Work as a waitress. Advantages and disadvantages

Surely every person at least once in his life thought about opening a cafe, restaurant or tavern. Today, a huge number of people are already

Work as a waitress
prefers to engage in restaurant business, since this type of activity brings a fairly solid profit. To implement this business idea, it is necessary to make certain efforts, for example, find a room, create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in it, develop an original menu, hire an experienced chef. Well, and how to do without a team of waiters, whose work is extremely important for any catering establishment! And indeed it is. After all, if the client is dissatisfied with the service, he can simply choose another restaurant for himself. For this reason, the owners of cafes and bars are looking for highly qualified workers, and the waiter in their list is far from the last place.

Work as a waitress in a cafe
Work as a waitress is considered in the mass consciousness not at all prestigious, although in European countries she is appreciated quite high along with other professions. In Russia, it has a completely specific attitude. In our country, it is believed that working as a waitress is one of the ways to survive in the absence of anything better. It should be noted that the above field of activity is also characterized by high staff turnover. At the same time, work as a waitress requires a professional approach to business, and for some it is formed - as a result, the client, being in the restaurant and cafe, feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

As a rule, this type of activity is a good enough way for students to earn money. Moreover, the work as a waitress is suitable for girls of both correspondence and full-time studies. The remuneration of their work depends on how the tip is distributed by the administrator of the room. Some employers introduce an additional remuneration system for their staff, when waiters receive a certain percentage from the sale of certain dishes and alcohol. One way or another, working in a cafe as a waitress in the first months of activity in this position can bring an income of between two hundred and three hundred dollars a month. However, if an employee has a diploma of graduation, has experience in other catering establishments, has an attractive appearance and has information on how to automatically prepare an order and receive payment from a client using a special program, then her earnings can be up to five hundred dollars a month.

Waitress work for students
Quite often you can find an ad: “A waitress is required. Work for students. " Typically, these jobs require young people aged 18 to 25 years.

In some cases, employers require that they have Russian citizenship and registration at the place of stay. In addition, the owners of restaurants and cafes, considering the candidacy for the position of a waiter, ask a person about his experience. Preference is given to applicants who are sociable and willing to learn a new profession.


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