Verimatrix (encoding) - what is it?

Most users, with the word "torrent" today have an association associated with the placement of illegal content and the problem of copyright. A similar thing happens with the development of IPTV. Modern copyright holders are very concerned about protecting the rights to their own content.

verimatrix encoding

Protection of rights

A recent incident with one of the providers in Tomsk made us think about the importance of security for legitimate owners of content encoding. In addition, the Tomsk branch of Megafon was very popular, illegally broadcasting about 85 channels, for which its work was suspended. This was due to the fact that they were not encoded in accordance with Verimatrix technology, which protects content from copying and retransmission by other users.

What does this mean? This issue is relevant for both users and companies providing IPTV services. Below is a detailed explanation of what Verimatrix is.

verimatrix encoding

What it is?

Verimatrix is ​​a recognized leader among solutions designed to ensure the security of content transmitted by digital television providers. The company uses a three-dimensional innovative approach to ensure the delivery of multimedia to various devices. In general, this technology was the first in the world in terms of the security of broadcast video. Today, most copyright holders agree to translate content only if it is encoded in accordance with Verimatrix. Encoding offers beneficial solutions in terms of voice acting. If an operator enters the market these days with Verimatrix, it can be a fairly strong competitor. Since the paid licenses of this company are widespread, copyright holders can make significant profits.

verimatrix what is it

How it works?

Verimatrix encoding is based on a technology called VCAS (video content management system), which is suitable for most networks: IPTV, Internet TV, DBV, hybrid and mobile television. The technology was developed using international standards for security and data protection (HLS, AES, PKI, SSL, etc.), so it provides reliable content protection. The modular design, good scalability and flexibility make it possible to use this technology not only for providers with a small number of subscribers, but also for large telecommunication operators with multi-mode networks.

encoding verimatrix sharing

The basic principle of Verimatrix encoding is to support the protection of content from viewing and use by unregistered subscribers, and also eliminates the possibility of copying and distribution. The data protection itself is based on a unified system for storing, generating and managing access protocols, as well as broadcasting a dedicated channel to a specific system. Verimatrix encoding is quite flexible and comfortable in the process of setting up and using, since it is not connected with restrictions on the architecture of other components of the system and does not need to be modified by the subscriber unit. Nowadays, the system is integrated with a large number of STB models (more than 200), and also supports other types of devices running on different platforms (iOS, PC / Mac, Android, Smart TV, STB (HLS).

satellite verimatrix encoding

Main characteristics

As already mentioned, Verimatrix encoding uses VCAS technology for Internet television. Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • ViewRight web client supports a wide range of devices open for HLS;
  • protection against illegal unauthorized copying and subsequent distribution of content is carried out by means of a watermarking technique called VideoMark;
  • high scalability with the support of several networks: 3G / 4G, broadband, Wi-Fi and so on;
  • supported video formats: MPEG-2, DivX, MPEG-4 / H.264, VC1;
  • supported codec format: MPEG-2 stream;
  • VOD content is encrypted automatically or manually through a convenient interface.

Technical aspects

Verimatrix encoding uses digital data management (DRM) systems that provide the ability to control how people can consume content. Typically, video owners and copyright holders force distributors (providers) to use certain DRM systems to protect each piece of content. Depending on copyright requirements, Verimatrix is ​​not always necessary. Sometimes it’s enough to provide basic protection through secure authentication based on tokens or simple AES encryption, without complicated license exchange and policy management. This simplifies the process of watching videos for end users, but slightly reduces the security of the content.

verimatrix viewrighttm plugin

Why can using Verimatrix cause some difficulties? This is due to the fact that in order to view video in this encoding, a certain plug-in must be installed. It is called Verimatrix Viewrighttm Plugin and can work on any of modern web browsers. As a rule, it is provided free of charge by video content providers.

About the use and development of technology

Verimatrix specializes in providing and increasing revenue for multiservice and multiscreen digital television services worldwide. The development company of this technology has received many awards, since Verimatrix Viewright Plugin allows cable, satellite TV, IPTV and OTT operators to expand their networks and create new business models in a cost-effective manner. A recognized leader in copyright compliance solutions, the company uses its innovative 3-D security approach to deliver high-quality content to a range of devices using new hybrid network combinations. Currently, the plugin is available for installation on any mobile platform and operating system (in modern versions).

verimatrix viewright plugin


Maintaining close relations with major studios and organizations regarding standardization, as well as an affiliate system of relationships, allows Verimatrix to provide a unique perspective in the video industry, in addition to content security, as operators introduce new services that take advantage of the distribution of connected devices.

Where is it used?

Thus, the distribution of Internet television and mobile video access is both a competitive task and a wide range of new opportunities for digital TV operators. Verimatrix architecture delivers security convergence that addresses a new emerging market with a proactive approach to protection and revenue growth.

Currently, the encoding is focused more on digital television operators with the architecture of IPTV, hybrid or DVB networks. VCAS combines security methods for these standards-based managed networks to deliver Internet TV to PCs, phones, tablets and STB devices. Whatever the problems with network transition for service providers, technology can help them optimize operating costs and leverage a wider network with their services.

Despite the fact that the technology is mainly designed to protect Internet video, today Verimatrix encoding is also used on the satellite. In particular, in Russia it is used by a provider known as “Satellite MTS TV”.

Is it possible to crack this encoding?

So, how can a user access encoded channels? There is only one legal way: pay for the services of a provider. However, due to their high cost, emulators or pirated cards are often used. This illegal method will allow you to access the video for free. However, such funds also began to rise in price due to the large demand for them. This resulted in a small benefit to such actions. In addition, commercially available pirated cards provide very limited access to video content.

In this regard, a sharing of Verimatrix coding appeared, allowing you to get quite budgetary access to watching videos. What does this mean? In simple words, it is viewing a data packet by many end users, provided through a single card. Moreover, such a connection can be configured not only on the Internet, but also on the local home network. Payment takes place for one card and, accordingly, is distributed to all connected subscribers.

This allows you to bypass Verimatrix technology to some extent. What does it mean? Only certain equipment and some technical knowledge will be required to connect the receiver to the server. Providers can detect such an illegal connection, but this is due to some difficulties.


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