Salt addicts: signs of drug use and consequences

The worst drug of our time, literally destroying the lives of thousands of young people across the country, is by no means heroin or even fashionable amphetamine. Today, the so-called "bath salts" have gained incredible popularity. In most large cities, you can find inscriptions offering salt, spice, or just speed. Below them is the phone or email address of the seller. How did it happen that the sale of drugs is conducted directly on the streets of the city and on the Internet? Why can no one stop the heartless salt sellers cashing in on someone else’s grief?


In order to understand who these salt addicts are, you need to figure out what kind of substance these notorious "bath salts" are. This phenomenon is quite new, which came to us together with legal smoking mixtures at the beginning of the 2000s. A variety of substances can be sold under the guise of bath salts , but most often it is MDPV. Compared to this drug, cocaine is just a toy for children. Insidious salts destroy their users dozens of times faster than classic stimulants, moreover, it is much more difficult to fight dependence on them. Many narcologists have no idea how to help a salt addict.

salt addicts

The effect of the deadly news does not last long, but the side effect will haunt its victim for many hours. Degradation from salts occurs rapidly and inevitably. Just a couple of months can be enough to completely destroy the personality and body of the addict. Moreover, even after stopping the drug, mental abnormalities can remain and even progress.


The biggest problem in the fight against “bath salt” is its legality. No matter how many forbid malicious formulas, craftsmen immediately come up with new ones that can be sold on completely legitimate grounds. The problem is that in the pursuit of legality, ever more terrifying substances are invented, in comparison with which the old salts were completely safe. Obviously, to solve this problem, completely new laws are needed, and not an addition to the old ones.

Contact sellers are usually in sight. That is, email addresses, store sites, and even mobile phone numbers can be easily found on the Internet, or even on the wall of your own home. But it’s not easy to figure out merchants with dubious pleasure. Moreover, even if the drug dealer is caught, it is almost impossible to hold him accountable. Law enforcement officers are well aware of what he is doing, and what effect his products have on people. But they are not in the list of prohibited substances. And this means that the insidious businessman may be free the very next day to continue his wicked business.


People think that drugs are bought from a gloomy man in a cloak, standing somewhere in a dark gateway. But these times are long gone. Now sellers of insanity do not risk their precious skin, personally meeting with buyers. The lover of “bath salt” simply throws off money to the dealer’s electronic account, after which he sends him the location of the “bookmark”. A drug can be hidden anywhere. Parks, garages, benches at the entrance - any place may contain coveted powder.

how many salt addicts live

Another common occurrence is stalls that openly sell bath salts. Usually they have an inconspicuous appearance, but those who need it are well aware of what this place is. Despite the obvious fact that drugs are sold, such places can exist for months or even years. Usually they are closed only after the locals get down to business.


Indispensable companions of bath salts are legal smoking mixtures, or spice. They got their name from the English company, which many years ago produced similar products. However, huge harm to the health and psyche of buyers forced the British to end the sale of smoking mixtures, but their idea was immediately picked up by dealers from around the world. Spices are sold under the guise of incense, but this cover is more likely symbolic. In fact, almost any chemical can be applied to the smoking mixture, so that it can be incredibly toxic. Salt addicts often use spice, as they are sold by the same people.

salt addicts live

The effect of synthetic smoking substances can be very different, but in most cases it causes a stupid “vegetable” state among its fans. They can lie for hours without movement, as if being half asleep. With the constant use of smoking mixtures, memory begins to suffer, intelligence decreases, the skin may acquire a yellowish tint. People who are addicted to spice are no longer interested in anything else. Their whole life is aimed at getting and using a smoking mixture, the rest excites them a little.


Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV, is the most common and dangerous of the "legal" drugs. In its pure form, it has long been banned, but chemists are constantly changing the formula in order to continue their destructive work. This stimulator attracts young people by the fact that it is presented as absolutely legal, and therefore safe. However, photos of salt addicts, exhausted and distraught, prove the opposite. The harm from the "bath salt" is hardly inferior to heroin. But the low price and availability make MDPV much more dangerous than conventional drugs.

photos of salt addicts

Many begin to use this salt occasionally, on holidays. But over time, this develops into a daily need. For a stronger effect, addicts begin intravenous injection of MDPV. This substance has low dosages, so an inattentive drug addict can easily die from an unsuccessful injection.

