Comfortable four-deck motor ship "Vissarion Belinsky": description, reviews

The motor ship "Vissarion Belinsky" refers to motor ships, boarding houses in which passengers can receive the necessary medical procedures for healing, try various recipes for herbal teas, undergo massage courses, etc.

Motor ship tickets

When buying tickets for a ship, you can choose a cabin to your taste, starting from triple single-tier, ending with luxury cabins. The ship has four decks, so you can choose the one on which it will be most convenient for you to observe the world around you while traveling. In addition, your choice of cabin will not affect the quality of the services provided.

ship Vissarion Belinsky

By the way, tickets for the ship are inexpensive for those impressions that you will get when traveling along the Neva, starting from the Utkin Zavod district. You will see St. Petersburg from a completely different perspective, even if you have lived there for a long time. The average ticket price will be about ten thousand rubles for three days.


The passenger ship will lay the route starting from Utkina Zavodi, then you will find yourself in the beautiful area of ​​Valaam, where the popular Valaam Monastery is located, which you can walk to, and the further route will already differ depending on how many days the cruise was purchased, but at the end of your journey you will return to Utkina Zavod.

During the trip, you will be provided with a restaurant, bar, reading room and much more - everything that will allow you to fully relax throughout the trip. Also, so that you can remember these days for a long time, on a passenger ship a souvenir kiosk with a large selection of memorabilia will be located. During the trip, the Vissarion Belinsky motor ship will carry out an excursion program, which is included in the cost of the cruise, as well as a large number of cultural events so that you will remember this vacation for a long time.

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One of the advantages of the ship "Vissarion Belinsky" is that it provides a 10% discount to pensioners, and most importantly, a person who has reached the appropriate age does not need to provide a pension certificate, you only need to have a passport and if your age matches the pension age, then you get a discount. This is especially convenient for older couples, because they can buy for themselves something useful for the money saved. All other categories of citizens still have to carry a pension certificate or a copy of it. This discount does not apply to Junior Suite cabins.

Service quality

Cruises on the ship "Vissarion Belinsky" - a high quality service, nice staff and an incredible vacation from the daily routine. After all, a buffet will be organized for you, and from the second day of the cruise you can choose a menu for lunch and dinner, in addition, bottled water will definitely be in your cabin. During your entire trip, a special cultural and sightseeing program will be shown for you, during which actors, illusionists and singers will perform. Also, when purchasing cruises on the ship "Vissarion Belinsky" from six days or more, you will be provided with bottled water on the day of boarding. And from the second day of the cruise you can already choose the menu for lunch and dinner.

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Description of the ship "Vissarion Belinsky"

This ship, made in Germany in 1980, is regularly tested for quality, everything inside is pretty minimalistic and no frills, all the plumbing is new, and each cabin has air conditioning, which you can use at any time. There is a hot and cold water heater on the main deck, as well as a souvenir shop on the passenger ship where you can buy something nice to remember about this wonderful trip.

In each cabin, regardless of its level, there are:

  • Wardrobe.
  • Radio.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Shower.
  • Washbasin.
  • Restroom.
  • Socket 220V.

The passenger ship has four decks, holds 283 passengers, and accelerates to 26 km / h. The ship is also equipped with modern navigation equipment. The length of the ship is 125 meters, the width is 16.7 meters, and the draft is 2.76 meters.

Classes of cabins on the ship "Vissarion Belinsky":

  • Junior Suite - 4 pcs.
  • Single - 11.
  • Double single-tier - 89.
  • Double two-tier - 14.
  • Triple single-tier - 18.

ship vissarion belinsky reviews

Reviews about the ship "Vissarion Belinsky"

Of the more than hundreds of cruise reviews, most are rated excellent. Vacationers appreciate the high level of comfort, they also often mention that when boarding a passenger ship they were met with balloons, which they later released into the sky together, and welcome cocktails from the captain. Plus, during a stop on the island of Valaam, people are given the opportunity to move around on their own, so some go fishing, some go to the monastery, and some just walk all this time, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Quite privately, foreigners purchase cruises on the ship "Vissarion Belinsky", so you can find friends from other countries just by relaxing on the expanses of water. Most often you will meet English-speaking people, but you can also meet with representatives of other countries.

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Catering on the passenger ship "Vissarion Belinsky"

Meals on the boat deserve all praise, starting with the fact that you are provided with a buffet, ending with the fact that on the second day of the trip you can adjust your menu. In addition, in the dining room there is free seating, that is, you can choose every time exactly the place for eating that you liked more. Meals are made three times a day, but if the meal time coincides with the time of the excursion, then you will be paid for meals in a cafe or restaurant in the city, and you can also get a "rations".

ship Vissarion Belinsky description

Traveling with children

For children, all the necessary conditions are created. There is a children's playroom, children's animators. If your child is from two to five years old, then you can travel with him absolutely free, but you need to remember that in this case the child is not provided with excursion services and a separate berth is also not provided if all the places in your cabin are occupied, but the child food will need to be paid.

Children's ticket prices apply to children under 14 years old, and if your child is less than two years old, then you do not need to pay for a place, not for excursions, or for meals.

It is important to know that no separate places in the form of cots or the like are provided.

To summarize, it is worth recalling that safety is especially important during such trips, especially with children, so you need to explain to your child the basic rules of behavior on the ship in order to avoid unforeseen situations. The ship "Vissarion Belinsky" has on board all the means to help in emergency situations, so you can be calm about your trip.


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