Why does the stove smoke: possible causes and their elimination

Why does the stove smoke? Possible reasons are sought by everyone who has at their disposal a heat source with a rich history. Most modern citizens consider the stove a relic of the past, an object completely uncomplicated. In fact, this is a rather complicated engineering structure. It happens that during operation the room is suddenly filled with volatile combustion products, and the furnace sections become black from soot.

why the stove smokes possible reasons

If smoke appeared

Practice shows that the "old woman" is still popular today. So the question is relevant. In demand are "potbelly stoves" and other "heat bases" made of metal. They consist of a firebox and a chimney. It would seem easy. But why does the iron stove smoke? Possible causes: narrowing of the chimney due to soot deposits, leaking door. Brick stoves have internal smoke channels to help keep heat longer.

Part of the precedents violating the course of the ancient process is a matter of concern for professional stove-makers and chimney sweeps. However, there are some problems that the owner himself can determine.

So, everything was fine, and suddenly the stove in the bathhouse (and possibly in another place) began to smoke. This should alert every sane owner: perhaps there was a depressurization, which is fraught not only with an increased waste of firewood or coal, but also with a fire.

Prevention is important

We repeat: to identify and eliminate the causes of smoke caused by the home, cottage or bath stove, you can use the services of professionals, but why not independently delve into the subject if there are no experienced craftsmen nearby? Be that as it may, the furnace owner must remember: the problem is easier to prevent than to fix.

Too often not to puzzle over why the stove smokes, possible reasons must be stopped in the bud. At least once a year, carefully inspect the brickwork, clean the chimney. It is believed that the best time for this is early autumn: it’s still warm, there is no need to rush if preventive measures are not taken carefully enough, you can repeat the process, correct the shortcomings.

why the stove smokes in a bathhouse possible reasons

It happens that the owners are distracted by other tasks and postponed the inspection and cleaning until later. Or bought a house with a fireplace in poor condition. What to do in such cases? Strengthen attention to an important object! If you feel that at a stable temperature “overboard” you are missing the usual daily amount of firewood (peat briquettes, coal), this is a signal for decisive repair actions.

Soot Remover

People often wonder: why does the Russian stove smoke ? Possible causes are removable? When smoke appears from this massive object (as well as from any other “queen of fire”), first check the cravings. It must not be bad or absent. The ventilation effect formed due to the temperature difference outside and inside the pipe is something without which there cannot be and cannot be a single “white” furnace. “Black” is the pipeless, the oldest, they say, more hygienic, fungi die in it, but it is unlikely that a modern person is ready to wash or live in a smoked “smoked” room.

Over time, the walls of the tunnel to exhaust smoke is covered with a layer of soot. It is believed that even a growth of only three millimeters significantly reduces the heat transfer of the furnace. There are devices for removing soot. You can borrow it from your neighbors or make it yourself. Option 1: take a kapron washcloth from a thick thread, put it with a stone load in the old string bag (strong mesh), pass the rope through the handles. And for the cleaning!

why the new stove smokes possible reasons

Sequence of manipulations

Option 2: cut the steel wire into pieces commensurate with the size of the chimney. Take a dural tube, drill holes in it, insert workpieces into them. Make a loop for which the ruff can be attached to the rope. To make the tube heavier, fill it with sand (some fill with lead).

First clean the central outdoor chimney. Then proceed to the cleaning of ash and soot deposits accumulated in the super-space. The cast-iron stove is very heavy; not everyone can lift it. If so, then use the option through the hotplate. The most difficult stage is the “flushing” of the smoke channels.

Some passages have so-called clean doors. Then the matter is argued faster. There are still embedded bricks. Unfastened in the main masonry, if necessary, remove the bars, and at the end of cleaning, insert them back. (It’s important to tag them).

Air exchange recovery

In your case, the chimney is clean, the doors are fitted, but isn’t it easier? Then why does the stove smoke? Possible reasons can be found below:

  • The pipe does not have a protective cap. In windy weather, blowing occurs. Wait until the rampage of the elements is over, and take measures to install a saving "cap".
  • Smoke from a stove door or a blower may be caused by a branching tree hanging over the chimney. The obstruction prevents the outflow of air, gusts of wind beat off into the pipe. Back draft appears, smoke does not go up, but into the room. Exit: remove branches in the near-tube space. By the way, try the method if you are perplexed by the search for the answer to the question why the new stove is smoking. Possible causes on the surface, you only need to analyze the situation, inspect the area: a high wall nearby? This is also a risk factor in terms of air backflow. It is not necessary to destroy the barrier or chop all the surrounding trees - protect the pipe with a cap.
  • The skate on the roof is located above the chimney. This interferes with normal air exchange. Grow the pipe, and everything will go as it should.
  • The masonry was destroyed by the weather (it is not in vain that evil winds, heavy rains, severe frosts try). The wind blows in the gap. Accumulations of air form. The thrust is broken. In this situation, urgent repairs are needed.

why iron stove smokes possible reasons

Defective door and combustion chamber

Many are interested in why a stove in a bathhouse smokes. Possible reasons:

  • The cleaning door does not completely cover the hole. A temporary measure is to cover the gap with a suitable chip of brick, coating the liner with clay, the main one is the selection and installation of the appropriate barrier.
  • If you use firewood, dry tomato and potato bushes, other plant residues from your favorite garden, as well as straw, hay as fuel, you need to make the blower longer.
  • The combustion chamber is defective. In this case, smoke appears when the door is opened. It is necessary to take measures to increase traction. If there is a welded oven nearby, a number of bricks will help with an edge on the same level with the fan of the door frame. When the gas outlet channel is located below the combustion door (or at the level), a jumper of bricks will help out at the level of the top of the door, installed near the rear wall of the firebox.

Having studied the above cases, you will find the answer to the question, why does the new Russian stove smoke? Possible reasons (in addition to design miscalculations) are usually associated with the furnace, pipe, dampers, doors.

why the Russian stove smokes possible reasons

The chimney is clogged, it has moisture

If smoke of a whitish hue passes through a summer valve that is not tightly closed, check the pipe for twigs, pieces of brick (could clog). Also make sure that it does not need to remove soot.

In case of filling the chimneys with moisture, drying is carried out as follows: the lowest opening for cleaning is opened, a mini-fire from wood chips is laid out in it (the fuel in tablets is suitable - “dry alcohol”). At the same time, the whole furnace is heated. As soon as the thrust is restored, the opening is laid.

Why is the stove still smoking? Possible reasons:

  • the walls of the oven have become thinner;
  • the gas collector is not large enough;
  • The chimney section is not calculated correctly.

Maybe your fireplace is part of the stove, and the gases exit into a single chimney. To avoid the “chimney”, start the fire with the symbol of the hearth (fireplace).

why the new Russian stove smokes possible reasons

Are two furnaces and their chimneys connected to the same pipe at the same level? Make a cut. Another option: attach one stove to the riser higher or lower (through an inclined chimney). Resinous soot is burned directly in the chimney (with dry chips, long stove matches).

In specialized stores there are tools that help keep the chimney in perfect condition. Follow the instructions and you can easily remove the soot and ashes.

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