What is a tender?

Today, tenders have entered the economic life of any organization. Especially when it comes to budget enterprises. One of the main areas is a tender for the supply of materials or for the implementation of construction work.

The concept of β€œwhat is a tender” is easy to explain by translating this word from English, where it means competition or bidding. Tenders are mainly held in accordance with the current legislation of the state where they are held, and in accordance with international regulations. The main purpose of the tender is the choice by the customer for himself of the best option for the provision of the services he needs.

In other words, it is possible to explain what a tender is as follows: it is the choice of one contractor from several offers to fulfill a specific order.

The range of tenders is quite wide. Among them, most often carried out:

- tender for work;

- tender for the supply of a certain type of goods;

- tender for the provision of engineering and technical services.

During the tender, the selection of the contractor is carried out according to the criteria established by the customer at the very beginning of the tender procedure.

Let us dwell on the above types of tenders in more detail.

So, what is a tender for the supply of goods, a customer who is ready for long-term cooperation with a legal or physical person to obtain the necessary products for a certain time can tell in more detail. When announcing this type of tender, the customer expects to receive a fairly wide range of this type of service. Bidders of this type of bidding provide the customer with all the documentation for their products with a full statement of its merits and state the reasons that argue the optimal choice of this option. The winner of the tender must comply with all the conditions of the signed contract, monitor the quality of the products and the timeliness of their delivery.

What is a tender for work, those customers who have carried out either construction or repair work by contractors selected during the bidding process can clearly answer. This type of tender procedure is the most complex and time-consuming for the customer. The main difficulty here is the preparation of tender documents, which contains the relevant diagrams and drawings. Often, the customer is forced to involve third-party organizations on a paid basis in preparing this package of documents (sometimes even using the preliminary tender procedure). It is this type of work that shows what a tender for the provision of engineering and technical services implies, which implies a procedure that precedes the conduct of the above tenders and consists of drawing up design and project documentation, as well as an approximate assessment of the proposed work. Basically, the organization that won such a tender is appointed by the customer responsible for the construction of the second tender by the next contractor.

Tender can be classified according to the procedure:

- open or closed;

- carried out in one or two stages;

- in the form of an auction or competition.

The bidding procedure itself is fairly standard and consists of several stages.

First, you must submit an advertisement to the official specialized publication with the obligatory publication on the corresponding website.

Secondly, the tender documentation by this time should be prepared and provided to bidders at their request submitted in writing.

Thirdly, based on the proposals received on time, tenders are held with the subsequent selection of the contractor.

The winner is the participant whose proposal is fully consistent with the tender documentation and has the best conditions for the provision of services or goods. The final stage of bidding - the customer draws up an agreement that he signs with the winning bidder.

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