Teasers: what is it and how to make money from them?

For webmasters, there are a huge number of ways to make money on their site. One of the most popular are advertising teasers. What is it and how to make money on it - you will learn in this article.

What are teasers?

Teasers (from the English teasers - "teaser") are ad units that are placed on the pages of the site. A distinctive feature of teaser advertising is flashy headlines and enticing images. In other words, the psychological factor is effectively used to attract users. A loud headline attracts attention, and a person thinks by clicking on the teasers that this is very interesting news or links to innovative products.

Such a marketing move has long been used around the world to attract new customers, not only on the Internet. Bright billboards on the roads and signboards in stores are also created on the basis of teaser advertising.

teasers what is it

How to make money on teasers?

A webmaster can start making money on teasers when the attendance of his resource has crossed the mark of 500 unique IPs per day. If you start doing this earlier, you can get a bad reputation with search engines. The search robot will ignore the young site, which has a huge amount of advertising, which will negatively affect indexing. Although there are many teaser networks, the requirements of which are attendance from 100 hosts per day.

In any case, making money on a site with low traffic will be difficult. Therefore, before registering in teaser networks, you need to pay attention to website promotion and SEO-optimization. The time spent on website promotion will pay off twice when such advertising starts to make money.

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The webmaster will receive income from teasers from clicks of visitors on ad units. The price per click varies from 30 cents to 5 rubles. Accordingly, the more visitors there will be on the site, the greater revenue from teaser advertising expects webmasters. On average, a site with visitors to several thousand unique hosts per day is able to bring its owner up to 1000 rubles daily.

The best teasers for making money

Novice webmasters will immediately ask the question: "What is the best and most profitable teaser?" Reviews on the network allow you to conduct a simple comparative analysis and identify the most effective teaser networks for making money.

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The leaders among teaser networks for beginners are Medianet.Adlabs and Bodyclick. Both networks are quite loyal to webmasters and put forward demands of 100 unique visitors daily. In addition, sites are accepted even on free hosting services (from 500 hosts per day). But pay per click is not very large - from 30 to 50 cents.

Higher requirements for the site are put forward by the teaser network Direct / ADVERT. Registration requires 500 hosts per day. But the price in this case rises to 5 rubles per click on the advertising link.

One of the very first and most expensive teaser networks on the Internet is Marketgid. In addition to a large database of ad units, this network provides services for creating teasers and banners for websites.

How to place a teaser on my site?

Each teaser network has instructions for placing ad units. As a rule, HTML code is issued for placement, which must be inserted into the pages of the site. The location in this case is determined by the webmaster himself.

The right place to place a teaser is another important factor for high income. The optimal place for such advertising is the side column of the site, the footer and the middle of the article, provided that the ad units do not violate the structure of the site.

It’s better to select teasers that are most suitable for the topic of the site . What it will be - news or beauty articles - is up to the webmaster. The main thing is that advertising harmoniously fit into the text, then the likelihood of clicking on the link will increase.

No need to use too many ad units on one page. Most users are scared by the abundance of advertising, and it is easier for them to switch to another resource, where there is more useful information on a search query. Teasers should be in harmony with the design of the site and not annoy visitors.

With the location of the teaser blocks, you can and even need to experiment, taking into account the behavioral factors of site visitors.

How to make a teaser yourself?

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The webmaster can create his own teasers. What will it give? The number of visitors to the site will increase several times, which will give a significant impetus to increasing earnings. Effectively create teasers to increase sales of online stores or to develop an information business.

The created teaser should contain intrigue, have a text that attracts attention and a vivid picture that you want to click on. It is on this principle that the so-called shocking advertising on the Internet works with sometimes terrifying and unpleasant images. However, people willingly click on such pictures, which is what experienced webmasters use.

Creating teasers can also be entrusted to professionals who, for a small fee, will create an effective and eye-catching ad unit.

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