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A cosmetic product called a liquid blade is an effective tool for foot care. It is applied to coarsened areas of the skin, corns requiring immediate removal. This pedicure has become popular due to its cosmetic properties. The fact is that the drug destroys only dead, coarsened epidermal tissues, without violating the cellular structure of healthy foot skin .


Acid pedicure: what is it?

The product in question is prepared on the basis of fruit acid with the addition of therapeutic components (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, retinol). Acid accelerates the regeneration of the skin, softens them. Additional ingredients contribute to the nutrition of the epidermis and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The preparation "Liquid Blade" is a gel-like substance. This eliminates the steaming procedure. Acid pedicure is performed without cutting the cuticles, hardware cleaning of the feet. This avoids scratches and cuts.

Chemical pedicure is recommended for people suffering from fungal diseases of the feet, excessive sweating and thickening of the epidermis, problems with the skin of the feet in patients with diabetes.

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Beauty Salons

Professional pedicure products include a wide range of cosmetic products. They are successfully used by masters of nail service in beauty salons. Including the product we are considering.

The acid pedicure procedure lasts from one to one and a half hours. First, the master prepares the feet using liquid soap with a high content of fruit acid. Then follows the peeling procedure with a special cosmetic product. Its basis is acid with the addition of natural extracts and beneficial enzymes. After this procedure, the skin of the feet is cleaned, moisturized, blood circulation normalizes, tissues begin to “breathe”.

For problem areas, old corns, corns, the master uses gel peeling - a more concentrated fruit acid preparation, combined with urea and the addition of aloe concentrate.

The next step in a chemical pedicure is to treat the feet with a disinfectant to prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases. In conclusion, the master applies a nourishing cream, gently massaging the feet. The result - beautiful well-groomed legs.

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Pedicure at home

It will not be difficult to do an acid pedicure on your own. Fruit acid-based cosmetic products are great for home pedicures.

Before you begin this procedure, you should purchase tools and cosmetics for the care of the feet. We will need the “Liquid Blade” complex, a disinfectant, a moisturizer, a large pedicure file, pumice, and a fine-grained grater. And also attention should be paid to the availability of auxiliary materials. Prepare sanitary napkins, medical gloves, cotton pads, a cuvette for water procedures, a film for wrapping your legs.

Before starting the procedure, make sure that there are no small wounds or cuts on the feet. It must be remembered that all manipulations when working with fruit acid should be carried out with medical gloves.

To begin with, you should lower your legs in a cuvette with warm water for five minutes to soften the skin. Then wiping his feet dry with napkins, you need to treat the feet with a disinfectant. After these preparatory manipulations, you can proceed to the main stage using the "Liquid Blade".

  • It is necessary to apply a means for pedicure based on fruit acid on a cotton pad and lubricate keratinized areas of skin and corns with it.
  • After 8-15 minutes, remove the dead layer of the epidermis with a pedicure file.
  • It is advisable to polish the entire surface of the foot with a pumice stone or foot grater (fine-grained).
  • Rinse your feet in warm water, apply a moisturizer. The procedure is completed. Begin to get aesthetic pleasure from contemplating your well-groomed and healthy legs.
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Acid pedicure is a gentle gentle procedure. Due to the creamy consistency of the products used, experts call it “creamy”. As a rule, there is no allergic reaction to the liquid blade. If the basis of the drug is glycolic or hydroxyacetic acid, then the chemical pedicure will be safe even for children and adolescents.

If there are small cracks, scratches, foci of fungal lesions on the feet, then this means for pedicure is contraindicated. Fruit acid is an aggressive chemical. It can damage the skin, cause inflammatory processes in healthy areas of the skin. It is used only to remove dead layers of the epidermis.

In any case, before using the drug, you should carefully read the instructions and conduct an express test for allergic tolerance of the components.

Pedicure socks

The complex under consideration is part of the socks for pedicure. Unlike preparations based on fruit acid, this pedicure product contains lactic acid concentrate with the addition of herbal supplements. Natural extracts have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing properties. The presence of chemically active ingredients contributes to the rapid process of regeneration of epidermal cells. They slow down the aging process of the skin, restore water balance. The method of using socks at home is described in detail in the instructions for use.

  • Before starting the procedure, you should steam your feet in warm water.
  • Then you need to carefully remove the socks from the package without spilling the liquid.
  • Put on the feet, fasten.
  • Two hours later, you can remove.
  • Rinse thoroughly in warm water and apply a moisturizer.

The results of a hygiene procedure using this cosmetic foot product will be visible after a few days. On the fourth day, the dead skin begins to peel off. The heels become tender and soft, acquire a soft pink hue, an unpleasant odor disappears, which indicates the health and purity of female legs.

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Liquid Blade Pedicure Cosmetics

Consider the fact-finding information about this product. Professional pedicure products based on fruit acid are widely in demand. They include: liquid soap, biogel, various moisturizers. As a rule, during the chemical pedicure procedure, these drugs are used in combination. Depending on the “neglect” of the skin of the feet, the presence of deep keratinized formations, old corns, various preparations based on a liquid blade are used, for example, Domix Green Professional or Callus Eliminator products.

Biogels with a higher concentration of acids are considered more aggressive, capable of splitting and removing dead skin tissue in a few minutes. There are other types of drugs: express skin softeners, creams, foams. The time of the hygiene procedure for the legs at home is 20-30 minutes.

The main function of cosmetics prepared on the basis of fruit acids is the ability to quickly and painlessly cleanse the feet of dead skin tissue. The liquid blade is great for a classic (trimmed) pedicure. It can be applied to the toes for quick exfoliation of the cuticle and subsequent removal.

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Acid pedicure - the choice of specialists

The popularity of liquid blades among Russian women is increasing every year, and there are a number of objective reasons for this:

  • one acquired complex (liquid blade) can last about a year;
  • the availability of various types of sales;
  • minimum cash costs for the purchase of additional foot care products;
  • the ability to carry out procedures at home without the use of cutting objects;
  • the effectiveness of drugs when performing hygiene procedures for foot care;
  • the opportunity to independently use a professional means for pedicure.

Reviews of experts on the preventive capabilities of the liquid blade make it the undisputed leader in the market for foot care products.


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