It can be cheese, fatty fish and chicken eggs.

why nails crack under gel polish

Also, experts recommend systematically taking vitamin-mineral complexes, which contain iron and zinc. Thanks to this, you can minimize the damage caused to the nails with a persistent manicure. As a result, they will become smooth, resilient and strong.

After removing the gel polish, you can make gelatin masks and use protein-based medications. In the morning and evening, it is advisable to rub olive or apricot oil into the cuticle. These simple but very effective procedures will help restore the structure of the nail and reduce its fragility.

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