Sabotage: what is it and what happens?

One of the most terrible types of combat is a stealth attack when the opponent does not expect an attack. Unfortunately, this dishonest method is used more and more often in ordinary peaceful life, it is called "sabotage". What does this mean, many may ask? This term has several definitions, however, the official interpretation is quite simple and understandable.

Definition of the term sabotage

The word "sabotage" of Latin origin, it is customary to interpret it into Russian as a difference or deviation. According to official sources, sabotage is a crime of various types, as specified in article 281 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Such a criminal act is carried out with the aim of undermining the economic condition of the country and reducing its military potential. The concept itself is quite capacious and includes several varieties.

sabotage what is it

What are subversive activities?

So, it is customary to distinguish the following types of sabotage:

  • in production (meaning factories, plants, whole complexes);
  • with buildings for household purposes (the most striking example is a bridge, dam, tunnel, etc.);
  • means of transport (these include railways, roads, pipelines, subways, etc.) and means of communication (vehicles of all types, from cars to steamboats and airplanes);
  • objects designed to ensure the livelihoods of people (warehouses, boiler rooms).

types of sabotage

Ways to Conduct

Classification can also be done according to the method of sabotage, so, the following types can be distinguished:

  • arson;
  • destruction (including by explosion);
  • flooding;
  • organization of accidents;
  • sabotage;
  • other methods aimed at collapsing the country's economy and military security.

Characteristic features of sabotage. Her difference from other crimes

There are a number of characteristic features of such a crime as sabotage. What are these nuances and what is their main meaning? First of all, sabotage is always premeditated, the person committing it gives an account of his actions and understands what they can lead to. The motive for such a criminal act itself may be different, but the goal is always the same - to violate stability in the economy and military security of the state. When classifying a crime, you can find many similar features of sabotage and a number of other serious offenses. So, the destruction of another's property and terrorism have certain similar features. The difference between terrorism and sabotage lies mainly in the goal. So, a terrorist act is aimed at creating public danger, a threat to the life and work of civilians.

the difference between terrorism and sabotage

Chernobyl - an accident, negligence or sabotage?

Sabotage in our country occurs quite often. It is not always possible to prevent them, and sometimes to reveal them. Recently, in the free press you can find the version that the terrible accident of 1986 in the city of Chernobyl is a sabotage. In fact, there are even several versions, but none of them have collected enough evidence and have not been confirmed by official authorities. So, it is believed that the accident could be the result of the actions of a foreign spy agent or could have happened through the fault of a criminal traitor. Supporters of these versions operate on the fact that regime tests are always carried out at a nuclear reactor, and all mechanisms work smoothly and efficiently. In addition, I recall information that an American spy satellite, shortly before the disaster, took photographs of one of the reactors. Well, at first glance, such arguments are quite justified and plausible, but many believe that this is not an accident, and not sabotage. What is it then? Perhaps criminal negligence.

Chernobyl diversion

Many prominent experts in their field from the very beginning, in the first days after the accident, stated that the reactors were improperly designed, had a weak degree of protection, and their employees had no idea about the correct operation and possible actions in emergency conditions. Based on such information, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is more likely a pattern that should have happened sooner or later, and not a sabotage at all. The worst catastrophe, which deprived people of their lives, shelter, health, habitual way of life, spoiled the environment not only in the USSR, but throughout Europe, could occur due to the lack of clear regulations and standards.

Sabotage in the Soviet Union

Sabotage in Russia is not a rare thing, they occurred in the Soviet Union, but not all information reached ordinary people, many facts were hidden or deliberately distorted. The biggest crimes of that era include the explosion on the Western Siberia-Ural-Volga gas pipeline . As a result of criminal acts, not only state property was destroyed, the most terrible is the fact of the death of 645 civilians. In total, according to the American press, from 1982 to 1989 in the territory of the Soviet Union 4 major sabotages were committed, as a result of which people died. The government of the USSR, and later the Russian Federation, did not recognize and did not publicize these data.

sabotage in Russia

It is not enough for an ordinary person to understand the meaning of the term sabotage. What is this, we already know, but what to do in order not to suffer in the unequal struggle between criminals and the state? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question. It remains to hope for the operational work of law enforcement agencies and the perfection of legislative procedures in the field of capture and punishment of criminals.


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