DIY cesspool in a private house: construction features

If you have a country house, then it should be equipped not only with water supply, but also with sewage. But what if the centralized network is not connected to you? A cesspool in a private house will help to get out of the situation. Doing it yourself is not so difficult, you just need to take into account certain parameters of the structure and the technology for its implementation.

So, the pits can

toilet pit
to be intended for discharge of feces, other drains or to be combined. In any case, there are certain rules for their construction. A cesspool in a private house, under construction with its own hands, should be located at some distance from the living quarters. It is about 15 meters (if feces are drained into this sewer). The pit should also be far from the well (at least 25 meters).

The size of the facility will depend on the amount of water consumed per day, as well as on the size of the family. A cesspool in a private house, dug with its own hands, can have a rectangular or round shape. To dig it out, you will need an ordinary shovel and manual ramming. In the case of the construction of a round pit, concrete rings can be used. As for the rectangular structure, its bottom and walls will have to be concreted so that the earth does not crumble. In addition, you need to pay attention to the depth of groundwater.

how to make a cesspool
A cesspool in a private house, made by oneself, should be reinforced with sand, gravel and cement. The bottom must be well compacted and concreted. Walls can be reinforced with bricks. At the same time, the gap between the ground and the supporting wall should be covered with construction waste. In this way, you will improve the drainage function of the pit. The structure will be covered with a concrete slab above. Naturally, you need to leave a small hole in it, with which you can deflate the remaining slurry below.

Now you know how to make a cesspool on your own. Do not forget that the drain pipes must be at a certain angle so that the wastewater can easily pass to the sewer. If you do not want to engage in construction work, then you can purchase a ready-made plastic tank, which is simply installed in a prepared foundation pit. Although this option is not so durable and durable.

do-it-yourself cesspool in a private house
And how is a cesspool made for a toilet? Do not dig it out if the groundwater is too close to the surface. The walls and bottom of the pit are preferably concreted and waterproofed. The edges of the pit should be well strengthened, since a wooden toilet frame will be installed on them. The depth of the pit depends on the number of people who will use the room. Naturally, it should be provided for its ventilation and the possibility of pumping out feces.

If necessary, you can build a small hole in which to install a special bio-structure that can process the contents of the toilet for use as fertilizer. In principle, these are all the features of the work. Good luck


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