Short nails: ideas and fashion trends of manicure, extension

Lately, natural beauty has been in fashion. This also applies to the world of the nail industry. To many, this seems a boring and not an original solution, but experienced masters prove the beauty of a simple manicure. In the photo of the article, you can observe that short nails can also look elegantly expressive and extraordinarily bright. If inspired, you can choose a lot of ideas for small nails. Today, the design for short nails with shellac is in fashion, but many girls still use ordinary varnishes.

Small nails allow you to perform the usual actions, they are practical. Washing dishes, washing, a keyboard is not a problem for such a manicure. A nanny or a nurse canโ€™t afford long nails at all. To make your hands look neat, a short manicure should be done perfectly. Such perfection can be achieved with shellac. We invite you to get acquainted with the best ideas for manicure for short nails. Recall that fashionable concepts that promote natural beauty are very popular and allow you to create beautiful fantasy nail art.

colorful design

Fashion trends manicure for short nails

Small nails can be made elegantly simple, elegantly expressive, extravagantly bright. The stylists consider 1.5 - 2 mm as the ideal length of the free edge of the nails. Slightly elongated nail plates are called 3-4 mm. Artificial long plates are already considered antimode, so you should abandon the extension to short nails. More trendy today is the usual implementation of manicure with gel polish on your nails, even small ones. There are many devices with which you can strengthen them. The design with shellac on short nails will hide all cosmetic defects of the plates and treat them.

Today, gel polish is very in demand. It is used at home, as well as in beauty salons. It is enough to purchase special equipment. Due to the special texture of shellac, it is applied easily and quickly. He is able to turn short nails into real works of art. If you have thin or brittle nail plates, then gel polish will protect them from mechanical damage and other unpleasant external influences.

A very popular short nail art is a two-color or three-color solution that is performed by gel polish in the most fashionable shades: beige / peach / orange, mint / light emerald / neon green, gray / white / purple, coffee / burgundy, blue / gently -blue. Pink manicure on short nails looks especially gentle . Shellac looks great in a matte and glossy design. Fashionable manicure with gel polish for short nails implies a rich, bright and pastel-gentle design.

leopard manicure

Trend forms

How to make a manicure on short nails, where to start? First, the nails are given the most natural form. A sharp square is not in fashion today, its corners need to be a little rounded. The oval shape is perfect for plain manicure on short nails. The almond - shaped form is best given to slightly elongated nail plates.

If we consider the fashionable ideas of manicure for short nails, then almost all interesting options for nail art will do. It is only important to optimally select the color and art solutions for the specific shape of the nails.

Solid manicure on short nails

Trending concepts of nail art are naturalness and naturalness. At the shows are many diverse monophonic incarnations. Nude and pastel shades remain unconditionally fashionable, which attract attention not with brightness, but with delicate blurry tints. A sample of femininity is a plain pink manicure on short nails. The following shades are also in trend:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • white;
  • creamy;
  • mint;
  • turquoise;
  • Gray;
  • blue;
  • lilac;
  • peach;
  • pale lavender;
  • sand.

Decisive girls prefer rich, vibrant colors: red, sunny yellow, raspberry, plum, burgundy, orange. Each season requires its own color palette.

The monophonic design can be made glossy or a matte base can be chosen, removing the gloss and shine of the varnish. Matte brings nobility and luxury, especially to dark manicure. Solid manicure can be performed with special powder (flock).

summer manicure

Successful solutions for short marigolds

Specialists in the field of nail art prefer the following designs of short manicure:

