How to make a spear yourself

The history of the spear is rooted in ancient times, when primitive people made this weapon from a stick sharpened at the end, and then heated its tip over an open fire. Over time, people discovered metal, after which the spear became iron. It was actively used by the warriors of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

how to make a spear with your own hands

Today, a spear is used extremely rarely, mainly as an attribute for role-playing games. But besides this, it can come in handy in extreme conditions. But not everyone knows how to make a spear.

Types of Homemade Spears


  • ordinary spear from a wooden stick;
  • spear with an iron tip;
  • point attached to the handle.

Consider each manufacturing method in more detail.

Simple spear

Almost everyone knows from childhood how to make a spear without a metal tip. The main thing is to find an even branch of the desired length and diameter. The length should match your height or be several centimeters longer. With this size, you can easily cope with it. The diameter should be approximately 2.5-3.0 centimeters. Ideally, the workpiece should be sawn off from a young, or better, recently dead tree. Trees such as ash or oak are suitable for making spears.

Next, sharpen the stake at the end with a hatchet or knife. The cuts for making the tip should be clear and light. Excess wood should be cut away from you. Care should be taken when doing this. This will protect against possible serious personal injury during manufacture.

After the tip is made, it should be heated over a bonfire, which must first be diluted. It is necessary to place it above the flame and gradually turn until the tip darkens and completely bakes. You should not be afraid that the spear will burn, because with this treatment moisture is removed from the wood, the material becomes harder and stronger. Now consider how to make a spear out of wood with a metal tip.

Iron-tipped Spear

First of all, as in the manufacture of a simple spear, you should find a branch with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters. It is best to cut it from dead trees. In addition, you will need to use a strong handle so that the knife is well fixed on it.

how to make a spear

First of all, the branch must be smoothed smoothly. Then you need to make a bed where the knife will be placed. To do this, cut the wood from the selected end of the branch so that the tip of the stick becomes half. This will be the place for the bed, which will help put the knife on the handle. To make the spear safer, you can rest the branch, for example, in a stump.

For a more reliable fastening of the knife, you can use a rope or rope. For convenience, the end of the rope should be fixed on the tree trunk, and the other end should be used to wrap the handle with a knife. Then you should step back so that the rope is properly stretched. Then, using the body weight and holding the rope taut, you should wrap it around the handle with a knife. If necessary, a second rope layer can be wound. After winding, tie a rope with a simple knot. Now you know how to make a spear with a tip.

Pointed Spear

Such a tip is purchased at any weapons store. How to make a spear with him, we will consider. In this case, you need to check that the tip is sharpened for the installation of the tip. You can either sharpen it yourself or entrust this matter to a professional.

As for the handle, you can make it yourself or buy it in the same store as the point. In any case, one of the ends will need to be slightly narrowed so that the tip is fixed as securely as possible.

how to make a spear from wood

If you narrow the end of the stick too much, a gap may form. To remove it, you need to mark the place of the gap with a marker and make a small hole using a drill. Then the tip will be securely fastened with a nail or bolt. And in the case of a nail, it will be enough to use a hammer. If the nail sticks out on the other side of the handle, it can be bent using pliers or the same hammer.


Now you know how to make a spear with your own hands. But when using it, the following recommendations should be observed.

After making the spear, you can immediately start using it. On the handle you can cut a figure or pattern that matches your beliefs or worldview. And so that the handle does not injure the skin of the hands, you can wrap it with some material, such as leather.

In order not to plan the tip of the stick for the tip, you can make a groove. It should be wide so that the tip fits snugly on the stick.

Necessary material and tools

You will need:

  • a pole or stick with a length of 180 to 250 centimeters;
  • hammer;
  • rope or rope about a meter long;
  • sharp knife or hatchet;
  • short nails;
  • pliers.

You can get to work.

Precautionary measures

When handling a spear, the following rules must be followed to ensure the safety of both yourself and those around you.

Before throwing, one should exclude the presence of someone in the flight path of the spear.

When using any type of weapon and generally any sharp-cutting objects, care should be taken.

Before using a spear, a person should make sure that he is mentally healthy and will not harm anyone, because this is a weapon that can cause injuries, including death.


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