Salt exposure

Such readily available "bath salts" are a dangerous stimulant, the effect of which does not last long. A person experiences short-term euphoria, it seems to him that he is capable of anything. Salt addicts often behave arrogantly, their thoughts are confused, they put forward stupid ideas and make impossible plans. A person under the influence of salt cannot concentrate on anything, his thoughts get confused, he is inclined for hours to engage in useless monotonous activity.

As a result of exhaustion and constant stimulation of people who use salt, very sad consequences await. Salt addicts are often visited by visions and auditory hallucinations. If most addicted people calm down as soon as they receive the desired dose, then salt lovers can be aggressive at any time.


Salt addicts live in constant fear. Paranoid thoughts visit their blurred heads every minute. Even if everything around is good, and there is not the slightest hint of concern, their inflamed mind will still constitute a negative outline of what is happening. Salt addicts tightly curtain the windows and close the doors to all the locks, but this does not save them from paranoia. Everyone can in an instant become an enemy within their inflamed fantasy.

salt addicts treatment

If the effect of the drug was prolonged, then paranoid thoughts begin to be supported by hallucinations, both auditory and visual. This sometimes pushes fans of "bath salts" on impulsive actions. They can cause significant harm to others, thinking that they are saving their lives.

Signs of a Salt Addict

A person who uses MDPV is not always easy to recognize. At first, he is not too different from ordinary passers-by. But if a salt addict has been using a stimulant for several days, then characteristic signs begin to appear. Sometimes the appearance of such a person does not betray addiction, but now the behavior is already starting to get out of control. The salt addict constantly looks around as if someone is following him. He may tremble a little, his limbs involuntarily twitch. Usually salt lovers have a pale, haggard look and a strange wild look that gives off a serious psychosis, devouring a drug addict from the inside. Their speech is confused, they often lose the thread of conversation and jump from one thought to another, or, on the contrary, get hung up on just one thing.


It is not easy to say what a salt addict is breaking. Her physical manifestations are not paired with what causes heroin, but mental addiction can haunt a drug addict for many years. The main thing is to protect the person from access to the drug for the first two weeks. At first it will be especially difficult for him, but it is rather the residual effect of taking narcotic substances. It manifests itself in the fact that the poor fellow will not be able to fall asleep and will experience a serious mental disorder.

how to help a salt addict

In addition to the shaken psyche, the body will also remind of itself. The destructive effect that salt has on the body will finally manifest itself. Prior to this, the addict, under the influence of a stimulant, did not feel how much his body suffers. But after giving up the drug, he is likely to begin to get sick, tasting the consequences of an overly fun life. It is still difficult to say how many salt addicts live, as this is a fairly new phenomenon. But now it is safe to say that only two years of salt intake can, if not kill a person, then certainly make him disabled.


Even narcologists who have rich experience in getting rid of heroin addiction admit that it’s almost impossible to help fans of “bath salt”. Salt addicts are too much divorced from reality. The treatment of these people is difficult for the reason that they flatly refuse to consider themselves dependent. Moreover, it is sometimes impossible to convince a drug addict that salt is generally a drug.

consequences of salt addicts

The situation is aggravated by the fact that even for several months “bath salts” cause such terrible damage to the psyche that a person is no longer able to distinguish reality from fiction. Such people are no longer able to work, study, or otherwise interact with society.

How to deal with salt?

Unfortunately, there is still no clear answer to this question. Despite all the government’s attempts to legislatively solve this problem, the harmful powder is becoming more widespread among young people. Obviously, this drug control method does not work. No matter how many substances are added to the list of prohibited substances, this will not give any result. We need to offer teens an alternative. For example, to make sport more prestigious among schoolchildren. After all, if a person has a hobby that gives him pleasure, he will hardly look for an opportunity to get away from reality. One can only hope that in the future this problem will be solved.


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