  1. The combination of various techniques (assorted). You can combine lunar design with a French jacket, ombre with graphics, French manicure with broken glass. The traditional symmetrical design of assorted design looks less effective on short nails than asymmetric.
  2. The use of artistic imagination. Today, short nail plates can be decorated with anything from delicate pastels to bright coatings. Originality and creativity can be manifested in multi-colored smiles in the form of triangles, golden holes, negative space in combination with geometric lines. The only nuance is that small nails do not need to clutter with large patterns or very small details.
  3. The least amount of jewelry. Festive nail art requires certain decorations, not even small nails. The main thing here is to make an actual, beautiful and stylish design suitable for an evening outfit. The ideal option would be to use small spangles, iridescent adhesive tape or several transparent rhinestones. In no case do not decorate all the nails, it is enough to decorate two of the five. It is better not to use shimmer coatings with a large number of shiny small particles, in extreme cases, apply only to one nail plate.
  4. Two-tone design. It is fashionable to combine a combination of pastel and bright colors. So, you can take light scarlet and red gel varnishes. A pastel combination of light yellow and light orange looks beautiful in summer. Of bright colors combine blue and blue, purple and lilac.
    metallic manicure

Metallic and other effects

Recently, the popularity of gel polish with a metallic sheen has increased significantly. Such coatings look best in autumn and winter. That's when they are combined with matte dark varnishes. Real metal design is also in fashion. Short nails are wrapped with special manicure foil, which gives them harmony and luxury and complements the exquisitely modest evening dresses.

In summer and spring, the metallic effect and silver-golden foil are used as a decoration element in pastel shades. First, the nail plates are stained with blue, peach, mint, cream or pink, and in the center, a metal strip is glued vertically or horizontally. The oval shape of the plates is best for such a design. Trend metal strip gives the manicure style.

Volumetric patterns

A creative find of American stylists is considered to be nail art using small pearl particles, pebbles, spikes. It is worth noting that for this design you need a special outfit. The main idea of โ€‹โ€‹such an innovation is a sharp contrast between naturalness and naturalness. Most often, such manicures are performed by representatives of specific youth subcultures or lovers of theme parties. To some, this nail art seems intimidating, while others are delighted with its original extravagance.

Volumetric elements can be made with acrylic. They protrude slightly above the surface of the nail and add a special twist to the manicure. Experienced craftsmen perform various drawings with gel polish. They can be in the form of flowers, ornaments, animal figures, inscriptions, abstract patterns. Of the hits, fashionistas prefer knitted manicure, nail art under the skin of reptiles, voluminous roses. A voluminous shell on a ring finger looks quite feminine. Volumetric drawings are performed with special gel plasticine. Sometimes used for work "liquid stones". Often the volume of the pattern is emphasized with velvet sand. For voluminous manicure for every day , varnishes of neutral colors are used: coffee, white, light pink, beige.

volumetric design

Geometric lines

Rather relevant today is an ordered or chaotic placement on the nails of different geometric shapes. There is a performance of polygons, ovals, rhombuses, rays, which are united by some common feature - color, shape or size. Small claws are best decorated with not too large and not very small geometric figures. It is enough 1-3 pieces of such elements on one nail.

A manicure with geometric fantasies is easy to draw for yourself. To do this, use a special manicure tape. Special ready-made stickers with geometric designs are also on sale. The contrasting geometric pattern looks amazing. So, they often use a combination of white, beige and blue varnishes. Cross lines on a plain basis of a different color look great. Many people like the minimalist version of this design with a small triangle or two stripes. For a party or celebration, a bright and juicy combination of varnishes in the form of various figures is suitable. Office workers will find a calm, soft, delicate combination of beige, white with black varnish.

black manicure

Black manicure

Even on short nails everyone will notice a black manicure. This color is incredibly expressive. Black manicure for short nails is not at all boring and not banal, this color perfectly emphasizes the elegance of female hands, gives the image of sexuality and dynamism. The black design has other advantages: a great combination of additional decor, the ability to decorate it with various patterns, experiment with glossy and matte texture.

Blackness can be diluted with other shades if desired. White, violet, pink, silver varnishes are best suited for combination. Golden decor will add a touch of luxury to the black design, and the red insert will fill the sexuality and passion. The optimal shape of the nail plates for black manicure is oval or square with rounded corners.

To make some emphasis on monochrome plates, you can perform abstract curls or a graphic pattern on them. Often use golden or silver tape for sticking vertical or horizontal, diagonal stripes. Black and white patterns look interesting. You can make a black version on the theme of French or moon design.

Rhinestones and sparkles will add elegance to the festive black manicure. It is enough to place them on one finger in a chaotic manner, this will remind the evening starry sky. You can also lay out any simple pattern with small rhinestones. Black rhinestone design will be filled with aristocracy and luxury.

Matte black nail art has gained unprecedented popularity. This surface visually resembles a luxurious velvet fabric. The alternation of glossy and matte black finish looks beautiful.

red and white manicure

Red design

Ancient Egyptians considered red nails personification of power and authority. Only noble women once allowed themselves such a luxury. Manicure in red colors for short nails is the oldest and most common. The most popular option is the monophonic design of muted red. To give tenderness to the red tint, initially the nail plates are covered with a layer of opaque white varnish.

Choosing red varnish, you should pay attention to your skin type. Light-skinned beauties will suit the classic red tone. You can also use plum, raspberry or deep cherry varnish. For dark and tanned skin, bright scarlet, coral, chestnut, wine varnish is suitable. Black girls can stay in a burgundy shade. Red-haired beauties fit the color of a tomato.

The alternation of matte and glossy red texture is quite relevant. Delicate and modest girls fit red and white design. This is especially true for the New Year's nail art. It is quite possible to fulfill the service, taking red as the basis. For the holiday, a combination of red and golden is suitable. If you show imagination and originality, then the ring or middle finger can be decorated with a pattern.

Using simple drawings

No matter what basic varnish you have covered the nail plates, they can be made more interesting with the help of beautiful simple patterns on short nails. Glossy ornaments look very nice on a velvety matte base. If you show creativity, then you can apply both complex delicate compositions and simple dots dotted.

Short nails allow you to make various geometric patterns, simple and broken lines, hearts, stars, rectangles and more complex compositions. Lovers of abstract drawings prefer various splashes and blots. Exquisitely and neatly look lace stains.

For short nails, it is better to do vertical rather than horizontal strips. It is important to make drawings of medium size. Nails with extended edges should be painted only near the roots. The most aesthetic is to place the image on the side of the nail plate.

rhinestone design

The use of rhinestones

Secular way, fun pajama party, wedding or birthday require a special holiday manicure. Standard nail art will complement the brilliant decor - rhinestones, powder, sparkles. Short nails with rhinestones look pretty elegant, the main thing is not to overdo it with their number. In winter, more attention should be paid to the brilliant decoration of nails, and in summer and spring this is not necessary.

It should be recalled that rhinestones come in different colors and sizes. There are crystal, glass, acrylic, plastic, zirconium rhinestones. They come in different facets, with specially crafted edges. Swarovski crystals are especially popular. They reflect light very beautifully, shimmer in different colors and have a diamond sheen.

french short nails

French simple and inverted

Short nails with a jacket in a nude style look fashionable and elegant. For autumn and winter, purple, gray, gray-pink, beige, and light brown tones are used as the base coat of French manicure. The main condition for performing a jacket on short nails is a very thin white line of a smile. In spring and summer, brighter shades can be taken as the main color: pale green, peach, yellow, raspberry. The colors are pre-diluted a little with white varnish.

If you want something special, use the black and white version with glitter. It is applied with uneven strokes to the free edges of the nails, resembling drops falling down. The black and golden French jacket looks very elegant. The base is painted with a black matte finish, and smiles are performed in gold. Classic French manicure can be decorated with a delicate three-dimensional pattern in the form of a flower or a stem, as seen in the photo above.

For small nail plates, an inverted jacket or moonlight is also suitable. This is a classic โ€œreverseโ€ French design. This may be the usual "moon" or its unusual interesting options.

Recently, a combined lunar French jacket gained popularity. It is characterized by the simultaneous execution of a hole and a smile on the plate. Most often, the hole and smile are painted the same color, but there are cases of coating in different shades. Bright contrasting shellac is a matte-glossy "moon".

Such a universal design is suitable for a strict office, and for a gala reception, and a fun party. Practical women especially appreciate the transparent French nail art, because it allows you to conspire the borders of overgrown roots. And smiles and holes can be made in a variety of forms: a wavy line, tilt, heart.


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